Mental Illness is Usually From Poor Nutrition (Vegan/Plant-Based)

Do you experience anxiety, depression, nervousness, brain fog, mood swings, or social phobias on a regular basis without any real trauma or explanation behind it? Do you easily get pulled into different kinds of convictions? Do you rather follow the herd than ask questions, speak up, and think for yourself?

If you do, your diet and/or food choices may most probably be the culprit.

Mental illness disorders like those listed above and many others are the first signs of malnutrition that we can observe in vegans and vegetarians. Mental health is affected long before teeth start to rot, the face narrows and eyes sink in (bone/mineral loss), hair falls out, fertility is lost, the skin loses its elasticity, and rapid aging is noticeable.

It’s not a coincidence that fanatics like ANTIFA, communists, or climate change hoaxers usually are vegans or “plant-based”. They are mentally ill. Easily manipulated, controlled, and with a victim-state of mind (always us vs. them mentality, which is enforced by the media).

It doesn’t matter if you follow a ‘balanced’ diet or a bodybuilding- or fitness diet. If you do not get enough micronutrients, your mental health will be affected in one way or another.

The most vital nutrients for mental health are vitamin B12, folate, vitamin A (retinol, animal source), “vitamin D” (as in sun exposure, not as fake supplement ‘calciferol’), omega-3 fatty acids (as found in animal foods), and cholesterol. And to no surprise, none of these are found in any plant-based or vegan ‘food’.

If you follow a nutrient-dense diet (i.e. our species’ appropriate animal-based diet), you should never experience any mental health problems unless you’ve had a severe traumatic experience (and even that will improve, as your hormones will be stable and you have nutrients to heal and feel strong). The first thing ex-vegans talk about is how they got their mental health back after the first days of consuming meat. Brain fog clearing up, confidence and the feeling of self-worth returning, and being more outgoing again.
I’ve helped more than 50 ex-vegans with regaining their health. They all said the same thing! All coaches I correspond with also say the same thing about their clients. 

Animal-based food is ‘medicine’, because most illnesses are simply manifestations of malnutrition.


And keep in mind, the cholesterol hoax. One of our most important nutrients. Cholesterol is needed for cell repair, especially in the cardiovascular system. So, if you have damaged arteries, as most have due to consuming too much sugars/carbohydrates, and thus insulin destroying the walls of the blood vessels, you will have high cholesterol – because your body is trying to repair the damage. This scenario gets more and more common the older you are, as the damage accumulates. And what do the evil Rockefeller doctors do? They put you on deadly statin drugs, to lower cholesterol. Not only do that hinder your body’s healing capabilities, but cholesterol is the most important factor in mental health! And what usually happens to those who get statins? Yes, Alzheimer’s, as cholesterol is vital for brain function and especially memory.

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