Michelle Obama as Democratic Presidency Choice? And the Trump-Obama Revelation

As you might know, one of the long-played rituals on the world stage is that of re-enacting the Book of Revelation as the presidency of the United States.

Revelation 17:10-11
And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.”

An interpretation of this is that there are supposed to be seven kings. One agenda on the world stage for the past 50 years or so, has been peace in the Middle East, peace with Israel and her neighbors. This begun with Jimmy Carter and his Middle East peace process, the Carter Camp David Accords. Since then, with him included, five ‘kings’ have fallen, Barack Obama was the sixth, Trump was the seventh king and he must come back for a short time, and then the Beast that was, and is not, as in Barack Obama is himself the eight – because the eight king was of the seven, and since five have fallen, only Obama and Trump remain. Joe Biden is as Joseph Aquaviva puts it, just “Biden” time in between so that Trump can come back before the Antichrist is revealed. That is why they had the “rigged election” and voting fraud all over the media. Joe is not viewed as a real president. And we also have the first Jesuit Pope in Pope Francis, who seemingly is playing the role of the false prophet. Remember, during the second half of the Tribulation, Satan will empower a false prophet to deceive the world into worshiping the Antichrist. Pope Francis became pope in 2013 during Obamas second term, and has been the pope during both reigns of the sixth (Obama) and seventh king (Trump.)

Now, the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution limits the number of times a person can be elected to the office of President of the United States to two terms, or once if they have already served more than two years as President. In other words, Barack Obama cannot come back and win an election to become president, as he has served two times.
However, a president who has already served two terms can serve two additional years if he becomes president through the order of succession – as in taking office after the death, resignation, or ousting of the previous president.

This is why we have seen hints and predictive programming of Trump getting assassinated. He will most likely win the 2024 presidential election, and then he might get fake assassinated, or fake shot to such a degree that he has to step down as president.

That is one possible scenario. However, yesterday on January 18, the 18th day of the month as a symbolic reference to the Number of the Beast (6+6+6=18,) Fox News posted an article hinting at Michelle Obama running for President for the Democrats. While this is conditioning and predictive programming to put the Obamas into the mind of the sheep, it also opens up yet another possibility of Barack Obama returning and ruling through the inverted Baphomet transgender symbol of Michelle, who was born a man.

As for this article by Fox News, it originated from New York Post and the columnist Cindy Adams who wrote about Michelle Obama’s ambitions on January 17, the day of Michelle’s 60th birthday.

Cindy Adams = 60, 60

The Obamas want Joe Biden to step down as they are afraid that Donald Trump will beat him and win the 2024 election.

Donald Trump = 60, 60

The coding of Fox News headline is impeccable, as their article on January 18 came exactly 167 days after Barack Obama’s August 4th birthday, which also means that it was a span of 167 days between Barack’s birthday and January 17, Michelle’s birthday.

Sneak Her Way = 167
2024 Presidential Race = 167

Which also means that it was 200 days until Barack’s next birthday, and it’s all about the 2024 presidential race.

The 2024 Presidential Race = 200

Fox News, making sure to publish this story one day later, on January 18, left a predictive 292 days remaining until the November 5 US presidential election.

President Donald Trump = 292

Returning to Michelle Obama, her latest book, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” a title that is symbolic of the false light, that of Lucifer falling from heaven, that of the Antichrist, and following him in “uncertain times” was released on November 15, 2022, exactly 103 weeks on the day before the 2024 November 5 election.

Also, the book was released exactly 103 days after Barack Obama’s 61st birthday.

Obama = 103
Jesuits = 103

Of course, Michelle Obama is a perfect match with their masters of the Holy Roman Empire disguised as the Catholic Church, as in the Jesuit Order.

Michelle Obama = 54, 72
Jesuit Order = 54, 72

As I’m running out of time for this morning, I’ll have to cut the decoding short. However, while the coding of the stories might be interesting and showing us that it’s all part of the script, the really interesting thing is that they now are beginning to condition the masses to the idea of the Obamas returning to politics, and to the presidential race. The Book of Revelation script is still running.

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