Cyberattack Programming as the Theatre of War Continues – and a Rant About Our Future

CBS News ’60 minutes,’ aka., ‘an hour of lies you’ll never get back,’ covered the ‘vulnerability’ of the U.S. electric grid in face of Russian hacker-attacks. They go on about the staged and fake war in Ukraine and how the sneaky Russians could shut down Ukraine’s power grid, leaving its populace without light, heat, refrigeration, water, phones, and internet. Then they go on about how Russia already proven themselves in their ability to use cyber-attacks against U.S. networks.

Yes, the scenario of electric grids going down is very real. However, the threat of ‘hackers’ or ‘terrorists’ are nothing more than stories based on their own false flag operations made for gullible sheep who gulp down sugar in front of their tell-a-lie-vision. Keep in mind that all developed countries in the entire world is controlled by the same hand – the 13 black nobility families and the Jesuits. Everything that happens on the world stage are simply pre-planned and scripted events, just like a movie. Go and watch ‘Wag the Dog,’ it’s actually a documentary. If the power goes out, it’s done by your own government, military, and secret service as instructed by those in control. They will of course make it look like an attack or a ‘hack’ by some foreign terrorist group of CIA-trained crisis actors.

So, this article and CBS’s ’60 minutes’ video is simply predictive programming. It’s the same revelation of the method as World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon simulations of cyberattacks on vulnerable infrastructure. And creating more chaos is part of the many steps towards their Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050, the New World Order with a One World Government and a One World Digital Currency.

That is why they did the staged and fake pandemic, to dumb-down people and shame themselves by wearing diapers on their face, accepting digital ID’s as in vaccine passports, destroying business and people’s finances. Now you have a fake war to scare people even more, to increase inflation and the costs of living, and it will continue. They want the majority to accept their ‘solutions,’ as erasing all countries and establish a One World Government to end wars. To give you a universal basic income, as long as you accept a digital ID with all your private information stored, including vaccination status, social behavior credit score, criminal offenses, and so on. The moment you do not do exactly as they say, your assets will be frozen, your access to the internet will be cut off, your digital ID will no longer let you access public areas or let you travel. And on it will go. Their vision of the future and you being the powerless slave.

Now, as for this ’60 minutes’ episode, it came out on February 27, a date with 71-numerology.

2/27/2022 = 2 + 27 + 20 + 22 = 71

The Society of Jesus = 71

And the episode begins with an example in form of the ‘Metcalf sniper attack’ of April 16, 2013.

Metcalf sniper attack = 71

And of course…

Cyberattack = 71
Cyber Pandemic = 71 (what WEF warns about in their Cyber Polygon)
Cyber Polygon ’22 = 71 (will be held on July 8)
The Society of Jesus = 71

And February 27 was the 58th day of the year.

Russian Hackers = 58
Power = 58

As for the recurring word ‘Cyberattack,’ beside 71, it has the gematria of 109, 37, and 188 in the standard English ciphers. The 109th day of the year is April 19, known for chaos. 37 can be written as 3/7 or March 7 and ‘Hacking’ reverse reduce to 37, same as ‘Order 322’ and ‘The Jesuits.’ 188 has been in almost all previous cyberattack stories, as it matches ‘Bavarian Illuminati,’ and ‘Ordo ab Chao,’ – Order out of Chaos. And the 188th day of the year is July 7. Cyber Polygon 2022 will be on the day after, July 8.

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