Trump and Lee Greenwood’s $60 Bible – The Antichrist Revelation Script

While the announcement was made this Tuesday, March 26, and the story broke on March 27 on several major News Outlets, CNN yet again brought it up on March 28, making this story trending the news for at least two days.
So, to summarize, this Tuesday, March 26, Trump announced the partnership with country music singer Lee Greenwood, best known for his song “God Bless the USA.” The pair of Masonic shills is selling a custom version of the Bible for $59.99, or simply $60 USD, called the “God Bless the USA Bible,” which was previously announced in 2021 by Greenwood but then fell to the wayside after hitting a snag with the publishing.

As you should know, Trump is a Freemason, a Jesuit puppet of the Vatican and the elite families. As such, he worships Saturn, the Black Sun, the inverted light, as in Satan, as in Lucifer, as in the Antichrist. In that sense, this is a satanic mocking ritual, and since it’s election year, it’s also part of the election script where Trump will most likely win and return as the Seventh King, as part of the elites reenacting the Book of Revelation, bringing back Obama as the Antichrist.

The Bible is, of course, the King James version, the one admittedly translated and edited by the Freemasons.

The media calls it the “patriotic $60 Bible” and we are approaching the 60th quadrennial presidential election. Of course, as they code everything both by the numbers and by using gematria, which is simply language by numbers, 60 is very fitting for Donald Trump, as his name equals 60 in the most important cipher, and so does a lot of things he’s involved with, as everything the puppets do is scripted by the numbers.

Donald Trump = 60
MAGA Movement = 60
2024 President = 60
Patriotic = 60
Indictment = 60
Forty-Seventh = 60 (the next president will be the 47th)

And 60 also goes with the theme of a bible.

Holy = 60
Pray = 60
Order = 60

Again, it’s based on the “King James Holy Bible” and Trump says it has nothing to do with his ‘political campaign,’ which just by mentioning it draws attention to it. Of course, the announcement was made on March 26, exactly a very Trumpish 80 days before his June 14 birthday. And it broke on the news on March 27, a span of 80 days until Trump’s birthday.
Again, this is about the Book of Revelation, bringing back the Beast, the Antichrist, who likely will be Obama.

King James Holy Bible = 80
Political Campaign = 80
Obama as the Antichrist = 80
Societas Iesu = 80 (The Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order)
The Antichrist = 80
The Evil Spirit = 80
Synagogue of Satan = 80
The Beast = 80
Baphomet = 80
Beelzebub = 80
Satan = 80
Donald John Trump Sr = 80
Seventh King Trump = 80
Calm Before The Storm = 80

You could also say that the announcement came at a span of 81 days before Trump’s birthday, and Lee Greenwood is currently 81-years old.

President Trump = 81, 81, 81
Calm Before The Storm = 81
Barack Obama Antichrist = 81

Note that FOX News and other media channels put “God Bless the USA” in quotes, meaning that it is code – and it perfectly fits the script.

God Bless the USA = 49
Donald J. Trump = 49
Washington = 49
Satanic Ritual = 49
Revelation = 49
Antichrist = 49

Being a highly satanic ritual, the satanic cipher is of interest, and the announcement of the “$60 Bible” came 286 days after Trump’s last birthday.

$60 Bible = 286

And a “Sixty Dollar Bible” fits with the script.

Sixty Dollar Bible = 189
Barack Obama Antichrist = 189

Sixty Dollar Bible = 72
The Fall of America = 72
President Biden = 72
President Trump = 72
(March 26 was also a span of 7 months and 2 days, as in 72, before Greenwoods upcoming October 27 birthday)

Sixty Dollar Bible = 99
Calm Before The Storm = 99
Antichrist Obama = 99

The listed price is $59.99, as in the “$59.99 Bible,” and March 26 came with a 53-date numerology.

3/26/24 = 3 + 26 + 24 = 53

$59.99 Bible = 53
Seventh King = 53

And why did CNN bring this up again two days later, on March 28? Because March 28 was exactly 78 days before Trump’s June 14 birthday.

Seventh King Trump = 78
Donald John Trump Sr = 78
Saturn Worship = 78
Fall of America = 78
As Above, So Below = 78

And March 28 was the 88th day of the year, the number of Trump.

Trump = 88
Beast = 88
Obama is the Antichrist = 88

And the name of their bible fits the script perfectly as well. Remember, the announcement came on March 26, as in 3/26, or 326.

God Bless the USA Bible = 326
Obama is the Antichrist = 326

God Bless the USA Bible = 70
Devil Worship = 70

God Bless the USA Bible = 187
Holy Roman Empire = 187 (as in the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order)
Brotherhood of Death = 187 (aka., Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry)

And remember, March 26 was all about the staged demolition of the Baltimore Key Bridge and the number 128.

Lee Greenwood = 128
Obama is the Antichrist = 128
Barack Obama is Satan = 128

Also, quoting the publisher, this is “the only Bible endorsed by President Trump.”

The only Bible endorsed by President Trump = 177, 201
The Jesuit Order = 177, 201

Although there is a lot more to the date numerology and the keywords, my time is up for this morning. Yet, this is more than enough to once again show how extremely scripted everything the actors on the world stage do and participate in. Everything is pre-planned and done by the numbers.

Also, it should be clear that the old phrase “Calm before the Storm” is actually referring to Trump’s comeback as the Seventh King, as the 47th president, which will then usher forth the storm, the return of Antichrist, the return of Obama, the Beast from the Sea.
Well, at least according to their script and their reenactment of Revelation. Again, it will be an interesting year.

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