Australia Swears in Anthony Albanese as 31st Prime Minister to Further the Climate Hoax Agenda

On May 21st the ‘Labor’ party won the Australian ‘selection’ of puppets that will be running and destroying the country in accordance to Agenda 2030. Do not for a minute think that what people actually voted made a difference. Everything is staged and done by the numbers. And the puppets that are onboard with the current agenda are selected and groomed for their role many, many, years in advance.

An ’election’ is nothing more that pure theatre; an illusion for the masses giving them the feeling that they have a say in who will be running their country. They do not.
It’s all about painting a false picture of what the people want, and this fraud of an election is the perfect example. They say the people of Australia got ‘fed up’ with their previous conservative government and “wanted” more action on climate change, greater gender equality (as in hundreds of imaginary genders, sodomy and other filth,) and political integrity. What a load of bullocks!
So, more action on the climate hoax, on mental illness, and integrity of groomed, paid, puppets who only choice is to follow their masters or be destroyed?
Well, it makes for great propaganda in the fake news. This is what people will believe and they will think, “well, that’s what the majority voted for, I guess that’s most important. And If I don’t agree, I still have to accept the majority.”
No! That is what they want you to think the majority voted for. That is propaganda, pure psychological warfare to make you go along with the complete nonsense. Those things, such as the climate hoax and the destruction of the two genders, the destruction of the family unit and sound family values, are taken right out of the Cabal’s playbook of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They even called it “Australia’s Climate Election.’ Such mockery of your intelligence!

Read more about Agenda 2030 here:

What Exactly is Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, The New World Order?

Remember, the climate hoax is ultimately about forcing people into the cities and cutting mankind off from nature by making the remaining country into “nature reserves” that you only can visit if your social credit score is approved. They have been doing this for a long time now using weather warfare by weather control such as flooding and wild fires to force people off their land.
It’s also about removing every bit of self-sustainability and making everyone dependent on the state and their fully-controlled food supply of human garbage plant-based kibble. It’s ultimately about control – making you weak and dependent.

As for the election itself, Labor ended up with 32.82% of the votes, or rounded off, the Freemasonic 33. Just as ‘Labor’ reduces to ‘33’ in all reduction ciphers within English gematria.

Labor = 33, 33, 33, 33
Masonry = 33

The election was held on May 21st, the 141st day of the year with a date-numerology of 30.

5/21/22 = (5) + (21) + 2 + 2 = 30

Australia = 30, 141

May 21 also has a 48-date numerology.
5/21/22 = 5 + 21 + 22 = 48

Labor = 48

Anthony was born on March 2, and his election victory comes on May 21, exactly 11 weeks and 3 days after his birthday, as in 113, the number for dishonesty. Very fitting revelation of the method.

The Number for Dishonesty = 113
Politics = 113 (it’s pure theatre, deceit, dishonesty)

And besides 113, he represents the Labor Party as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

Puppets = 113, 31 (what they all are)
Bullshit = 113, 31 (what politics is, pure bullsh*t)

They’re having a laugh mocking you.

11 weeks and 3 days is the same as 80 days. And 31 is the prime number of 127.

Bavarian Illuminati = 80, 127

Bavarian Illuminati was the original order created by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, that later changed name to “Order of Illuminati,” the order that created Freemasonry and Skull and Bones in America.

And the Labor Party’s message was, “Renewal not Revolution,” when both actually are needed.

Renewal not Revolution = 98, 92
The Society of Jesus = 98, 92 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And remember, they called this the “Climate Election.”

Climate Election = 54, 54
Prime Minister = 54
Anthony Norman Albanese = 54
Jesuit Order = 54
The Jesuit Order = 54

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