The Importance of Astrology in the Staged Reality-Script, Part 4

In part 1 we covered the basics of astrology and how the ruling elite families, the Saturn cult and their Jesuit Order, has been using astrology since the times of the Babylonian and Egyptian civilization to plan events and to keep people in a social engineered and staged ‘reality-script,’ the world-stage illusion. I also explained why the study of astrology is necessary to understand the logic behind the script of fabricated and staged “news” and “events” of the media industry and the productions of the Hollywood film industry, including the fact that all world-stage characters, such as Trump, Musk, Gates, Obama, and others are assigned roles and life-paths based on their astrological sign, birthdate, numerology, gematria, and assigned character, which I explained a bit in part 2 with Elon Musk and him being assigned a mars-dominant character.
In kabbalism (Saturn worship,) the Tree of Life is divided into 10 spheres or ‘sephiroth,’ where the planets stand for different planes of existence. Part 1 covered Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, (Pluto,) and Jupiter. Part 2 covered Mars, the Sun, Venus and Mercury. And part 3 covered the Moon and the Earth.

In this part we will look at the 12 zodiac signs, where each one is ruled by a ‘planet.’ Each zodiac sign is linked to one of the Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. The Tarot deck consists of 22 cards that represent the Fool’s Journey (the soul/sol = fol.) It was studied in Judaism, Kabbalism (corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 22 paths on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life,) and in western esotericism (Hermeticism.) The Italian Sforza family that was part of the Catholic Church Draco-Orion Empire (founders of the Jesuit Order) and patrons of Leonardo da Vinci, created the first modern Tarot decks. Arthur Edward Waite of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn made the Rider-Waite Deck. And Aleister Crowley designed the Thoth deck, adapted to his Aeon of Horus, which according to his satanic religion of Thelema was set in motion in 1904.

The word ‘Tarot’ comes from the Aryan and Egyptian goddess of fertility, pregnant women and childbirth with the name of Tauret (Taweret, Taurt, Taueret, Thoeris.) She was also a mother-goddess who wore the solar disk and cow’s horns to symbolize how she helped in the daily rebirth of the sun. The cards of the Tarot represent the yearly death-rebirth of the sun and the human soul in spiritual rebirth. The A and O, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
The Zodiac shows the life of man (life as masculine force, initiative) from conception to death: Aries (the Emperor, Horus the child): baby to Pisces.

All staged events and “news” of the media industry is scripted with the use of Astrology, Kabbalism and the Tarot (especially Crowley’s Toth,) and coded with gematria and numerology.

The Zodiac signs

Aries ruled by Mars. March 21 to April 19.

Represented by the 4th Tarot card ‘The Emperor,’ equivalent to the head, he is the head of the state, the leader. He rules the material world, rationalizes through empirical evidence, representing the highest leadership, power, authority, and success in the material world. He is male fire of Mars, protecting divine feminine, if not tempered, he becomes too judgmental, expressing his warlike nature.

Tarot: The Emperor

He bears the Ankh as a scepter. The 4th card is linked to the 13th (1+3=4) card of Death, as an emperor rule through power of death or life.

Thoth: The Emperor

On Crowley’s Thoth card, the Emperor shows a majestic and mature character who is dressed in a stately costume and with two giant male sheep heads in the background that symbolize the two pillars (the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin, which stood at the entrance of King Solomon’s Temple.)
His sitting posture corresponds to the symbol of sulfur, in alchemy, it represents strong masculine energy.
In Crowley’s Thoth his purpose is justice and order (opposed to authoritarian and chaotic.) When in light, he represents creativity, understanding, stability, prospects, realism, objectivity, sense of responsibility. When in dark, he represents domination, perfectionism, wisdom but lack of intuition, being limited by reality and reason like a prison, the order is the goal.

To summarize, it’s about courage and the capacity of leadership.

Taurus, ruled by Venus. April 20 to May 20.

Represented by the 5th Tarot card ‘the Hierophant,’ who represents a mentor, teacher of inner values, the world of belief, study and question. A teacher who can help you search for higher truths by exploring tried and true traditions.

Tarot: the Hierophant

He is represented as a priest with a scepter and triple crown, with 2 bald spectators. He represents occult knowledge and unity in contrast with the separation of the Lovers card (Gemini.) The Hierophant is about learning traditions, dogmas, and the works of structures such as mystical or religious groups or institutions, a church/sect with creed or dogma.

Thoth: the Hierophant

In Crowley’s Thoth his purpose is to seek for the mysterious truth — that knowledge and understanding are independent experiences of science and religious dogma. He has knowledge on how to conquer the mind. He has a sinister smile (the Guy Fawkes mask, as in “V for Vendetta” or “Anonymous”) and is surrounded by 4 masks which represents the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. He is seated upon the bull of Taurus, ruled by Venus. When in light he is set on finding meanings, truth, and to discover. When in dark he can be ungenerous, esoteric, arrogant.

To summarize, it’s about belief, trust, and the illumination of the mind (leading to salvation.)

Gemini, ruled by Mercury. May 21 to June 20.

Represented by the 6th Tarot card ‘the Lovers,’ as in Adam and Eve. They are illuminated by a fiery angel in front of the Sun. The Lovers represents the impulse that drives humans out of the garden, towards adulthood. The impulse of curiosity (Eve and Pandora) or sexuality.

