The Swedish Psychological Defense (Warfare) Agency Warns About ‘Memes’ as Swedes are Waking up – And Controlled Opposition on the Rise

This joke of a government agency, that was founded to censor the truth and to push government disinformation propaganda as ‘the truth,’ recently published a new website ( where they claim that ‘laughing’ and ‘humor’ can be very dangerous. What they are getting at is that ‘memes’ and ‘jokes’ on the internet can be used to pass on misinformation. While this is true for any meme from ‘Q-tards’ and mentally disabled vegans, this is the new low-point of mocking its population out of communist-socialist Sweden. They actually warn grown-up men and women about looking at memes and having a laugh from satire. This is how ridiculous the political climate is in Sweden today.

The reason for this propaganda is obvious, as the long-time subdued and deceived Swede is waking up from their slumber. More and more Swedes see through the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic, the staged war in Ukraine, and now the extremely silly Monkeypox hoax.

And we can see the reaction of this awakening by the aggressive rise of disinformation agents and controlled opposition in Sweden. Many of these charlatans push the ‘Q’-agenda with Trump and Putin as some kind of saviors. They also push the idiotic idea that the Swedish family of Wallenberg runs the “Deep State,” you know, the buzzword that surfaced as a shorthand for bureaucrats wanting to undermine Trump. Claiming such things about Wallenberg and the company Ericsson is pretty clever, as many Swedes are hungry for new information and feel drawn to the idea of Sweden being the bad guy that hides in the shadows. They mix in some truths about the banking systems with this complete nonsense to reel them in. Some of them actually went so far as comparing Stockholm and the old telephone tower to Mordor in the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien in a recent published video on YouTube. With that silly symbolism, I could make the same argument for any picture of Vatican City.
Anyone saying these things are totally oblivious to how the world works. These agents try to give the illusion that, although politics are mostly theatre, there are players such as Trump and Putin trying to ‘undermine’ this “Deep State.” Ridiculous! Both of them, as everyone else, are nothing but puppets of the 13 ancient blood lines (and people behind them we do not know about,) the Vatican and the Jesuit Order.

I have explained all this in these posts:

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And these disinformation Agents never discuss the real important issues such as the fraudulent germ theory, that transmittable diseases and virology are nothing more than pseudo-science, the biggest lie of our century. Or that medicines and any other way to try and “cure” disease is idiotic, as there is no disease, only symptoms from healing. Nor do they touch numerology, gematria, and real symbolism. Because they hide the real truths that could really change our world for the better, while giving crumbs of things that most truthers already have found by themselves.

I’ve covered that and more here; in how to spot these agents:

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And for all my Swedish friends, a very simple trick to spot disinformation from Controlled Opposition and Government Shills…

Hur man känner igen svensk kontrollerad opposition och deras fåraktiga följare i tre löjliga ord – ”optiken”, ”underlivsporslinet”, och “folkbildningsprojekt”.

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