The Truth About Heart Attacks and Life Essential Cholesterol

Today we yet again return to the Bodybuilding and Fitness website T-Nation and their take on “exposing” Big Pharma and their lies about heart attacks and medicine in general. Let’s see what they got right and what, due to their limited understanding of human physiology, they got wrong.

They begin their story with a “healthy guy” who without any risk factors recently underwent heart surgery due to blockages, which raised the question of what was really going on?

Then they tell the story of novelist Jay Neugeboren, who allegedly underwent heart surgery after being repeatedly misdiagnosed; and after his near-death experience, he began researching heart disease where he supposedly unearthed mountains of disturbing information.

I do not doubt that story, as it’s similar to my own awakening in 2018 after my battle with tumors and failing organs. However, I had worked for more than 25 years within the health-, fitness-, supplement-, medical-, pharmaceutical- and media industry previously to that awakening, including working with thousands of clients and conducting several field studies. In other words, I knew all their lies inside and out and I could easily see how they had twisted the truth and how they had built their illusions.
So, I do doubt that a novelist from Brooklyn has the equivalent amassed knowledge and experience needed to understand what he really discovered, and how deep the lies actually goes.

Let’s see where their story takes us.

The Cholesterol Boogieman

Consider first the issue of cholesterol: More than a third of individuals who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol. And if you look at all the studies, you’ll find no evidence that lowering cholesterol prolongs life. Disturbingly, there’s a mysterious increase in deaths from other causes when you reduce cholesterol. And once you drop cholesterol below 180 mg/dl, the death rate also increases.”

Yes, and this is perfectly logical if you actually understand what cholesterol is and what it does. All our cells and hormones are made out of cholesterol. Thus, cholesterol is always needed for tissue repair, as the most important component of any tissue is cholesterol. Thus, our cholesterol levels are always controlled by our body. If we consume a lot of cholesterol, our body will manufacture less. If we need more cholesterol than what we get from our food, our body will upregulate our production (but it can only do that if it has the components needed, as in saturated fat.) If we consume more than we need, it’s excreted. Simple.

That means that if you have any compromised or damaged tissue, your body will manufacture more cholesterol to help heal that tissue. And what are the most common causes of tissue damage in our bodies? Yes, that of high blood sugar from consuming carbohydrates, followed by seed/vegetable oils, defense chemicals and other toxins from plants and processed food.

So, if you have elevated levels of cholesterol, it means that you have damaged tissue that is being repaired, and this tissue is usually blood vessels or any tissue close to any blood vessel.

Now, if you starve yourself of animal fats (saturated fat) and cholesterol, your body will not be able to manufacture enough cholesterol to heal, and your cholesterol levels will plummet, as seen in the malnourished and dying vegans. That is just as bad as taking cholesterol lowering drugs, as it prevents the body from healing and you will likely encounter something worse than a heart attack sooner or later, as in full-blown diabetes, tissue dying, and organ failure.

It also means that you might be heading for a heart attack even if your cholesterol is low, because your body can’t manufacture what is needed. And that also means that cholesterol is only a good indicator of damage being healed in those who actually consume enough cholesterol or saturated fat to manufacture cholesterol.

So where did the cholesterol myth originate? The drug companies that manufacture cholesterol drugs.”

Yes, it comes from the think tanks of the elite families that control the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a cooperation against humanity for maximum profit and to keep us sick and docile, dependent on their “solutions,” and thus easy to govern and control. It’s as simple as that. Everything they tell and teach us are backwards, complete lies.

A study involving the cholesterol-lowering drug cholestryamine (Questran) and 1900 patients found that out of those taking the drug, only 30 had a fatal heart attack. And the number of those not taking the drug that had fatal heart attacks? Thirty-eight.

Statistically, that means the cholestryamine, over seven years, reduced the chances of having a fatal heart attack by less than half a percent. However, the drug company said that cholestryamine reduced the chances of dying from a heart attack by 25%. Sure, eight fewer deaths out of a total of 38 patients is indeed 25%. As they say, there are lies, and then there are statistics.”

Again, cholesterol has nothing to do with heart attacks, it’s used to repair tissues, especially in artery walls. If someone “statistically” reduced their chance of a heart attack by lowering their cholesterol, it simply means that they will die of something else, and most likely much sooner than they would have died without the idiotic drug. The researchers only look at one factor in these studies, and they do not follow-up after their short study-window of a measly seven years. You do not know what happened to these poor people after they had run their short study.

But even if cholesterol does lead to severe blockages, these blockages cause, at most, three out of every ten heart attacks. While doctors used to believe that heart attacks were caused by a build-up of plaque that would eventually rupture and cause blockages, that isn’t necessarily the case anymore.”

