The Ukrainian Biowarfare Labs Psy-Op Still in Full Swing as U.S. Dismisses the Claims

Realizing and slowly waking up to the fact that there are a lot wrong in the world and that we are being lied to about almost everything is a challenging process with many twists and turns. It’s very easy to be misled by controlled opposition, disinformation agents, gatekeepers, and shills. I’ve written at length about how they operate and what to look for here:

The most important lie to research and understand is that there is no such thing as a virus or a contagion in nature. As living biological beings, we cannot transmit a disease to another living being. Transmittable diseases are a scam to keep us in fear, in control, and sick by unnecessary, very harmful, and potential deadly drugs, medicines, and vaccines. Since contagion is impossible, it is impossible to manufacture something like a virus that does not exist, or anything that would be transferable between living beings. All this talk about biolabs is for one purpose only – to keep the lie about viruses and contagion alive among those who are waking up, but still have a long road to walk.

This also means that the Psy-op of ‘shedding’ from vaccines is a complete fabrication, with the exact same purpose – to make you afraid of other people and to think that contagion is real.

With that said, there are other types of bioweapons such as poisonous gas, nano dust, contamination of food and water, and so on. The main point here is that you need to be exposed to the weapon by getting it inside you. But one person who have been poisoned by such bioweapon cannot infect another by simple contact, the only way to transfer a poison or nano technology would be through bodily fluids.

So, is there any truth to all this talk about biolabs? Perhaps. They love to incorporate some truth in their Psy-ops and False Flag operations, while twisting the truth to play out their agenda. The important thing is, that as soon as they mention that these biolabs manufacture contagious pathogens such as plague, cholera, AIDs, or whatever, they are lying and simply trying to reinforce the lie about viruses and contagion.

As for this story about the United States dismissing the Russian claims about biolabs in Ukraine, it came out on March 9, which is very interesting, considering alternative media websites run by controlled opposition and disinformation agents have been writing about this since the invasion and the staged fake war allegedly began on February 24. So, why wait 14 days with dismissing these claims?

March 9, as in the European format 9/3, can be written as 93. It was also the 68th day of the year.

Propaganda = 93
Conspiracy Theorist = 93
Biowarfare Labs = 93
The Jesuit Order = 93

CIA = 68 (controlled by Jesuits who perform many Psy-ops)
Wuhan = 68 (remember the Psy-op about labs in Wuhan)
Programming = 68 (what CIA does and what propaganda is)
Corona Pandemic = 68 (remember the Psy-op about labs in Wuhan)

And, of course.

Biowarfare Labs = 68

March 9 = 52
Biolabs Psy-Op = 52
Wuhan, Corona = 52 (remember the Psy-op about biolabs in Wuhan)

The headline reads as, “U.S. dismisses Russian claims of biowarfare labs in Ukraine,” and sums to ‘569,’ which is the 104th prime number.

Controlled Opposition = 104

Yes, anyone claiming biological warfare, as in contagious diseases, is controlled opposition.

CNN also ran with the article, “US warns Russia may be using ‘false flag’ claims as pretext for non-conventional weapons,” as in chemical- (which exist), or biological weapons (which does not exist.)

And remember that the US government called the claims ‘laughable,’ which simply is a code-word for ‘false flag.’
False Flag reduces to 48, one of the numbers used in this staged war, as it started on February 24, as in 2 + 24 + 22 = 48.

False Flag = 69, 33, 174, 48
Laughable = 69, 33, 174, 48

Biolabs = 48
Russia = 48
World War = 48
Propaganda = 48
Trust the Plan = 48 (from the Q Psy-Op and puppet Trump)
Hollywood = 48 (95% of what you see from Ukraine is CGI and fake)
Illuminati = 48

As you can see, the talk about biowarfare labs is propaganda, a psy-op. Still, there might very well be biolabs developing chemical weapons. But it does not really matter, since the whole war is simply theatre. No labs or anything of importance is being destroyed. That is only archive photos, clips from movies, and newly rendered CGI. Main point is, do not buy into these psychological operations, instead research viruses and contagion and set yourself free from their spell.

All you need to know about the lie of viruses, contagion and real biology:

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