Actor Bill Gates Warns About AI – Conditioning for Next Possible Psy-Op?

On January 16, during the World Economic Forum’s annual meet in Davos (WEF24,) Fox News published an article with Bill Gates warning about artificial intelligence and “cyberattacks.”
While #WEF24 was centered around the topic of “Preparing for Disease X,” one of the larger talking points was that of “Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society.”

As for “Disease X,” it’s fearmongering and conditioning in the form of a “hypothetical” virus in the wake of the extremely silly and fake COVID-19 pandemic, as in preparing for another totally staged pandemic.
With that said, there might be several layers to this, as it always is with these satanic scripts and rituals.

As you should know by now, viruses and contagion does not exist. Disease can only come from within. And they, the elite puppet masters know this very well. The term ‘virus’ is simply a fictional description of something that “infect” a large mass of living beings. And this is where “Disease X,” an “unknown” and “unexpected” highly contagious “disease” merge with their “Infodemic,” their real agenda behind the scenes. Yes, we are not talking about physical disease, we are talking about “mind viruses.”

The ‘infodemic’ is simply about total control of information, as in keeping all their lies alive while effectively silencing the truth and any opposition. The COVID-19 ritual was mostly about building the foundation for the infodemic, for the need of fact-checkers, censorship, and authorized government-approved sources of information.

With the help of controlled opposition running the anti-vaxxer show, the large masses could quickly be conditioned into accepting fact-checkers and pop-ups with “reference links” to governmental authoritarian websites such as the ‘World Health Organization,’ which is simply 100% disinformation supporting their lies.
Disease X is simply another word for “mind viruses,” for “wrong think,” for “thought-crimes,” and that is what they want to “vaccinate” you against.

The next step in the infodemic is ‘artificial intelligence,’ and I covered this in two articles during May last year. Back then, I wrote that AI with quickly generated fake news stories, deepfake images and videos, AI-bots flooding social media harassing anyone with the “wrong opinion” would ultimately blur the lines of reality and make people beg for a solution, as everyone with access to AI-technology could easily be a potential terrorist, a potential enemy of the public, a potential disinformation agent. As deep fake images and videos saturate the internet, you will never know what is real or who said what. Their end-game solution will likely be a sort of biometric Digital Identification coded to your physiology, a ‘fool-proof’ way to verify that you are a human being and not an AI controlled by a terrorist. Pretty much the same system as in ‘verified’ accounts on social media today. A digital identification/verification will ultimately be required to access the internet, to access your bank or crypto wallets, to access public transportation, stores, events, or anything, including your own home and to lock the door.
This kind of Digital ID will of course mean that you are tracked 24/7 and everything you do and own will be connected to it – and everything can be taken away by the press of a button by big brother. It will be the ultimate slave collar.

Such a solution will put an end to anonymity, and what they deem as misinformation and disinformation, as this Digital ID will be connected to everything you do, as a digital fingerprint. It will be connected to a social credit score system and if you post or do anything that is not within their acceptable politically correct universe, you will be punished with the withdrawal of social points and thus restricted in how you can interact with society. This will be their ultimate tool of control. This is their utopia of zero crime and zero “wrong think,” as often presented and visioned in old Science Fiction series and movies such as Star Trek.

Now, the fact that their puppet Bill Gates warns us that while artificial intelligence will boost productivity for all, it will also do so for the “bad guys,” reinforces the conditioning of ‘needed regulation’ and digital identification.
Of course, using Bill Gates for this propaganda is also the ultimate mockery, as he is playing one of the most villainous ‘bad guys’ on the world stage.

As for the ritual, Bill gates was born on October 28, 1955, and his interview about AI was published on January 16, 2024, exactly 80 days after his last birthday.

80 is the number of Satan, and every single computer tech story is connected to Satan and the Number of the Beast, as ‘computer,’ AI System,’ and ‘Internet,’ all equals ‘666’ in the ancient Sumerian ciphers.

The Beast = 80
Baphomet = 80
Beelzebub = 80
Satan = 80
The Evil Spirit = 80
Synagogue of Satan = 80
Societas Iesu = 80 (Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order)

80 days is the same as 11 weeks and 3 days, like 113, the number of deception and fake reality, and also the number of ‘artificial intelligence.’

Artificial Intelligence = 113

And as for using the phrase “Bad Guys,” it’s relevant to know that Bill Gates belongs to a circle of actors and Jesuit puppets on the world stage that call themselves the “Good Club.” Members include Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, David Rockefeller, Michael Bloomberg and Ted Turner.

Good Club = 79, 38, 34, 38, 75, 30, 474
Bad Guys = 79, 38, 34, 38, 75, 30, 474

Well, they sure are!

To conclude, we should be prepared for more psy-ops, as in staged and fabricated events that simply are a cover for the infodemic, for the “Disease X” mind virus agenda.

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