Lance Reddick, Star of ‘The Wire,’ ‘Fringe,’ and ‘John Wick,’ Dead at 60

Throw out your balloon-, train derailment-, and bank collapse decorations — celebrity deaths are back in season again. Perhaps we’ll have a staged mass- or even school shooting soon too.

As for the alleged passing of Lance Reddick on March 17, it comes at a span of 83-days before his June 7 birthday. Yes, 83, the number that is known as ‘murder by numbers,’ as ‘murder’ sums to ‘83’ in the most common simple English cipher. We’ve seen 83 and its reflection, 38, in most celeb deaths throughout history, so this comes as no surprise. Always scripted, always coded.

Murder = 83
Brotherhood of Death = 83 (aka., Order 322, Skull of Bones Freemasonry)

Lance allegedly died at the very young age of 60, yet they write that he “passed away suddenly” from “natural causes,” and that he died in Los Angeles, California. Well, you do not pass away suddenly at only 60-years-old, and absolutely not from “natural causes.” But I guess the dumbed down sheep will simply read that line and nod.

Passed Away Suddenly = 65
Ritual Killing = 65
California = 65 and 52
Boule Society = 65 and 52(see further down)

Passed Away Suddenly = 97
Brotherhood of Death = 97 (again)
Death = 97 (death at…)
Sixty = 97 (…sixty)

And ‘from natural causes’ is very scripted and coded as well…

From Natural Causes = 207
Murder by Numbers = 207 (83-days before his birthday, the murder-number)

And March 17 came with a 63-date numerology.

3/17/2023 = 3 + 17 + 20 + 23 = 63

From Natural Causes = 63

And simply ‘natural causes’ fits the ritual and his age.

Natural Causes = 155, 196
Ritual Killing = 155, 196
Masonic Ritual = 155, 196
Sixty-Years Old = 155, 196

Again, he died 83-days before his birthday of what is said to be ‘natural causes.’ 83 is 38 backwards, the other murder and killing number.

Natural Causes = 38
Killing = 38
The Wire = 38
Murder = 38
The Boule = 38 (again, see below)
Sixty = 38 (at sixty-years old, he…)
RIP = 38 (…rest in peace)
Death = 38

“Natural causes” also equals the important number of ’88,’ and Lance starred in both The Wire and in Bosch. And being a man of color, he most likely was a member of the Boule, the “black man’s” Freemasonic order – as we decoded in the message about him “passed away suddenly.” Also, The Wire was set in Maryland and we just saw Maryland cruise to victory in the Women’s NCAA tournament the day before Lance allegedly passed away.

Natural Causes = 88
Ritual Killing = 88
Masonic Ritual = 88
Maryland = 88 (set of The Wire and first tournament win by Maryland Terrapins)
The Wire = 88
The Boule = 88 (again)
California = 88 (again, where he allegedly died)
Bosch = 88

The Boule is also known as simply ‘Boule Society,’ and Lance allegedly died on the 17th of March, like 17/3, or 173.

17 March = 17/3 = 173

Boule Society = 173

Also, while The Wire was set in Maryland, the women’s team who won the first game of the NCAA tournament this Friday was Maryland Terrapins, and if you do not count the end-date, Lance died 82-days before his birthday.

Maryland Terrapins = 82

Lance allegedly died at 60.

Terrapins = 60

And counting from his 60th birthday, his alleged death on March 17 comes 283 days later. 283 is the 61st prime number, and he was on his 61st year of life, dying 83-days before turning 61. The media is also very keen on mentioning ‘The Wire,’ the show where Lance played the character ‘Cedric Daniels.’

Sixty-Years Old = 61
Cedric Daniels = 61 and 83 (died 83-days before his birthday)

And for the 283 days after his birthday, the Boule Society is also known as ‘Sigma Pi Phi,’ and Lance is now retired.

Sigma Pi Phi = 283, 283
Retired = 283, 283

Another Freemasonic number is 74, the reflection of 47. Lance played the characters ‘Irvin Irving’ in Bosch and ‘Philip Broyles’ in Fringe, and he allegedly died at sixty-years old.

Irvin Irving = 74
Phillip Broyles = 74
Sixty-Years Old = 74
Masonic = 74
Killing = 74

I could go on and on with this story as his alleged death is extremely coded by the numbers. Unfortunately, this is all I have time for today.

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