Blockages are from constant high blood sugar which damages the vascular walls and also damages fatty acids and plant-based cholesterol, which will attach to these damaged cells within the arteries as the body cannot really differentiate between real cholesterol and the fake cholesterol from plants. While real cholesterol will help with healing and repair, the plant-based cholesterol and the oxidized plant oils will simply attach and then do nothing, as it cannot be used by our tissues. And thus, a build up is started. Now, your body will try to break down these build-ups with macrophages, but the success is dependent on the onslaught of shit you consume and your health status, as in the ability to heal and repair. If your body can’t keep up, a blockage is formed.

Another factor is oxalates from plant foods, as found in more than 200 plant families and that in some plants comprise over 80% of the dry weight. Oxalates are most common in leafy greens (especially kale and spinach,) fruits, nuts, seeds, coffee beans, and cocoa. Oxalates bind with calcium and form crystals that can get stuck in soft tissues and in your arteries, especially if there are already build-ups from plant-based oils and cholesterol due to overconsumption of carbohydrates.

So, yes, consuming a lot of carbohydrates, indulging in seed/vegetable oils, and drinking coffee (hot bean water) is the perfect recipe for cardiovascular- and heart disease. And people wonder why it has become more common? Jeez.

So, What Does Cause Heart Attacks?

Well, I kind of already explained that in the post above, but let’s see what T-Nation has found…

“If you combine all known risk factors such as the wrong kinds of fat in the diet, cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, markers for inflammation, and diabetes, they explain only half the risk of developing atherosclerosis. The answer most often given to explain this conundrum is that it’s likely genetic, which, according to Dr. Rich Helfant, a cardiologist, is another way of saying, “We don’t know why these things happen.”

What a lot of rubbish. Again, inflammation is a symptom of healing; that you have damaged tissue, likely from a bad life-style and an even worse diet.
High blood pressure is almost always due to consuming carbohydrates, which severely interferes with your electrolytes (especially magnesium) and stresses the body to its maximum. And diabetes is from consuming carbohydrates as well. These “diseases” are simply symptoms of what you are doing wrong. They have nothing to do with a looming heart attack. That looming heart attack is simply yet another symptom of your life-style and dietary habits.

A recent path of research points to another possible cause: hormone balance. One meta-study compiled the results of 100 testosterone studies and found that low testosterone was associated with higher rates of cardiovascular disease and higher rates of mortality in general. The severity of the disease correlated with the degree of testosterone deficiency.”

Again, you people think backwards, just as your masters programmed you to do.
Anyone who are leading a bad life-style with a bad diet will have a damaged hormone balance. Testosterone have nothing to do with cardiovascular- or heart disease; it will not increase the chance, nor will it decrease it or its “severity.” It’s simply one of many symptoms of the real problem, that of ingesting carbohydrates, seed oils, and toxins. So, of course, you will see lower testosterone in those with cardiovascular disease, because what caused the cardiovascular disease was their life-style and diet, which also caused their testosterone to plummet. This should not be hard to grasp. It’s child-level logic.

Then the T-Nation staff touched on estrogen levels, which functions the exact same way as I explained above with testosterone.  

Doctors and Lab Tests

Then they mentioned doctors and their inability to diagnose heart problems and thus might recommend the wrong procedure. Well, that is why you should take care of your body and never visit a doctor.

Even common lab tests are woefully inaccurate. Consider the common blood test for cholesterol. Dr. Helfant says that if you send a blood sample to two different labs, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll get two different results.

As an experiment, Helfant had the same lab repeat his cholesterol test on the same blood sample. The first time, the machine indicated that his total cholesterol was 152. The same sample tested at 176 a few minutes later, a discrepancy of 17%. With the high number, he could’ve been prescribed a cholesterol drug with questionable side effects.”

Yes, not only does lab tests suck, 99.9% of doctors and other “authorities” does not know how to interpret them – especially when it comes to cholesterol, as they do not understand the simple mechanics behind cholesterol.

Greed and Shady Doctors?

According to Dr. Stephen Oesterle, over 50% of angioplasties performed each year in the US are unnecessary. That translates to over a hundred thousand needless and risky procedures yearly. The other side of the coin? Some patients who need treatment are sometimes misdiagnosed and end up dying.

According to one report, nine out of ten medical experts who make recommendations concerning the treatment of diseases have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.”

Yes, this is why they succeeded with the Coronavirus scam. Doctors went along as they got a kickback on every single vaccine shot administered and anyone put on drugs or ventilators. Evil bastards. Never forgive them for what they did!


What’s common to just about everyone who dies of a heart attack is a large collection of white blood cells known as macrophages. These macrophages collect around fatty deposits, and they secrete enzymes that digest protein. The insides of blood vessels are made of proteins and in trying to eliminate the fatty deposits, the blood vessels are eaten away, made thinner, and made more susceptible to rupture.”

