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This is a follow-up on my article, ‘Understanding Nutrition and Breaking Free from Ideology and Pseudoscience,’ as it’s obviously desperately needed – and also to serve as a reminder of a very important topic that most people, unfortunately, are total ignorant about.

We’re undoubtedly living in a time when people are more deceived, indoctrinated, and dumbed down than ever before in history, especially considering health, illness, food and nutrition, something that should be quite simple and natural.

One of the biggest problems in this age of easily accessible information is that most of said information is false and many times detrimental to our health. This is by design and especially true for anything health- and nutrition related. We see dieticians, nutritionists, coaches, and ‘fitness influencers’ on a daily basis relying the message that most plant-based foods, especially vegetables, are healthy and needed in a diet. This is of course completely false and also very harmful. What these people actually end up doing, is giving out idiotic advice that will harm, maim and even shorten the lives of their followers and clients.

This diet and food confusion is due to a hijacked ‘science’ and the fact that most textbooks and educational material is complete hogwash, and we’ll get to why that is in a second. And with that in mind, the correct information is out there and it’s very simple and logical. And if you want to improve your own situation, or even work with health and helping people, you should seek it out. And in the last 5-years or so, if you’ve been interested in nutrition, you should have come in contact with our natural species-specific carnivorous diet, or at least the ketogenic diet. And if you did not research it, if you did not dig deeper and applied some common sense and logic, but instead dismissed it, that is on you, and then you failed. And if you continue to recommend plant-based foods and/or use them in your meal plans to clients and followers, then you are hurting people out of sheer ignorance, laziness and stupidity. And again, that is on you.

As I’ve said many times before, there is no such thing as “Nutrition Science,” there is only ‘Nutrition Ideology.’ Any kind of “education” in the ‘nutritional field’ is based on agendas, food industry and Big Pharma interests, and simply lining pockets with money. Personally, I wasted 25 years of my professional life on nutritional textbooks, courses, seminars, and reading published “studies,” including sport nutrition- and medical literature. Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists are nothing more than indoctrinated puppets of a deeply misanthropic and bastardized organization.

Although I’ve always been animal-based and used meat in every meal all through my professional career, as I was raised on a farm, and I also understood the dangers of veganism and helped countless of ex-vegans regain their health with adopting animal foods, I did not see the whole picture, nor understand true human-species-specific nutrition until I faced death in early 2018 and adopted our species appropriate diet as a last resort. A diet that healed me within months and have kept me from ever being “sick” again.

So, if you’re a dietician, a nutritionist, a coach or trainer, and you follow the common consensus of carbohydrates and plant-based foods in a diet, I’m sorry to say that you wasted a lot of money and time on complete pseudo-science. Most of what you think you know is completely wrong. You need to stop right now and relearn. And I know how it feels, I had to rewire a lot of my thinking after 2018, but when it all finally makes sense and you make incredible leaps in health and performance, it’s all worth it. Just man up and start again.

If you want to understand human nutrition, as in our species-appropriate diet, you need to look at comparative anatomy, comparative physiology, and metabolic pathways. If you do this, you will notice that humans are carnivores. And to add to this, we can very easily observe what happens to people who try to rely on a plant-based diet; how their bodies break down, how their hormone levels plummet, and how they quickly develop mental and cognitive issues.

And that brings us to the question of what nutrition and nutrients actually are. Some nutrients, such as vitamins have never been observed in nature or in living beings, only in isolated samples in laboratory test tubes. This understanding has led to a new hippie-like belief among some truthers that real nutrition is about natural untouched ‘living things’ and ‘vibrations,’ and that anything “dead,” processed, or man-made is no longer nutrition and inherently toxic. While the latter is true, that processed foods and synthetic vitamins or man-made nutrients/supplements are very toxic and harmful, real nutritious food is not about ‘vibrations’ or the fact that it comes or grow in nature and that it’s not manipulated in any way. That is just a warm and fuzzy hippie-like idea to cling to, to make you feel like a morally superior being.

