Mariupol was Once Again the Focus of the Staged and Fake Russian Invasion on 3/22

Why is Mariupol of such importance to the staged and fake war? Why is it mentioned in the media with such high frequency?
It’s all in the numbers. It’s the perfect target for this staged conflict and one of the few cities with some actual false flag operations.

Mariupol is located on the 47th Parallel North, as in the 47-degrees on the Freemasonic compass.

And also…

Ukraine = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
Beast = 47

Beast is what Putin is called in the news, and it reflects Mariupol…

Mariupol = 666 (as in the Number of the Beast)
Remember, the Beast ruled for 42-months in Revelation.

But more importantly, the numbers used in this staged war is 24, 42, and 48. Mariupol share the two most common ones.

Mariupol = 42, 48
Blue & Yellow = 42, 48 (the colors used in psy-ops and on the Ukrainian flag)
World War = 42, 48
#StopPutin = 42, 48 (the first trending hashtag)
February = 42, 48 (when it started, the 24th of February)
Freemason = 42, 48
Jesuit = 42
Illuminati = 48
Propaganda = 48

Hollywood = 42, 48 (what this staged war is, a movie/CGI production) And the phrase used at the beginning, “Ukraine Invasion,” is 223 in reverse ordinal and 223 is the 48th prime number. Also, most of Ukraine is on the 48th Parallel North. Read more about ‘48’ and the war here:

More on the Staged War and 48 – The Number of Propaganda

And read more about 24 and 42 here:

The Russian-Ukraine Theatre Coded in 24 and 42

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