The World Stage Psy-Ops: The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening

This article will expand in more detail on previous articles where I’ve explained both Agenda 2030, aka., The Great Reset, and the fake counter-narrative running parallel referred to as ‘The Great Awakening’ — also known as “Folkbildningsprojektet” by Controlled Opposition here in Sweden. The latter is usually mentioned together with the CIA deceiving psy-op that is known as ‘Q.’ Please take a few minutes and read this article if you’re not familiar with the narrative of ‘Q’:

Being Diet Woke. Deep State, White Hats, and Q/QAnon-Bullshit

To better understand what is going on in the world and how the ‘hidden hand’ controls the world and write our history, we need to start with the basics of opposites. Throughout time, there has always been the simple concept of two poles, dark vs light. A pole cannot exist without its opposite. A coin has two sides. Both of these poles are present at the same time. We have been programmed with this since childhood. Good vs. evil, the light vs. the dark, heroes fighting villains and monsters. One side vs. the other, left vs. right.

However, as there are always two sides, you need to control them both in order to win, in order to rule. Because, sooner or later, people will revolt against the current system and you need to get ahead of that and control it.
A simple metaphor for these opposites is the left and the right hand, both connected to the same body. They are not independent, nor are they enemies. They actually work in a symbiotic relationship to accomplish a shared goal, no matter the sacrifices made or how messy it can appear to be for both sides. This is crucial to understand, the two opposite poles are joined by an axis. They can never be separated; they can only vary in appearance and promises. Two poles playing opposites also means division. They divide in order to conquer.

At our current time in history, we can define the two sides as:

The Great Reset (dark) vs. The Great Awakening (light)

The hidden hand that rules, or the top of the power pyramid, believe that changing and governing the world is done through changes in the public’s mental state. This is referred to as ‘Mental Transmutation.’ In order to bring on their ‘mental transmutation’ on a mass scale all over the world, they use various types of thought control, programming, and psychological operations. This in turn creates a false reality with multiple narratives (metascripts) running simultaneously — just as you would load different computer games and emerge yourself in these simulated worlds believing they were all real.

Mental transmutation can be demonstrated by Hegel’s Dialectical process of Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis, or as they often describe it; Problem, Reaction, Solution.

However, the large masses have been conditioned to become stuck in thinking that there is only one path, or one pole. They only see the dark agenda that is currently being played out, just stringing along not questioning anything. They are programmed to respond to any attack on their beliefs, or any other options presented, as ‘conspiracy theories.’ Still, we have a large mass that is slowly waking up and feel that something is not right.

As these people are waking up and can see the current corrupt system; the fake reality for what it is, this ‘mental transmutation’ can also be described as ‘Awareness, Inversion, Union.’ And this is where the two poles kick in again, as you have been programmed to only see opposites. You realize that the obvious dark narrative, The Great Reset, is not going in the desired direction (awareness,) so you change the direction by going to the opposite (inversion,) and grasp for what is presented, The Great Awakening, where you find likeminded ready to take a stand (union.)

However, being aware of the tyrannical dark side and joining the opposite is not the answer, it’s just the next step in their original plan. You simply went from holding the left hand to holding the right hand. You’re still connected to the same body, to the same planned outcome. You simply took the other path to the same destination.

A simple analogy, especially if you’re Christian, would be that The Great Reset, Agenda 2030, The New World Order, is simply Lucifer in plain sight, not masquerading or pretending – while The Great Awakening is the same old Lucifer but in disguise, pretending to be an angel of light. And that is where New Age and silly terms such as ‘lightworker’ comes from – ideas being pushed by the Q-narrative. Pure satanism pretending to be enlightenment, a false way forward towards their ‘light.’

Keep in mind that due to the nature of polarity, Jesus can not be this ‘light’ unless you believe he is also ‘darkness,’ which is contrary to scripture. Since dark and light are on the same axis, since they cannot be separated, the side of ‘light’ is simply Lucifer masquerading as an angel of light, as in ‘The Great Awakening.’ And that is very easy to understand if you acknowledge the fact that those in power play both sides. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos.

To get from dark to light, as I mentioned earlier, they use the Hegelian dialectic of problem -> reaction -> solution via mental transmutation. In our time of events, the problem is the oppression of the “dark-side,” the looming Agenda 2030; thus, the reaction is realizing this path is bad (awareness,) and the solution is ‘freedom’ from that oppression delivered by the “light-side” (inversion,) which was their plan all along (their solution.) Both paths lead to their desired destination. It’s simply different means of getting there. And that destination will be just like Agenda 2030, but masqueraded behind false pretenses, just like Lucifer.

This false ‘light’ and ‘Great Awakening’ is purposely being pushed by controlled opposition, and especially through the government- and CIA-controlled Q and MAGA movement. It also opened up for ‘alternative media’ – something that is just as controlled as mainstream media. They are also opposites, belonging to the same axis.

It’s extremely important to realize this and understand that it is nothing more than the opposite of the same agenda. A way to string you along, and if it gets enough supporters, fool you into their ‘New World Order’ while you actually think that you are being liberated from oppressors and getting your freedom back.

Instead of clinging on to heroes and leaders to follow, which are all created and controlled by the same hidden hand, we all need to step outside of this polarity – step outside of this controlled narrative and false reality. We need to create something new, something on our own. That however, is a totally different topic and I’ve touched on it here:

Keep in mind that these ‘Great Awakenings’ has always happened throughout history, and they have always been controlled, leading to the desired outcome, hence where we are today.

By understanding that the other pole is always present, that they always play opposites, you can see the whole picture more clearly. Don’t get caught up in their psychological operations and false narratives. Do not conform to their axis of dark to light.

And as I said, God is not on that axis. God is light and in Him there is no darkness (1 John 1:5.) That is why the ‘light’ side is a false light, as they tell you to come into the light from the darkness. That is their agenda, Lucifer’s agenda. Their ‘light’ can never be separated from its dark pole. The two are forever joined.

This can be seen within Freemasonry and other secret societies that has accepted the Kabbalistic motto “Demon est Deus inversus,” or, “The devil is God upside down (or inversed).” Or in the idea that God is the light and his adversary is the dark. That is all false. God is not tied to the devil. God is separate; he is not on that axis.

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