Coronation for “King” Charles III set for 5/6, 56 Days After Pandemic Anniversary — Updated

Now they’re really mocking us! King Charles III’s coronation is to be held on Saturday May 6th, as in 5/6 or 6/5, at Westminster Abbey. Yes, the ‘56’-date, the number used throughout the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic. However, that is not all. Remember, the non-existing coronavirus was announced a pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020. May 6 is exactly 56-days after the anniversary-date of March 11. Could this be any more scripted by the numbers?

Actually, it will be exactly 1151-days after the declaration of the fake pandemic. 1151 is the 190th prime number.

King Charles = 190

Now, ‘56’ reads as ‘65’ backwards. Very much like the date format is in Europe where we write 6th of May, or 6/5, like 65. The clever thing about both ‘56’ and ‘65’ is that they’re both heavily tied to the fake coronavirus pandemic. Making this coronation ritual on this date even more relevant in their sick eyes.
And, of course, both 56 and 65 fits with the Royal Family and the ongoing agendas.

Coronavirus = 56
Next Pandemic = 56
Fuel Shortage = 56
Climate Change = 56
Live in Fear = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Royal Family = 56
Corona, Wuhan = 56

Pandemic = 65
Corona, Wuhan = 65
Westminster Abbey = 65
United Kingdom = 65
Downing Street = 65
Vaccine Passports = 65

Elizabeth I = 56
Elizabeth II = 65

The last King of England died at age 56. Elizabeth II died a span of 3-days after the inauguration of the UK’s 56th Prime Minister, Mary ‘Elizabeth’ Truss – the third woman to hold the title of UK Prime Minister. Truss earlier became an MP on May 6th, 2010, as in 5/6 or 6/5. And, the Queen was buried 56 days before Charles birthday.

Yes, everything they do is by the numbers. It should be pretty obvious by now.

King Charles will be 74 at the coronation — the oldest that a new monarch has been crowned. 74 is connected to God, to the English and Hebrew language and to gematria. 74 is also ‘47’ backwards, a very Freemasonic number as it signifies the number of degrees on the Freemasonic compass and Euclid and his 47th problem. And of course, Masonic equals 74.

Excellent decoder Anthony Davison just posted a great summary of the mockery in the UK by using the numbers 56 and 65. Check it out below:

Screenshot in case Tweet get deleted (click/tap to open full-size.)

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