Again, claiming that anything from nature that is not processed will nourish you have been debunked by every ex-vegan and vegan alive. I personally have helped more than 60 ex-vegans to reclaim their health, and I’ve heard their stories and seen their extreme health- problems and deterioration first hand. And I know many carnivore-based coaches who have done and seen the same. The suffering is real and most stories are heartbreaking. We see mental and cognitive decline, hair turning gray and falling out, tooth decay and teeth rotting and falling out, bone and skeletal deterioration, sunken in eyes, skin rashes and blotches, tumors, digestion problems, multiple visits to the toilet every day, hemorrhoids, flatulence, constant hunger and cravings, muscle loss, loss of fertility, extreme aging, weakness and fatigue, lying about not cheating and having the occasional animal-based food just to stay out of bed, and so on, and on, and on.

There are countless of such interviews of ex-vegans all over the internet, and they all tell very similar stories to what I heard from every single ex-vegan client I helped. Once you go vegan and you run out of your previous nutritional stores, it all goes downhill from there. Some can manage for years, while most can only manage for a couple of months. And those who claim to go on for longer cheat all the time and lie about it – the truth always comes out once they give it up, no matter if it’s after one year or 10 years of misery. Just the simple fact that there are more ex-vegans than vegans prove that it is not sustainable, and that it is extremely unhealthy. Actually, every current vegan is an ex-vegan in the making. This is just the simple truth.

And as for what we should be eating, it’s extremely obvious and all it requires are some common sense and logical thinking. Humans and animals are made up of flesh, blood, bones and organs, and these parts and cells require the same nutrients to function among all species. All those nutrients we need in order to live and thrive are stored in any kind of tissue on a cellular level. This is true for any animal or species. So, the flesh, organs, bones, blood, and anything produced by an animal such as eggs or milk contain all the bioavailable nutrients that we humans need and are made up of ourselves, and that can be directly absorbed and utilized by us without any kind of costly enzymatic conversion. The animal has already done all the job for us by converting whatever it has consumed into bioavailable nutrients that are then fully available within them.

And keep in mind that not even herbivores (there is no such thing) live on plants alone. All so-called “herbivores” will eat insects, bugs, and any small animal such as rodents or birds given the chance in order to get the nutrition it needs. Anyone telling you different has never sat a foot in nature and looked at animal behavior. Also, ruminants actually get most of their nutrition from bacteria.

Again, in complete contrast to vegans, we know of tribes and people who live or lived solely on animal-products (meat, blood, and raw milk) or even solely on meat and/or fish alone, and have done so their whole lives without ever being sick or developed any “modern disease” or nutrition deficiency as seen in every single vegan.

In all simplicity, meat from ruminant animals contains everything we need to live and thrive. Same goes for eggs that contain everything needed to produce a life – or for raw milk who contains everything to feed and develop a life. Organ meats are even more concentrated with nutrients and can function as the occasional treat to guarantee optimal nutritional status.

And finally, all plant foods, such as vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds contain a lot of defense chemicals that hurt and kill our cells, antinutrients that block mineral absorption, fiber that block protein absorption and hurt our intestines, carbohydrates that causes blood sugar issues, a host of modern diseases, and destroys our metabolism, and of course a lot of pesticides that poison you.
So, no, using plant-based crap in any kind of meal plan is contraindicated and harmful. Just stop it! Admit that you have been deceived, relearn, and do it right. Not only for you own health and that of your family, but especially if you intend on helping others.

Humans are carnivores. We have the ability to tolerate some plant foods for short periods of time, as a survival mechanism if real food is scarce. But simply surviving on a typical “balanced diet” is a far cry from thriving. Unless you truly follow our species-specific and appropriate animal-based diet, you do not know what it is to thriving, to be fully living.

If you need help with your own diet or if you’re a dietician, nutritionist, coach or trainer that want to actually do a difference and help your clients, I’m available for coaching and consultations. I have more than 30 years’ experience of coaching, including most sports and body-specific transformations such as bodybuilding and fitness. I’ve been fully carnivore since early 2018, which completely changed my life. You can read more here:

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