Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns, All by The Numbers

Boris was the 77th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and he handed in his resignation on July 7, as in 7/7, or 77, exactly 77-days after the Queen’s birthday.

As a side note, we did have a decode of Queen Elizabeth II dying on May 20, but it was not announced, so the next date is September 8 where a lot of numbers align — just a heads-up.
Now, the man who betrayed Boris (by resigning just days earlier,) Rishi Sunak, was one of the first mentioned favorites to replace him, and if so, he would thus be the 78th Prime Minister, but also the 56th person to ever hold the office. Rishi was born on May 12, and this ritual with Boris stepping down on July 7 comes exactly 56-days after Rishi’s birthday. July 7th did, of course, have a 56-date numerology as well.
7/7/2022 = 7 + 7 + 20 + 22 = 56

Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Another favorite to replace Boris is Ben Wallace, who made headline news on the morning papers in UK on July 8, as in 7/8, or 78. If he gets the position, he will be the 78th… And yes, July 8 is 78-days after the Queen’s birthday.

Prime Minister = 78
Ben Wallace = 78
Jesuit = 78

As for Boris, he was born on June 19, and he is stepping down exactly 18-days after his birthday. 18 as in the Jesuit motto ‘IHS’ and ‘Sun,’ which is their logo with the inscription of ‘IHS.’ Keep in mind that the Jesuit logo of the sun is displayed at 10 Downing Street, just above Boris’ front door. Also, 18 is code for 666, the Number of the Beast.

IHS = 18
Sun = 18
6 + 6 + 6 = 18

July 7 was also the date leaving 177-days remaining in the year.

The Jesuit Order = 177

Yes, this was a major pre-planned Jesuit ritual and all the stories around it for July 7 and July 8 are heavily scripted and coded, as I showed you above. There is no mistake about that. Boris’ day had come, all by the numbers.
He was not “forced” to resign due to inflation, economic stagnation, or the trading with the EU. He was just a puppet who played his role.

For a deeper decode showing the obvious Jesuit connections, please watch Joseph’s video below.

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