Democrats With Kamala Harris Pass Largest “Health Care” and Fraudulent Climate Bill in U.S. History

As long as people still believe in the fraudulent climate change nonsense, they will continue this scam, with all the propaganda, and throw money down the hole. And as for changes to “Health Care,” the new “health” policy will give Medicare the power to negotiate the prices of certain prescription drugs. That has absolutely nothing to do with health, but everything to do with poisoning and keeping you sick, as that is what drugs do! Western modern medicine is 99% pure evil and deadly. However, the large dumbed down masses are programmed to worship the charlatans and fake authorities in white clothing, uniforms and suits.

They claim this bill would raise over $700 billion in government revenue over 10 years and spend over $430 billion to reduce carbon emissions and extend subsidies for health insurance. Remember the simple model of photosynthesis? Trees and plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into sugar. Also, the atmosphere and its gases control CO2 levels at all time to keep it at a certain percentage, so “reducing carbon emissions” is not only a scam and totally pointless, but as evil engineers build CO2-reducing machines, it becomes dangerous and very bad for our world.

As for passing this bill and the ritual behind it, keep in mind that our Jesuit Pope Francis is very big on the climate change hoax, as it is one of the most critical pieces of the evil totalitarian Agenda 2030.

The bill passed on August 7, the 219th day of the year. That is hardly a surprise, as 219 give us…

Roman Catholic = 219
Fear Mongering = 219 (what the climate hoax is)
The Hidden Hand That Rules = 219
Superior General Arturo Sosa = 219

Arturo Sosa is the Superior General of the Jesuit Order, aka., The Black Pope, the hidden hand that rules behind the curtains of the White Pope (Pope Francis.)

And being the 219th day of the year goes perfectly with the date-numerology as August 7 can be written as 8/7, like 87, and calling the bill “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Inflation Reduction Act = 87
The Catholic Church = 87
Divide and Conquer = 87 (their motto, and part of the climate change hoax)
Ignatius of Loyola = 87 (the founder and first Superior General of the Jesuit Order)
Superior General = 87 (aka., the Black Pope)
Protecting the Lie = 87 (why thy passed a climate bill on 8/7)
Climate Hoax = 87 (the lie, the hoax)

Of course, the 7th of August can also be written as 7/8, like 78, which give us more of the same, making a very strong point and connection.

The Catholic Church = 78 (again)
Society of Jesus = 78 (aka., The Jesuit Order, Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope)
Fear Mongering = 78 (again)
Climate Hoax = 78 (again)
Sunday = 78 (August 7th was on a Sunday)
The Jesuit Order = 78
Jesuit = 78

Yes, their fingerprints are all over this, as with everything climate change. And to make it even more obvious that it is the Vatican, the seat of power, that is calling the shots, we only need to look at Pope Francis birthday of December 17. This passing of the “Inflation Reduction Act” on August 7th comes exactly 233-days after Pope Francis birthday. 233 days is also the same as 33 weeks and 2 days, like 332, which is 233 backwards. In other words, a very important number for that day.

Inflation Reduction Act = 233 (Bam!)

And that is not all, 233 is the 51st prime number. And by what numbers did the bill pass? Yes, 51-50. Wow, so many coincidences, right?

Rome = 51
Arturo Sosa S.J. = 51 (the Superior General, aka., the Black Pope)
Pope Francis = 51
Catholic Church = 51 (third time!)
Fear Mongering = 51 (third time!)

Also note that 233 is the 13th Fibonacci number, as in the 13 families who are all part of the Jesuits and the Order of the Illuminati, the hidden hand that rules the world.

And the media claims that it was Kamala Harris that broke the tie, making it 51-50. Not sure how that is possible when it was the democrats bill and that it was pushed by Biden and Kamala to begin with, but it goes perfectly with the ritual and to keep the transvestite Harris in the spotlight.

Climate = 51
Kamala = 51
Harris = 51
Freemason = 51
The Masons = 51

Speaking of 51 that comes from Pope Francis 233 days after his birthday, guess how many days were remaining until his next birthday? Yes, 132-days. And nah, no need to guess what the number give us, it’s kind of obvious at this stage…

Roman Catholic = 132 (second time)
Catholic Church = 132 (fourth time!)
Fear Mongering = 132 (fourth time!)

As for Kamala Harris being a part of the ritual, her birthday is October 20 and this bill passed 74-days before his/her birthday. 74 is a number associated with God, Jesus and Christianity, something a lot of people are led to believe is in turn associated with the Catholic Church, which is pure mockery as they are a Satanic cult worshiping Saturn, the Sun God, or Satan. Still, 74 is a perfect connection in this ritual for that alone.

Holy Roman Empire = 74 (turned into the Roman Catholic Church)
Jesus Christ = 74
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Masonic = 74
George Washington = 74

Also, Kamala is 57-years old, same as the date-numerology of August 7.
8/7/2022 = 8 + 7 + 20 + 22 = 57

Rome = 57 (again)
Harris = 57
Ignatius of Loyola = 57 (again)
Arturo Sosa = 57 (again)
The Jesuits = 57
Society of Jesus = 57
The Masons = 57

And to finish it all off, on August 7 there were 146 days remaining in the year and the headlines said that ‘the Senate’ passed a ‘historic health care and climate bill’ worth ‘$750’ billion.

The Senate = 146
Historic Health Care and Climate Bill = 146
Seven Hundred-Fifty = 146
Brotherhood of Death = 146 (aka., Skull and Bones Freemasonry that most presidents and high-ranking politicians are members of)

All those coincidences just keep on piling up! Or perhaps it’s time to wake up! The world is a stage and everything is scripted by the numbers!

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