The Second Planned-Pandemic is Coming

While we have been ‘distracted’ and mentally teared down with psy-ops and false flags such as the fake war in Ukraine, daily shootings (and even bombings,) while the cost of living have slowly gone up every month and food-farms and facilities have been burning, they have also been working hard in the shadows to prepare another staged and totally fake pandemic.
Question is, will it be another imaginary strain of ‘CONvid-19,’ or will they use ‘mon(k)eypox’ on the dumbed down masses? Or perhaps something completely new? Actually, it does not matter as all “infections diseases” are fake, and the end result is the same.

If we look at the World HELL Organization, they have been holding “emergency” meetings about monkeypox all summer – meetings about yet another fake disease that is made up (as no virus or transmittable disease exist in nature.) And WHO has scheduled another meeting for July 18 where they just might declare monkeypox a “global emergency.

Another staged pandemic will fit nicely into the current agendas of gun control and the world-wide economic reset by restricting travel and confining people to their homes – all while there is a food crisis looming in the horizon. It’s also an important necessity in order to force mandatory vaccinations – which brings me to the next point – the satanic ‘Immunization Agenda 2030.’

Yes, there really is such a thing. They currently have a front up at where they lie about everything while trying to validate mandatory vaccinations – and although amateurish in appearance, it’s eerily similar to UN’s ‘Agenda 2030’ in name and purpose, not to mention how it fits with the work of WHO and Bill Gate’s eugenics and depopulation agendas trough vaccination.

While they will continue to increase the cost of living by ramping up the costs of fuel, electricity, gas, and food; they will soon, most likely, hit us with another staged and fake pandemic. Something that will crush a lot of people both economically and spiritually – a lot more so than the last fake pandemic did. And this time they will ‘lock you up’ (as in limiting your access to community services and stores) unless you take the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccine. At the same time, they have been doing all these psy-ops and false flags, pinning people against each other, fueling hatred and thus paving the way for a looming civil war. And unless we come together, a second pandemic with new lockdowns, supply chains going down, and a food shortage on top of that might very well be the catalyst needed for people to turn on each other – and that is exactly what they want.

Remember that predictive programming when they mentioned a Dark Winter? Will this be the year?
Stay vigilant, stay prepared – and continue to do your best to wake people up around you, and make sure you have your own network of trusty, independent, skilled and mentally tough friends!

If you want to connect with such people, please register at It’s less than the cost of a regular burger for a monthly membership, and it’s the only place on the internet where I post daily and help out as much as I can.

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