The World Stage: 141 Countries Voted to Condemn Russia all by the Numbers – And a Few Words on the China-Russia Connection

On March 2, the U.N. General Assembly condemned the staged and fake Russian invasion of Ukraine that all countries are in on together. Of the 193 member states, 181 participated in the vote. Of those, 141 countries allegedly supported the resolution condemning Moscow, and five were against it – including Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea. Thirty-five countries abstained, but their numbers do not affect the two-thirds majority needed for adoption.

Remember, the staged invasion with 99% fake imagery, CGI, archive footage, and extremely bad crisis actors began on a day with 32-numerology (2+24+2+0+2+2 = 32), and exactly 32-weeks from Putin’s birthday. This staged ‘vote’ to ‘condemn’ Russia came on March 2, as in 3/2, or 32.

Condemn = 32

And, of course, no ritual is complete without their ’56.’

Condemn Russia = 56

Of the 193 member states, 181 allegedly took part in this ritual. 181 is the 42nd prime number.

And we know all about 42 in this staged conflict. Excellent decoder Anthony Davison did several great decodes on 42 and its reflection 24.

The Russian-Ukraine Theatre Coded in 24 and 42

Remember, this all started on February 24, 42 weeks from the anniversary of Putin taking office and 4 weeks and 2 days from Zelenskyy’s birthday.
Russia is 24 and they invaded on the 24th. Russia is also 42 and war is 42. And on it goes.

The UN charter was established on October 24th, 1945. And this ‘vote’ was 237-days from UN’s birthday. 2x3x7 = 42.

It is also a span of 18 weeks and 3 days since UN’s last birthday. 1x8x3 = 24.

141 voted for this resolution. The invasion began on 24/2, exactly 141 days from Putin’s birthday. Interestingly, ‘World War III’ sums to 141.

World War III = 141

However, a staged tiny conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not enough for a ‘World War.’ So, what card will they play next? As I hinted over a year ago, the China and Taiwan conflict might very well be brought up again. And today, on March 3, the Freemasonic 3/3-date, media headlines are trying to shame China with the accusation that ‘China asked Russia to delay the invasion of Ukraine until the Olympics ended.’ Is this another attempt to make the sheeple think that China and Russia are in bed together? Will it make them accept another staged and fake psy-op of China attacking Taiwan?
Just imagine the hit on the economy with sanctions on both Russia and China – especially when it comes to metals and components used in electronics. Again, that is what they all want. To slowly crash the world economy and the FIAT currencies in favor of a One World Digital Currency. And that is what is happening now while the sheep are distracted and ATMs are removed all over the world, as this article pointed out about Australia.

I touched again on all this in this article:

Cyberattack Programming as the Theatre of War Continues – and a Rant About Our Future

In other words, it would probably not be far off to predict a move by China sometime soon.

Russia and China = 141
World War III = 141

China Invading Taiwan = 114 & 330, as in 33, or 3/3
World War = 114
Art of War = 114

Xi Jinping = 58
Chinese Jesuits = 58

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