Obama and His New Demon-cracy Forum, Paving the Way for the ‘New Age’

Yesterday, October 10, CNN ran a political piece on Barack Obama; telling the reader that democrats won’t get as much Obama as they want during the midterms. The story goes on and on about how democrats around the US are desperate for Obama’s help and endorsements and that he is reluctant to make appearances and that it all comes down to Obama seeing a larger purpose to his “post-presidency” life. What they want to tell us is that Obama, aka., ‘The Antichrist,’ is working on his own Demon-cracy Forum to be held two weeks after Election Day, on November 17 in New York City; an event he’s hoping will turn into an annual gathering.

So, what is this new forum about, you might wonder? Well, it reads like a page out of United Nation’s and World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030. A.k.a., The Great Reset or the New World Order. To cite Obama:

“We’ll explore a range of issues – from strengthening institutions and fighting disinformation, to promoting inclusive capitalism and expanded pluralism – that will shape democracies for generations to come. We’ll showcase democracy in action around the world, and approaches that are working. And we’ll discuss and debate ideas for how we can adapt our democracies and our institutions for a new age.”

That satanic ramble fits with the ongoing infodemic and the metascripts that we discussed in my article about the staged “destruction” of the Crimea Bridge and Biden’s warning about a Nuclear Armageddon. The symbolism of the West being a burning house, that the West has to burn – as in being reset (the Great Reset) – before we can have a ‘New Age,’ a ‘New World Order’ of total enslavement with their Beast System.

Nord Stream, Part 2: The Crimea Bridge & Biden’s Nuclear Armageddon

And of course, Obama has to mention “disinformation”; their fight against free speech and free information, their modern ‘book burning’ and bringing in total censorship and information control, aka., the ‘infodemic.’ Their solution to “disinformation,” that they are slowly programming the public to accept, is the Social Credit Score System where you will be fined for speaking ‘misinformation.’ As you know, this has been in play in China for a while now, and they are already working on this for the rest of us as it was hinted by Elon Musk wanting a ‘WeChat’ for the West, as in his “X, the everything app.”

The Real Reason Elon Musk Buy Twitter – a Totalitarian WeChat for the World

Obama also mentions ‘pluralism,’ a muddled word that most likely refers to a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain and develop their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization. That might sound good, but it is what we have seen in Europe for the last decade, that the West adapts to the way of the, by design, imported refugees. We’ve seen this in Sweden where most of our traditions has been removed or hidden away as not to ‘offend’ those of other ‘beliefs.’ We can’t even show our national flag without being called a ‘racist.’
So, it’s not about preserving traditional culture; it’s about erasing it. They do everything in reverse. They want to erase everything that we are, turning us into rootless and cultureless slaves without any real values, beliefs and moral codes; turning us into programmable NPCs.
A great example of this is the sickening idea of ‘Chrislam,’ the new official ‘One World Religion.’
In their ‘New Age,’ everything is to be ‘One.’ A One World Religion, a One World Government, a One World Digital Currency, a One World Beast Enslavement System.

And that is why they finish the quote from Obama with “… for a new age.”

I shared this article with Joseph Acquaviva who is the expert on everything Obama and their Antichrist metascript. Hopefully he will make a short video on this new forum and the date of November 17. If so, I’ll update this article and let you all know.

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