Mind Control: Programming and Conditioning, Part 2

In the first part we took a quick look at the basis of mind control and the education system, which we will revisit later on. We also looked at the early history of the development of more modern tools of control. In this part, we will continue our historical exploration to better understand how the public has slowly been deceived, dumbed down, conditioned and programmed – and also by whom and why. As you probably discovered in part 1, this historical exploration brings up a lot of familiar names and families, and also connects to my 3-part series about the political left vs. right illusion. As always, everything is connected, and that is why it is so important to take a look back into the mirror.

In 1922, Walter Lippmann, the Jewish social critic, journalist, member of Phi Beta Kappa, and founder of the leftist magazine ‘The New Republic’ (1914,) and advisor to Scottish-Rite Freemason Woodrow Wilson, published the book ‘Public Opinion,’ a critical assessment of a functional democratic government, where he argues that ordinary citizens can no longer judge public issues rationally, as the speed, condensation, and sensationalism of the media tend to produce slogans and headlines rather than interpretations. This was a early seed of mistrust for alternative media and to only trust in big established sources for your ‘news.’

Walter Lippman also coined the term ‘Cold War,’ as in the staged and fake political rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, used to strengthen the illusion of ‘democracy’ all while trying to separate Communism from the left-wing, although they were exactly the same – and thus Communism could be sneaked in like a Trojan horse beneath a different banner.
Communism is simply a fake anti-establishment movement invented by the Jesuits in the 1600’s where slaves are not allowed to have private property and very little rights under a one-party (one government) dictatorship. Does that sound familiar with something we are heading to, like the vision for ‘Agenda 2030’ and a One World Government? As in, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy?”

Walter Lippmann also coined the term ‘Stereotypes,’ the over-generalized belief about a particular category of people, which is commonly used within the multicultural cult. Keep in mind that capitalism, communism, fascism, and multiculturalism are all creations of the same puppet masters, of the Saturn cult. They are simply variations of the religion of authority to never respect the rights of individuals. They are all tools of control.

In 1923, the Satanic Cult of Disney, with its roots in Scottish-Rite Freemasonry, produced its first short silent cartoon of Alice in Wonderland, the 1865 book used as a manual for families with multi-generational sexual abuse on how to produce a ‘Monarch slave’ through trauma-based mind control.

Also, the propaganda magazine of the Saturn Cult, Time Magazine, was founded in 1923 by Henry R. Luce, a Knight of Malta (protector of the Vatican) and Britton Hadden (both of them were also members of Skull and Bones Freemasonry.)
Time Magazine is notoriously known for using its Masonic ‘M’ within ‘Time’ to give devil horns to the person on the cover. Time Magazine has also been used to heavily push the Climate Cult propaganda and the Luciferian gay-transgender agenda.

In 1927, The Skull and Bones Freemasonry elite family Whitney, who was one of the families controlling the Chinese and Indian opium trade with the Jesuits, founds the Payne Whitney Psychiatry Clinic in Manhattan NY. As with all psychiatric clinics, they experimented with different disorders, treatments and triggers, collected data for think tanks, and used it for mind control tactics on the public masses through media and advertisement.

In 1929, the famous NY Times campaign ‘Torches of Freedom,’ to promote and sell cigarettes to women, was created by Edward Bernays, the ‘father’ of modern public relations (which we covered in part 1.)
This was the first step towards the mind control operation of the CIA’s ‘hippie counterculture’ and ‘sexual revolution’ of the 60’s, and the feminism movement of feminine equality, which was formed to split up the core of the family and make both parents work, seeking careers, and being away from home, so the state could raise and brainwash the child in the education system. We will get to this later on.

In 1933, Herbert Marcuse joins the Institute of Social Research (Frankfurt School.) Herbert was a German-Jewish OSS/CIA-agent whose ideas was used in the multicultural movement and the staged and fake sexual revolution of the 60’s. Marcuse also mentored Angela Davis, another CIA-agent and political puppet used to create the fake Black Panther Party and to push the Luciferian gay-agenda.

