Georgia Guidestones Explosion — Skull and Bones Freemasonic Ritual — 2 New Updates (I Was 100% Correct!)

The Georgia Guidestones explosion is trending on social media and it was NOT a random act by some “terrorist,” nor was it a strike against the ‘cabal;’ it was a pre-planned ritual by the Jesuits and the Freemasons as everything is on the world stage – and it’s all in the numbers. They want you to talk about it, they want you to think that it was an act against them. It’s what the ritual is about, and they are laughing at all the lukewarm truthers celebrating this. And they will blame “radical right-wing ‘Q-anon’ conspiracy theorists” for this bombing, and this will ignite hatred from the left and making it easier to label ‘terrorists’ that now are running around with ‘bombs.’ Certainly, they will say that government buildings might be the next targets. All to incite division and fear among the people. It also confirms that Skull and Bones are the one’s behind building the Georgia Guidestones, something most of us already figured out long ago.
And this also adds yet another layer of understanding to why they built the monument in the first place — not only to give fuel to ‘conspiracies’ and to mock truthers, but also for this false flag to blow it up. Now it will be easier for them to label anyone who is “conspiracy minded” as a terrorist and a threat to society.

This happened on July 6, as in 7/6 or 76.

Skull and Bones = 76

And, who did Skull and Bones produce as the President of the United States? Yes, George W. Bush. And whom’s birthday happens to be on July 6? Yes, George W. Bush’s 76th birthday!

And, of course, “bomb” is 76 in reverse ordinal gematria.

As for the guide stones, they were built on March 22, 1980. That is 3/22, as in Order 322, aka., Skull and Bones. And that was 42 years ago.

Explosion = 42
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

Also, today is 201-days after Pope Francis’s birthday.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Skull and Bones = 201

Update! I was 100% correct. The “bomb,” or whatever it was (DEW?,) exploded at exactly 04:03:33! You do not need to be a 33rd degree mason to see how scripted this detonation was. ’33’ is the highest member rank within Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and ‘333’ is connected to their motto. In Masonic lore, the compasses in their logo signifies the motto, “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds,” a phrase that reduces to ‘333’ in reduction gematria.

Circumscribe Our Desires and Keep Our Passions Within Due Bounds = 333

Also, the Freemason compasses in their logo is set at 47-degrees, in tribute to the 47th Problem of Euclid. And when you write out ‘Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid’, it has an Ordinal value of 333.

Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid = 333

Also, the Guidestones were demolished by a bulldozer and a demolition crew just hours later, almost like it was planned all along… It does take some time to get a bulldozer delivered to such a location, not to mention the paperwork and the politics around it…

For the Donald Trump Meme connection, please read my new decode here:

The Donald Trump Memes That Foreshadowed the Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones – All Planned by the Numbers!

For a full decode of the planned explosion, check out Joseph’s video below:

Joseph’s second video:

Zach’s video:

Update 2!
Here is another very interesting take on the Guidestones as a clock. That the erection of the Georgia Guidestones initiated a Final Countdown to the terminal year of the Dying Great Age, and that they simply demolished the stones since the time has run out and the 6th of July was the perfect day to do so (as proven by numerology and gematria.) This goes hand in hand with my previous decodings that we now are in their “reign of Satan,” which started with the fake pandemic and will end on September 11, 2023 after the biblical 42 months.

PDF Download:

A Call for an Uprising got it right too:

And this pretty much sums up all the Q’tards falling for this simple psy-op:

And, as I have mentioned several times, ‘White Hats’ is what the highest ranked Freemasons call themselves. They are mocking the ignorant masses!

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