The Staged and Fake War Continues All by the Numbers — But Who Actually Cares?

First, I’d like to do a quick shout-out of gratitude to excellent decoder and revealer of deceit in fellow Anthony Davison. This guy does an excellent job in exposing many of the headlines from the staged and totally fake war in Ukraine, while most of us have grown tired of it – hence the headline.

How many people do you know or have met in the last couple of months that are actually speaking of this comedy theater out of Ukraine and Russia? I know of hardly no one, and I also scroll through my Twitter and Facebook for a few minutes a couple of times every day to get inspiration for stuff to write about, and to see how ridiculous stupid Q’tards and Controlled Opposition are getting.

Anyway, let’s see what they have been up to, courtesy of Anthony Davison.

As you know, the most important numbers in this staged conflict are 24, as it started on February 24, followed by 42, which is 24 backwards in typical Freemasonic Satanic fashion. 42 is also the number for Russia, False Flag, World War, Blue & Yellow, February, War, Gun, Ammo, Fake News, Jesuit and much more associated with a staged conflict and war.
And, then we have 48, which share a lot of the same words as mentioned above, including Hollywood and Propaganda, and that is exactly what this alleged war is, a propaganda piece produced by a small team of “Hollywood” producers, just like the old movie “Wag the Dog,” which was pure revelation of the method for what to expect in the future as video and image manipulation and deep fakes can be rendered in real time.

In this story, Russia supposedly loses 24 fighter jets…

And in this poor Russia had 9 planes (nine=24) destroyed in 24 hours…

And here “Women’s Basketball” team holds a 42 second silence for player #42 on 4/8 (48) after the transgender player got a nine-year (nine=24) sentence for smuggling drugs (drugs=24,) exactly 24 weeks after her arrest, which was the 48th day of the year.

And here a Russian lawmaker warns Poland is next in line for “denazification,” a word that sums to 242 in another 24- and 42-ritual…

Make sure to subscribe to Anthony for these quick and clever decodes, especially if you live in Great Britain or Europe, as he mostly covers headlines from the British press.

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