David Icke’s Daughter Kerry Icke Dead at 48

One day after “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones was reinstated on X, former Twitter, the daughter of David Icke, another “conspiracy theorist,” allegedly died at the young age of 48 after “long illness,” a phrase popularized after the staged and fake Covid-19 pandemic ritual.

Just as media actor and puppet Alex Jones, the former British BBC TV-sports and Green Party spokesperson David Icke, turned “crazy conspiracy theorist,” is used by the media industry to play the opposite of the “credible,” “trusted,” and “reliable” mainstream media and their “experts.”

While Alex Jones is used to reinforce events, politics, the Q-psy-op, and public figures presented by the media as real, David Icke actually presents information that is mostly correct, but deliberately mixed with disinformation, especially about how the world is governed and run. These popular “conspiracy theorists” given space on the world stage never speak of the Saturn Cult, the Roman Empire turned into the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order, The Black Nobility or the Papal Bloodlines, or that “wars” and “mass shootings” are staged and totally fake 99% of the times, that all “governments” are controlled by the same elite families and work together on everything, and so on. And while Icke exposed the Covid and virus lie, he never talked about what actually cause illness, that symptoms are from the healing process, and that you cannot use medication, drugs, or remedies to treat a disease. They never mention our species-appropriate, species-specific diet; that humans are obligate hyper carnivores. Everything that is important to health and longevity is deliberately left out. They are used to maintain a part of the illusion, simply providing an opposite view to reel in the “rebels” while still keeping them under the influence of the spell.

Now, David Icke and his lineage has their roots in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and his job on the world stage is to muddy the waters among “truthers” and to make those “truthers,” as in “conspiracy theorists” or “tinfoil hats” look crazy. So, it’s no coincidence that his daughter is named Kerry, as in Kerry Icke. Actually, her name fits his mission in a very mocking way.

Kerry Icke = 51, 57
Conspiracy = 51, 57
Tinfoil Hat = 51, 57

Kerry Icke = 138, 51, 5751, 57, 828
Counterplot = 138, 51, 5751, 57, 828

Kerry Icke = 105, 630, 23
Masonry = 105, 630, 23

And she allegedly died of the buzz-word, “long illness.”

Kerry Icke = 138
Long Illness = 138

And she died being 48-years-old.

Kerry Icke = 57, 57
48-Years-Old = 57, 57

Again, she died of “long illness” only a day after Alex Jones was in the news returning to X.

Long Illness = 138, 48
Alex Jones = 138, 48

Of course, December 11 came with a 48-date numerology, fitting her age of being 48-years-old and the alleged cause of death.

12/11/2023 = 1+2 + 1+1 + (20) + (23) = 48

48-Years-Old = 48
Long Illness = 48

And a day after Infowar’s Alex Jones was in the headlines, and her age is a match with Icke’s allegiance to the Freemasons.

Alex Jones = 48, 48
Infowars = 48, 48
Freemason = 48, 48
The Masons = 48

December 11 came with a simple 23-date numerology, a number associated with Horus (Sun God in ancient Egypt,) the Jesuits, the Freemasons and retirement in the old original Chaldean cipher – and of course, it fits her name perfectly.

12/11 = 12 + 11 = 23

Kerry Icke = 23
Murder = 23
Retired = 23
Horus = 23
Jesuits = 23
Masonry = 23
Masons = 23

David Icke was born on April 29, and his daughter’s alleged death on December 11, came exactly a Freemasonic 32 weeks and 2 days after his birthday, as in 322, a tribute to Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry.
Remember, 2023, as in 223, or 332 backwards is the year of Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry. It’s also the year when Yale University, the home of Order 322, Skull and Bones, celebrated its 322nd year after being established in 1701.

Counting the end-date from David Icke’s birthday, we get 227 days, a number associated with the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 227

Also, 227 is the 49th prime number, which is the ‘reverse reduction’ of ‘Scottish,’ strengthening the connection to Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Also, Kerry Icke was approaching her 49th year of life.

Scottish = 49 (as in Scottish Rite of Freemasonry)

Counting forward, Kerry’s death came exactly 20 weeks before David Icke’s next birthday. And December 11 was the day leaving 20 days remaining in the year. Also notice that Wikipedia says that he has published more than “20” books. In his tweet, he called his daughter a “One-Off.”

Death = 20, 20
Time = 20, 20 (it was her time, her time was up)
One-Off = 20, 20
RIP = 20, 20

Counting the end-date, she died at a span of 141 days before her father David Icke’s next birthday. Her mother is Linda Atherton, and in his tweet, Icke mentioned, in the same phrase where she was described as a “One-Off” that she was a unique expression of ‘All That Is,’ a symbolic reference to 33, the highest honorary degree within Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which he probably holds as of now.

All That Is = 141, 60
Thirty-Three = 141, 60

Linda Atherton = 141
Freemasons = 141
The Freemasons = 141

Continuing with David’s tweet, she passed away on the ‘Isle of Wight,’ and he called her ‘independent’ and our ‘Divine Spark,’ words and phrases that reduce to the Jesuit hoax-number of ’56.’ Also, keep in mind that Isle of Wight is a very Freemasonic island, being part of The United Grand Lodge of England, UGLE, going back to the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Independent = 56
Divine Spark = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Isle of Wight = 56
Freemasons = 56

And my time is up for this morning. The passing of Kerry, if she even is dead, was all scripted by the Freemasons in their typical ritualistic fashion – and David Icke is a big part of it. Perhaps she was sacrificed, but more likely she will return in a few years, probably inverted and playing some significant role on the world stage.

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