Tarot: the Lovers

In the Tarot, the Lovers represents the path from Binah (Saturn) to Tiferet (the Sun,) as in death to life, where Saturn, the lord of the rings, plays an important role in weddings as the groom is Saturn who gives his bride the ring of Saturn, restricting her. With the Lovers, the Fool has to make an intelligent decision about the path ahead. The Lovers is all about duality and purification of parts which is the sacrifice that is made when the Fool embarks on his journey out of ignorance.

The Lovers are linked and are in contrast with the Devil card 15 (1+5=6) where the fire between them has become destructive and the lovers are chained to the rock of the devil, addicted to sensual pleasure. The card represents the decision or inability to make a decision between the two. You need to weigh your options carefully and follow the path dictated by your personal integrity.

The Gemini can also represent the ‘Twins’ as in the brothers Cain and Abel or Castor and Pullox in Greek mythology – the tale of two brothers who were said to be inseparable.

Thoth: the Lovers

In Crowley’s Thoth the purpose of the Lovers is the unity of opposites, becoming one. On the card, we see a hooded figure, Merlin, son of the devil and the magician of king Arthur making the first NOX sign of Horus, projecting the force of creation. The Night of Pan, or NOX, is a mystical state that represents the stage of ego-death in the process of spiritual attainment. Beneath Merlin we see the royal chemical marriage of sun and moon taking place, represented by the Black or Moorish King with a golden crown, and the White Queen with a silver crown. The Black king is Osiris, the black sun Saturn, Pan, the All. The White Queen is mercury, a passive, fixed principle. Mercury has substance, but it has no definitive form on its own. It needs an active principle to shape it.

We also see the two brothers Abel and Cain representing the meeting of opposites, black/white, adult/child, human/animal, known/unknown, as in meeting the shadow. Below is the cosmic egg with the serpent (egg essence of life formula male-female,) thus the Thoth card represents the creation of the world. The birth of Apollo and Athena. The key of Solomon to split the mind and create twin alters.
When in the light it is the recognition and being free to decide from the bottom of the heart. When in dark, it is love which cannot be achieved, inhibited nerve, self-sacrifice, indecision.

To summarize, it’s about brave decisions.

Cancer, ruled by Moon. June 21 to July 22.

Represented by the 7th Tarot card ‘the Chariot,’ on which the initiate departs from the Garden of Eden as Mars the emperor/warrior king. It is the combined powers of male and female moving forward.

Tarot: the Chariot

Cancer is the period of summer solstice, when the sun is at its highest peak, used as a stargate in sex magic (the Sacred Marriage of Sun and Moon.)
The constellation Cancer was seen by the Babylonians and Egyptians as a turtle, and later symbolized as Kheper the scarab beetle, and the masonic keystone in the Royal Arch. The crab (Cancer) represents the blue blood Holy Grail bloodline.

Thoth: the Chariot

In Crowley’s Thoth the purpose of the Chariot is the desire to conquer, the spirit of adventure, of bravery, and the belief that the best of things can be achieved, as in the Holy Grail. On the card we see a charioteer in golden armor, covered with sapphires, holding a ball shaped grail cup, with a red tincture of the alchemists (used to astral project.) Above his head is the crab of cancer, representing a starry sky.
When in the light it represents the outstanding power, the path leading forward, the quest for a person’s position in the world. When in dark it turns into tyranny, delusion, egotistic, and ultimately failure due to obstacles that lies in the path.

To summarize, it’s about the victory of one’s self, becoming self-knowing, overcoming the ego/self.

Leo, ruled by the Sun. July 23 to August 22.

Represented by the 11th Tarot card ‘Lust’ or ‘Strength,’ showing courage and power (balance between mercy and judgement,) discipline and control.

Tarot: Strength

This is represented by a woman wearing a white robe, holding the mouth of a lion. Older tarots showed a woman holding or breaking a stone pillar (in some decks the 11th card is ‘Justice.’)
She represents the influence of Chesed (kindness) upon Gevurah (strength) in Kabballah, controlling the fiery solar force of the lion (shin,) the dualistic, sexual energy of Da’ath, the mystical state where all ten sefirot in the Tree of Life are united as one.
She represents the power of persuasion to control animal nature by closing the mouth of the lion, and by using the solar force right, through patience, persistence and mental strength. Showing that kindness and love is a stronger, more crushing force than anger. It shows the authority and love of a parent and the true force of will in contrast with the temporal will of a restless child with no willpower.

Thoth: Lust

In Satanism, decadence is seen as the key to opening the portal of Da’ath, where virtue is turned into sin. This is represented in Crowley’s Thoth card titled ‘Lust,’ with the whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation is illustrated riding Therion, the seven-headed beast, holding the reins, symbolizing the passion that unites them.
The seven-headed beast represents the Holy Roman Empire, as Rome was built on seven hills, as in the seven chakras. The beast’s tail is the lion-serpent Abraxas, the demiurge.
In her right hand she holds the Holy grail cup, inverted as the cup of Babalon, filled with fornication and abominations.
To become one with the All, it is necessary to kill one’s ego, which is pictured with her pouring all lifeblood into the cup, that she uses to ‘flood the world with beauty.’ In Carl Jung’s psychology, it is the beauty and the beast, Venus and Saturn, the conscious and unconscious.
In Crowley’s Thoth the purpose of Lust is energy, passion, prestige and the joy in life. When in the light it displays strength, power, and vitality. When in the dark it turns to weakness, being incomplete and disappointed (aggression, perversion, and addiction as a consequence of repressed instincts.)

To summarize, it’s about taming force through kindness and love, and the opposite within Satanism where the force turns into decadence and sex magic.

Continued in part 5.

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