Gullible Swedes Spoon-Fed More Wallenberg and U.S. Propaganda

During the last couple of days, this article has popped up all over my social media feed, reposted as “evidence” of the Swedish Q’tards’ conspiracy theories about who are in control, and since I’m pressed on time today, I might as well cover it in a short article.

The article was published by the Swedish alternative media website ‘Fria Tider,’ a propaganda tool for the Right Wing/Far-Right Conspiracy block, a part of the duality and division tactic to spread false counternarratives about events and the people on the world stage while gatekeeping the real truths. The article itself is based on some comments made by Christer Gardell, a Swedish hedge fund manager, taken from an interview with Affärsvärlden, Sweden’s leading economics/business magazine.

In that interview, Christer was asked about who actually control/rule Sweden, where he replied that “the Wallenberg family has a lot of power.” Then they asked about any other influencers, and Christer replied that “American politicians have the second most power in Sweden,” and added that, “Swedish politicians really have little influence.”

Well, that last part, that politicians have very little influence (as in zero,) was the only truth that could be taken from that interview.

It is crucial to understand that the operatives of the real elite families behind the scene, those who rule the world, put as much energy and planning into the conspiracy narratives as they put into the world stage illusion presented to the sleeping masses. There are always several narratives running, one that is presented to the masses and at least another one that is presented to those who are skeptic about the first narrative. This is simply ruling by duality, by division, by total confusion. I described this in my “World Stage Psy-Ops” article.

Most of the elite families presented on the world stage, such as the Wallenbergs, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Soros, and so on, are nothing but shields and puppets for the real rulers, the old Roman Empire now disguised as the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order, including several Italian ‘mafia’ families, and noble and royal bloodlines (as in the Draco-Orion Saturn cult.)

Other ‘elites’ like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and so on are actors used as propaganda tools to maintain the facade of a free market, the illusion of an open society. Like movie- and pop stars, they serve as a programming to let the sleeping masses, the slaves, believe they can become the same rags-to-riches success story.

As for Wallenberg, and I covered this many times, they are a Swedish “elite family” of Jesuit-educated industrialists and bankers. They are under the control of the Colonna and the Agnelli families. Every single ‘elite family’ that have had success and get exposure on the world stage, has been trained and educated by Jesuits.
Marcus Wallenberg is actually a Knight of Malta, a member of the Order of Malta, a masonic papal organization authorized by the Pope and in alliance with the Jesuit Order, as protectors of the Vatican.
So, you could argue that the Wallenbergs ‘run Sweden’ by telling the politicians and other government lackeys what to do, but they in turn simply follow the agenda of the real ruling elite families, by instructions from their Jesuit handlers.

The same is true for the ‘American politicians,’ they are simply puppets running errands for the real controllers, making sure the current agendas are set in place while upholding the illusion of politics, of choice, of left vs. right.

So, yes, Sweden is governed by the Jesuit Order, based on the agenda set by the ‘hive-mind,’ the Draco-Orion Saturn cult, just as every other middle- and high-income world-bank member country. All controlled by the same hand.
To get a larger and better picture of how the world works and is run, please read the World History series.

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