People are Stressed and Exhausted as They Focus on Energy Drinks and ‘Calories’ Instead of Nutritional Density

“People are stressed out and exhausted. The past two and a half years, full of public health crises, recession and inflation…”

Well, I can almost agree with that reasoning. A lot of people are stressed out, exhausted and financially broken after living through the staged and fake pandemic and the increases in living cost from manipulated and rigged price increases of electricity, gasoline, and food. And even worse, people have been conditioned and brainwashed into thinking in terms of “calories” and the meaningless macronutrients that is protein, carbohydrates and fat – instead of thinking about food as nourishment and focusing on vital nutrients such as vitamins. In fact, humans are obligate carnivores, and the flesh, fat and produce of animals are the only food sources that are fully bioavailable – that is, the only food source that we can extract almost all nutrients from, and they are also the only food source that are nutritionally complete. Animal-based foods is our species appropriate diet.
So, if you begin to think in terms of ‘nutritional density,’ that is, how much a piece of food nourishes and sustain you, you will realize that the cost of ‘junk food’ and other ‘plant based’ and toxic ‘vegan’ foods, which are pretty much void of nutrition, and the little that is left is not really absorbable, are extremely expensive and non-sustainable. Not to mention how toxic and poisonous these “foods” are. By consuming them, you are actually starving yourself of essential nutrients while simultaneously poisoning yourself. Exactly what the people in power and Big Pharma wants. Such obedient slaves!

A piece of red meat has all the essential nutrients you need and in perfect amounts, while the man-made crap has virtually nothing. A pound of meat or only a few slices of liver a day will give you all the nutrition you need to cover all bases, which is actually impossible to do even if you would eat ten pounds of plant-based crap such as vegetables, nuts and seeds (also the most toxic foods on earth.)
Also, keep in mind that nutrition deficiencies that will occur from relying on plant-based-, vegan-, and/or junk foods will quickly manifest as mental illness and you will easily get stressed out and exhausted – it’s like a never-ending spiral down to your grave – all while Big Pharma line their pockets with your health problems.

So, while there might be some truth to this story, it’s still fabricated and put together all by the numbers – as everything on the world stage.

What really pops out and tell us that this is all fabricated bullshit is this little section:

“That might help explain why investors are amped for candy, cola and chips. Hershey’s (HSY) stock is up 19% this year. Coke (KO) is up nearly 10%. Pepsi (PEP) is up 4%.”

Did you catch the mocking and the hidden messages? Well, ‘candy, cola and chips’ give you a triple ‘c’ and ‘c’ is the third letter. That is ‘333’ which is very important to the Freemasons, because in Masonic lore, the compasses in their logo signifies the motto, “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds.” This phrase sums to 333 when using Reverse Reduction Gematria.
Then you have the examples of stock increases with 19, 10, and 4 percent. Add them together and what do we have? 19 + 10 + 4 = 33. Yes, the most important number in Freemasonry, the Master Teacher Number and their calling card for everything they have their hands in.
Actually, there is more to this little phrase, and we will get to it at the end of this decoding.

Of course, ‘33’ fits the narrative perfectly.

Junk Food = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Note that they mention ‘Celsius Holdings’ and their energy drink, simply called ‘Celsius,’ as they claim, “we all need more energy.” Well, in actuality, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages do NOT give you energy, they deplete you of energy as the toxins elicit a stress response and overstimulate your central nervous system. The effect is the false sense of being more awake and energetic, but that is the stress response of ‘fight or flight’ and once it dissipates, your body will need to recover and heal from the damage done. So, no, ‘energy drinks’ and such has nothing to do with giving you energy. Just the opposite in fact, and it’s a real strain on your organs and adrenals.
And as for Celsius, it’s cleverly coded with the popular ‘88’ and the Freemasonic ‘47’ and ’33,’ showing you who’s behind that agenda and the company.

Celsius = 88, 47, 33
Energy = 88, 33

Celsius Holdings = 68
Energy Drinks = 68
Quite obvious what they produce…

And August 18 in short-date comes with a 48-date numerology.
8/18/22 = 8 + 18 + 22 = 48

Candy, Cola and Chips = 48
Candy Cola Chips = 48
Freemason = 48
The Masons = 48
Illuminati = 48 (we will get to this!!)
Bavarian Illuminati = 48 (just wait…)

And if we look at the Dow Jones Industrial average at the closing of August 18, it is, of course, up by 18 points! And if you know your history of the secret societies, August 18 is known as ‘Bavarian Illuminati Day,’ as in the order created by the Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt with the 13 families on May 1st 1776, the order that later change its name to ‘Order of Illuminati.’ The order that together with the Jesuit Order infiltrated Freemasonry and made it into a secret society, the order that created Freemasonry in the United States and Order 322, aka., Skull of Bones out of Yale, Connecticut.

Remember, the original name of the order was ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ and it sums to 188, as in 18/8, as in the 18th of August.

Bavarian Illuminati = 188

And now, the market is up 18 points on the 18th of the month. Yeah, not manipulated at all, lol. Remember, those in power do not care about money or profits, they own pretty much everything and controls everything. All they care about is power and their rituals; the power in manipulating and creating a fake reality for the population of Earth – stringing everyone along as puppets on strings – to play gods.
And speaking of gods, note that the exact number is 18.74. 74 is the God-number and ‘18’ symbolically represents the ‘Number of the Beast’ as in ‘666,’ because 6 + 6 + 6 = 18. So, with 18.74 they are showing you their God, the Beast, the Antichrist.

6 + 6 + 6 = 18
Money = 18
IHS = 18 (Iesus Hominum Salvator, the inscription on the Jesuits sigil)
Sun = 18 (they worship the old sun, Saturn)
Masons = 18
Masonry = 18

Now, as a bonus and to prove how fabricated everything is and why this story was put out on August 18, all we need to do is to check the time between the foundation anniversary day of the Bavarian Illuminati (May 1st) and August 18.

That is a span of a sneaky 15 weeks and 5 days, as in 155. Remember the headline used by CNN? Oh yes!

Why junk food stocks are surging = 155
Such a sweet tribute to the ‘Bavarian Illuminati Day.’

So, there you have it. Another little ritual on the Stock Market and the script behind this ‘Junk Food’ story, all served with some nutritional wisdom and a little history of the cabal. You’re very welcome!

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