The Gay-Transgender Agenda: Miss Netherlands 2023 is a Man

Be warned, I will hold no punches today, this is simply too important for the future of our children as they are constantly being attacked by this Luciferian agenda.

Anyone who are okay with this gay-transgender obscenity, or even think that it’s “beautiful” and “open-minded,” has been successfully brainwashed, successfully ridden of any sound, healthy and natural values, and has actually been turned into a Luciferian sheep who is secretly worshipping the androgynous image of Baphomet – a symbol of Saturn which rules Capricorn (Pan, the devil,) worshipped by the Satanic Saturn cult, i.e., the elite families, the Jesuits, and the Freemasons. Anyone who support this abomination, this agenda, supports the evil Satanic, child-molesting and pedophilia agendas of the elite.

The gay-transgender agenda is a Luciferian cult, a branch of the left-wing illusion, that pushes its evil and morally corrupted ideas through mind-control of ‘political correctness’ and ‘tolerance,’ through censorship, the media, the music and film industry, the porn industry, and of course, through rigged “beauty contests” like this ‘Miss Netherlands’ and ‘Miss Universe.’
The CIA-controlled gay-transgender movement uses a lot of pink- and purple symbolism, used for the ‘dissociate’ tactic and creating mirror alter ego’s (Multiple Personality Disorder) with mind-control (when mentally ill people identify as something else, as when a man believe he is a woman or a T-34 Soviet tank.)

In Egypt, the gods Horus and Set (Saturn) were known for sodomy and the connection to the pineal gland, the one-eye/third-eye, which produces the hormone dimethyl-tryptamine DMT that serves as a gateway to synthetic universes of the astral realm (the God matrix.) The elites, as in the Saturn cult, believes that it is the connection to a ‘Source’ (in Kabbalism Kether, the crown) and that the light/spiritual body can leave the physical body through the pineal gland. The matrix is ruled by a false God, the Saturnian consciousness.
These teachings of getting access to the multidimensional self also creates altered states of consciousness, as in dissociation.

In Sumerian art, the Anunnaki hold a pinecone in their hand, symbolizing the pineal gland, showing how it is their tool of manipulation, of mind control. In Egypt the pineal gland was worshipped as the Eye of Horus. In Hinduism the pineal gland is called the Eye of Shiva. The pinecone is worshipped by the Catholic Church in the Vatican, and Freemasons worship the pineal gland as the Eye of God, sitting on top of the 33 vertebrae in the 33 degrees of the Scottish rite. In Aleister Crowley’s satanic Thelema religion, the pineal gland is on top of the 33 vertebrae of the spine, the eye of Horus, which is equated with the anus, hence their fixation with the gay agenda.

The worship of the ‘one eye’-pineal gland as a god is the most central tenet of the Saturn cult that rules the media, Hollywood, and the music industry, hence the overwhelming ‘one-eye’ symbolism among its world-stage actors.

This Luciferian cult of sodomy from the Egyptians survived through the belief-system and practices of the Templars, Cathars, the Jesuits, Rosicrucians, Scottish Rite freemasonry, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Ordo Templi Orientis, and Aleister Crowley’s Thelema.
In the 50’s, CIA agents pushed the gay-pedophilia agenda through their Greenwich Village. In the 60’s, after years of conservatism and repression, the Cultural Marxism movement and CIA’s counter culture (hippie, pop-culture and gay movements,) the population was conditioned to believe that their leaders were moral, tolerant, and open-minded, and that there was room for criticism and rebellion. The media began to push the gay-transgender agenda while the Catholic Church pretended to be conservative, but where actually pushing the gay agenda.

As of recent years, the Jesuit school system (the indoctrination prison for our children) and our governments has been conditioning children to the idea of changing their gender while simultaneously denying parents to use gender identification with their child. Big tech companies and social media platforms push the agenda by allowing options to register and log in as “non-binary” or with special options for “transgenders.”
To further their agenda, they introduced cancel culture as a weapon of intimidation by using words such as ‘transphobia’ as a reaction to their imaginary problem and with Newspeak ‘gender-neutral’ and ‘genderfluid’ as the New Normal. The same tactic used by the Climate Change movement identifying any opposition as a ‘climate-denier.’

This Luciferian gay-transgender movement, just like the fake and illusionary climate change environmentalism movement, is the creation of a ‘feel good’ atmosphere of pretending to be inclusive and tolerant that lets the ego of its followers lash out against all critics and stay in denial that they actually are part of something very sick and evil, part of a veil for a dogmatic Luciferian religion.
The pink and purple glimmering gay- and transgender agenda has nothing to do with love or homosexuality, but everything to do with satanism and anal rape. It is a form of social engineering and its goal is to eventually normalize sodomy and pedophilia, to erase femininity and masculinity, to create a mind-controlled dissociative servant race that’s gender-neutral (non-binary) and Pan-sexual.

As for the Miss Universe contest, which this man Rikkie Kollé is now qualified for, was created in 1952 to push the gay-transgender agenda, using thin young women who looked more like young boys and to also use early subjects of sex change and mind control.
In the past, Miss Universe was owned by Endeavor, one of the largest Zionist Hollywood and fashion agencies, next to CAA. Endeavor also owns 50.1% of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC.)
From 2018 Miss Universe was used to push the gay-transgender agenda with Angela Ponce, Swe Zin Htet, and Patricia Rodriguez. In 2022, the Thai multinational JKN Global Group with transgender activist Anne Jakkapong, bought Miss Universe from Endeavor.

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