Trump Back in Court on Last Day of Passover While Don Jones Climbs Over 34k

On April 13, the last day of the Jewish holiday of Passover, Trump was back in New York for questioning in the state civil fraud case against him. Remember, on the first day of Passover, 34 “rockets” were allegedly fired into Israel, all in synchronicity with the ‘34’ cases against Trump. And, now on the last day of Passover, D.J.T. is back in court with the ‘hush-money’ case and the 34 charges against him.

D.J.T. = 34
Passover = 34
Jewish = 34
April = 34
Hush Money = 34
Stormy = 34

As we know from the earlier decodings, this fake theatre in the court is a Freemasonic ritual and distraction that serves to portray Trump as some kind of martyr. Remember that he had a “34-count” against him, which could give him “136 years” in prison. Both those phrases reduce to ‘33’ in gematria. Also, that day the court started at 2:15 p.m., which also equals ‘33’ in gematria. And Trump being, allegedly, a 33-degree Freemason was now back in court in New York on April 13, exactly 303 days, like ’33,’ after his last June 14 birthday.

New York = 33, 33
Lawsuit = 33, 33
34-Count = 33
136 Years = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

And, of course, if we count the end-date, it was 304 days, like 34, connecting back to the 34 charges and the Passover. Such a perfect day to stage this!

Now, April 13 came with a Freemasonic 22-date numerology.

4/13/23 = (4) + (13) + 2+3 = 22

And counting forward, including the end-date, this second court meeting was 2 months and 2 days before Trump’s next June 14 birthday, like ’22,’ the second Master Number, aka., the Master Builder Number within Freemasonry. Also, this is all about the ‘storm’ and the next election where Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA,) by serving his masters, the Jesuits.

2 months and 2 days, like 22, before Trumps birthday on a day with 22-date numerology.

MAGA = 22
Storm = 22
Jesuits = 22
Donald John Trump = 220 = 22 (zeroes hold no value and can be removed in numerology)

And speaking of the MAGA-movement psy-op, this was staged on the 13th of April, as in 13/4, like 134. And one of the roles of Trump is being the Seventh King.

Make America Great Again = 134, 134
House of Cards = 134 (symbolic reference of the political theatre)
Seventh King = 134

And this continuation of the theatre was staged on April 13, the 103rd day of the year. Although a very Jesuit number, it summarizes the whole script in the Elizabethan cipher. Donald is questioned in a $250 million business fraud lawsuit in New York that all began with Stormy Daniel (the storm.)

Donald = 103
$250 Million = 103
New York = 103
Stormy = 103
Jesuits = 103

Of course, in the same cipher, being acted on the 103rd day, leaving 262-days remaining in the year, we have a reference to the ‘calm before the storm.’

Calm Before the Storm = 262

Now, going back to the fact that this court hearing was on the last day of Passover (which equals 34,) it was, if we count the end-date, 304 days, like 34, after Trump’s birthday, it comes as no surprise that on the same day, and in the same city of New York, the Dow Jones climbed to 34k.

On the last day of Passover, while Trump is back in New York to face his 34 charges, the Dow Jones climbs to 34,000.

Passover = 34

Such a coincidence. Or is it?

Well, the climb was 383 points, the 76th prime number, and the number of Donald John Trump and Skull and Bones Freemasonry. And let’s not forget, Trump is currently 76-years old.

Skull and Bones = 76
Donald John Trump = 76

That climb is equal to 1.14%, like 114, like The Masons.

The Masons = 114

And they closed the Dow in a Masonic Ritual at 4:56 PM, the 56th minute of the hour.

Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56

And remember, this all started with Stephanie Gregory Clifford, aka., the pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, and the Dow rose by 383 points.

Stephanie Gregory Clifford = 383

The world is a stage and all markets are rigged to fit their rituals.

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