This Week at Ungovernable

Below are a few gleanings from the past week and the most popular posts and topics at our Uncensored Community Ungovernable.

  • More on the fake Monkeypox outbreak and other similar non-existing poxviruses.
  • Belgium become first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine – for something that does not exist. NWO is closing in.
  • The WHO Anti-Health takeover and the Davos meeting, May 22 to 26.
  • Forced Vaccination is Part Of New WHO Treaty.
  • More on my 6-day Dry Fasting experiment – tons of questions answered.
  • Discussions on tics, mosquitos, and “disease” in humans and pets (including the Lyme fraud.)
  • The DMT, zombie and vaccine conspiracy. More on DMT, biogenic amines and MAO.
  • More on the fake war in Ukraine and NWO-puppet Bono visiting.
  • 13 Million Freeze-Dried Monkeypox vaccines ordered for the US on May 18.
  • Electronic ankle tags and ban from protesting (UK.)
  • Shoppers soon won’t be able to pay with card or cash. Face recognition payment gateways and more.
  • Discussions on electric cars and their EMF and RF radiation – driving in a microwave.
  • More on NATO and the Finnish and Swedish applications.
  • More on raw liver, the original superfood.
  • More on imaginary Covid and the idiotic idea that pet dogs cause hepatitis in children.

And, much, much more! Ungovernable is the best online community for intelligent, woke, and freethinking people to network, share and discuss any topic without censorship and bleating sheep posting what the tell-a-lie-vision told them. Join us today!

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