In 1934, The Frankfurt School affiliates itself with ‘The New School’ of the Jesuit Colonna Family’s Columbia University in New York. At the same time, the song ‘The Bluebird of Happiness’ is released by Jan Peerce, the lead singer of Radio City Music Hall of the Rockefeller Center. The song was used in the opening with Ray Bolger, the Scarecrow, in Wizard of Oz. Bluebird was later on the cryptonym for one of many CIA mind control programs that ran during 1951 to 1953 using hypnosis, LSD, and electroshocks. Project Bluebird was later on replaced by Project Artichoke where they experimented to induce memory loss and brain damage. The term Bluebird has been synonymous with MK Ultra and similar projects to create “Manchurian Candidates” for operational use. Something that later on was adopted by the Alt-Right-Wing and Alternative Media to explain staged and fake shootings as ‘False Flags’ by “mind controlled” operatives to keep the illusion alive that School shootings and mass shootings are real, while in reality they are all staged and fake. There’s no coincidence that the social media platform Twitter, that is used for creating opinions and control the minds of its users, has a bluebird as its symbol.

In 1938, the trauma-based mind control experiment and hoax of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds is aired on CBS radio, based on the novel of H.G. Wells. Through this simple publicity stunt, Orson Welles scared the larger part of a nation into believing that Earth was being taken over by Martians.
The British propaganda writer of the Fabian Society, H.G. Wells, also wrote The First Men on the Moon, a conditioning tool for the looming Moon Landing hoax.

During the end of the 30’s, Ugo Cerletti (Sapienza University Rome) experiments with electroshocks to treat patients, a very damaging form of torture used in trauma-based mind control that is still being used to silence dissidents. In media, electroshocks are described as Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to give the impression that it is a sound treatment with informed consent to cure mental illness. It was gradually normalized throughout the years by Hollywood and the music industry propaganda.

Also, Albert Hoffman discovers LSD at Sandoz (Novartis,) a pharmaceutical company of the Black Nobility Jewish-German Warburg family (who played a part in creating the Federal Reserve.)
Also, Hadley Cantril at Princeton studied and wrote about how the population reacts to media hoaxes like Orson Welles’ War of the worlds.

The late 30’s was also when the Luciferian club known as the Theosophical Society, founded back in 1875 by British-Russian agent Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, begins to teach dissociation techniques to children of elite families in order to become Hollywood actors. At the same time, MGM releases the Wizard of Oz to teach Monarch children to go to a dissociative state, to ‘go over the rainbow’ or ‘to go to Wonderland,’ to the inner world. Sex magic rituals and sodomy is used at a young age to fracture the mind into different fragments, after which multiple personalities (alters) can be inserted that are not even aware of each other’s existence. The alter egos are programmed based on the Kabbalistic pattern of the Tree of Life, the sacred geometry that is seen as a blueprint of how the universe and the multidimensional human psyche works.
These practices of the sacred geometry and mind control techniques are also used in the highly Satanic New Age movement, the worship of the false light and the alien gods (UFO religion) psy-op. We will get to that later on.

In 1940, the ‘Special Operative Executive,’ a branch of the British Secret Service, MI6, led by Hugh Dalton of the Fabian Society, creates a project of psychological research at deserted places like the Inverlair Lodge in Scotland.
The early 40’s is also when Disney starts making children cartoons and movies with butterfly and other similar mind control symbolism.

In 1942, Jack Parsons, a follower of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion becomes the leader of the secret order Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO, founded in 1895.) The ‘Orientis’ refers to Sirius, the end goal of the Masonic journey and the OTO practices a Luciferian-gnostic sodomy religion, dating back to the Knights Templars. Jack Parsons played the role of a ‘rocket scientist’ who created Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL,) who later became the theatrical mind-control tool known as NASA, an organization that is run by the Jesuits of the Church of Rome, to reinforce the lie of heliocentrism and an infinite outer space with planets and the idea that we are small and insignificant.

At about the same time, in 1942, during WWII a team of agents of the newly founded ‘Office of Strategic Services’ (OSS,) including Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and Alfred Dupont (a branch of the Italian Colonna family,) lead by William Donovan of the Knights of Malta, began experiments on prisoners to develop a ‘truth serum,’ by combining morphine and scopolamine. Robert Tryon is hired by OSS as a ‘behavior geneticist’ to experiment on rats to find out if the skill of maze-solving could be passed on to the offspring. This was part ritualistic, and referred to the mythology of the gnostic ‘Demiurge’ who created a labyrinth for Sophia.

1942 is also the year of the first Macy Conference, where 10 conferences were held between 1942 to 1946 on the subjects of sociology and cybernetics, which later became ‘Dianetics’ of Ron Hubbard’s Scientology.

It’s been a hectic morning and my time is up for today. In part 3 we will continue our journey into Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra and much more.

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