Puppet Trump Says He Will be Arrested on Tuesday in Big Jesuit- and Skull & Bones Ritual

Jesuit puppet and world stage actor Donald Trump said, on March 18, 2023, that he will be arrested on Tuesday, March 21, in connection with the yearslong investigation into a ‘hush-money scheme’ involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels – or so the media says as part of the script.

The story began with a post on social media (Truth Social) where Trump, referring to himself, said that “THE FAR & AWAY LEADING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE & FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK. PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!” – although he made sure to write in all capitals like a little kid high on sugar, he did not say why he expects to be arrested.

As you should know, Trump is heavily connected to the number 88, as ‘Trump’ sums to ‘88’ in the most common and simplest English cipher, and ‘88’ has been a cornerstone in all his headlines and rituals. So, it comes as no surprise that this scripted statement was delivered on March 18, exactly 88-days before his upcoming June 14 birthday. And the phrase, “arrested on Tuesday” is 88 in single reduction! Also, note that CNN updated the article exactly at 8:08, as Trump is 88. They just can’t help themselves.

Trump = 88
Masonic Ritual = 88 (it sure is, just you wait!)
Arrested on Tuesday = 88 (yup, lol!)

Now, some of you might be wondering why he did not pick Wednesday, March 22, for this little stunt. March 22 is written like 3/22, as in 322, Order 322 of Skull and Bones Freemasonry, after all. Well, if he actually is “arrested” in a theatrical stunt on March 21, then he can be released and post even more sh*t on March 22, making a tribute to his order. Also, take notice that his immature message above, in all caps, is very coded! Yes, the most important part, that of, “THE FAR & AWAY LEADING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE,” sums to 322 in the most common and simplest English cipher!
Yes, the phrase where he identifies himself sums to 322, as in Skull and Bones Freemasonry. What are the odds?!


March 18 was also the perfect date for such a stunt, as there were 288 days remaining in the year.

Skull and Bones Freemasonry = 288

Of course, the next bit of the message, the main part of the message, reads as, “WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK,” which reduces to 144, a very Jesuit and important number as it reveals their true power.

The Hidden Hand That Rules The World = 144
Jesuit Order = 144

He also singled out an attorney’s office as a leak, and called them, “CORRUPT & HIGHLY POLITICAL.” Counting from Trump’s last birthday, this statement comes 277 days later. And counting forward, these 88-days are the same as 12 weeks and 4 days, like 124. So, we have 277 and 124 in date numerologies from his birthday, and that exact phrase sums to 277 and reduces to 124. What are the odds?


Of course, March 21 will be 2 months and 24 days, like 224, before Trump’s birthday. And the media claims that he will be arrested because of a ‘hush-money scheme.’

Hush-Money Scheme = 224
The Society of Jesus = 224 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

March 21 will also be the 281st day of Donald Trump’s current age, and in the Freemasonic Illuminati ciphers, the now tedious phrase of, ‘Skull and Bones Freemasonry’ both sums and reverse to 281.  

Skull and Bones Freemasonry = 281, 281

Also, 281 is the 60th prime number, and Trump claims he will be arrested on that day, which fits the narrative as both ‘police’ and ‘order’ sums to 60. Of course, ‘Donald Trump’ equals 60 as well, and he is allegedly a 33-degree freemason.

Police = 60
Order = 60
Donald Trump = 60
Thirty-Three = 60 (highest degree in Scottish Rite of Freemasonry)
Square and Compass = 60 (the logo of Freemasonry)

March 21 also comes with a 47-date numerology, the number of Freemasonry, of Trump himself, the government and authority, which is just perfect for a fake arrest of a 33-degree freemason like Trump – especially over ‘hush-money’ and Trump announcing this on Truth Social.

3/21/23 = 3 + 21 + 23 = 47

Trump = 47
Hush-Money = 47
Truth Social = 47 (Trump’s CIA social media platform)
President = 47
Authority = 47
White House = 47
Government = 47

And, according to the media, this is all about Trump’s previous affair with former porn actress Stormy Daniels, which is simply code for Trump’s real dominatrix mistress, The Jesuit Order.

Stormy Daniels = 177
The Jesuit Order = 177

And an alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, who’s real name is Stephanie Gregory, is perfect for the puppet playing the role of the Seventh King.
Also, note that Trump posted his message on Truth Social at 7:26, as in 7 (2+6) = 78.

Seventh King Trump = 78
Stormy Daniels = 78
Stephanie Gregory = 78
Jesuit = 78

7:26 is also the time when the angle on the clock reaches 67 degrees — again a tribute to Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry.

Order 322 = 67 (as in Skull and Bones)

And, of course, March 21, written out as ‘March Twenty-First’ sums to the second popular Trump-number of 222, and is a perfect match with him being the seventh king, once again.

March Twenty-First = 222, 78, 87, 1332
Seventh King Trump = 222, 78, 87, 1332
Donald John Trump Sr = 222, 78, 87, 1332

Also note that Stormy Daniels turned 44-years old on March 17, the day before this announcement by Trump, reminding us that he was the 44th person to be the US President (despite being #45.)

I could go on and on and further decode Trump’s social media messages, as they are all heavily coded as he is one of the most important world stage players at the moment, but I think you got the idea by now. Also, I’m out of time for this morning. Let’s see what March 21 and March 22 brings us, most likely nothing as for any arrests.

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