No, that is not what happened. Your body will never do anything to hurt you, as in making blood vessels thinner. That is ridiculous. This is about what I explained earlier with plant-based cholesterol and plant oils that attached to damaged tissue and causes blockages. Yes, while macrophages will try to break these fatty deposits down, the damage on the blood vessel that these idiots in lab coats assumed were from the macrophages were simply the damage that had been done by high blood sugar and the oxidized fat. This should also be extremely easy to realize and understand. But again, they do everything backwards and they lie through their teeth.

Surprisingly, researchers also found these macrophages in presumably healthy arteries, indicating that the inflammation was systemic and not localized.”

How can this be a surprise? The macrophages are part of the repair crew. If you consume carbohydrates and seed/vegetable oils, there is always ongoing damage and thus they are needed, just like cholesterol, to try and keep up with the damage. Sheesh, these “researchers” T-Nation are quoting are complete morons.

This may be why aspirin, which reduces inflammation, seems to be valuable in thwarting heart disease. It might also explain why some statins seem to work – not because they lower cholesterol – but because they have an anti-inflammatory effect.”

Heck no! Inflammation means healing! Your brainwashed programming just kicked in again. You never want to decrease inflammation unless it’s so bad and you are so weak that you are dying, which means that you are too weak to handle the healing process and you need to temporarily halt it. In any other case, you should assist your body and remove every imaginable stressor that might contribute to the damage that you are trying to heal from.
Aspirin is very toxic and dangerous. Recommending that is extremely irresponsible.

How to Protect Your Heart

Avoiding trans fatty acids and limiting saturated fat is still sound advice for everyone, but more than that, and given that heart disease seems to be an inflammatory disease, it might be wise to take the following every day…

For f**k’s sake. You guys did pretty good until these last quotes, and now you went apeshit looney on us – as in falling back on the modern medicine brainwashing.

Sure, trans fatty acids should always be avoided, but so should any kind of seed/vegetable oil, as in the extremely unhealthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (which is the source of trans fatty acids, you dimwits.)
Now, we as living beings are made up of saturated fats and cholesterol. Saturated fat is the only fat we as humans need, and it’s our major energy source. It’s also needed for manufacturing all our hormones.
And again, there is no such thing as an “inflammatory disease,” you morons! Inflammation is the response of healing!

Then the T-Nation staff proceeded to recommend the following…

80 mg. of aspirin (if you’re not at risk for hemorrhagic stroke)

No! That is idiotic! Trying to slow down or even stop the healing process will cause more and more damage build-up, resulting in a much worse health scenario. This is why you can never cure anything with retarded remedies, herbs, drugs, or whatever. I’ve explained this several times in detail.

4200 mg of fish oil, mostly from DHA.”

Here they recommended their own supplement, of course. Problem is, most fatty acid supplements are rancid and extremely toxic, full of aldehydes. Also, there’s no evidence that EPA or DHA will help. Just get what you naturally will find in fatty meat, eggs, and an occasional fatty fish. That is more than enough.

400 mg. of magnesium (crucial to proper heart function, and something most Americans are deficient in)”

Again, they plugged their supplements, and yes, most people are deficient because magnesium is heavily used in carbohydrate metabolism, especially with the toxic fructose, which is in pretty much every processed food and beverage nowadays. Simply ditch all the carbs and you will have more than plenty of magnesium available from real food, as in animal-based foods.

Between 90 and 200 mg. of CoQ10 /which is essential if you’re on cholesterol drugs).”

If you have heart problems and actually want to heal and get healthy, you need to adopt our species-appropriate, species-specific carnivorous diet. And to speed things up, you should consume a little bit of heart every day (preferable raw,) or a couple of days a week. That is the real source of CoQ10. Forget about idiotic supplements that has very low bioavailability. Also, unless you change your life-style and eat according to your species, a shitty supplement will not do a damn thing anyway (as you did not fix the root cause of the problem, which is the diet and exposure to toxins.)

400 mg. of curcumin to help fight inflammation.”

No! Frikkin’ retards! Curcumin is extremely toxic and causes acute poisoning, which is why the healing process is shut down as your body turns to the most immediate threat. Idiots will think this is good as inflammation temporarily goes down, but all you did was hindering your own healing. Same mechanism as with aspirin. Retarded!

And of course, eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can work in, along with nuts or olive oil (for their monosaturated, heart-healthy fats).”

Are you completely mad? Fruit is simply sugar and a lot of toxic fructose, raising blood glucose and taxing the liver. And nuts and olive oil contain extremely unhealthy fatty acids that oxidizes and do a lot of damage. This combination, as I already explained, will cause blockages. You just recommended exactly what will cause a heart attack. Frikkin’ morons.

Again, the T-Nation staff made complete asshats of themselves. Not surprising though, as they know absolutely nothing about human physiology while they try to act like ‘cool rebels’ within the fitness industry by poking the sleeping pharmaceutical bear – only to repeat much of the same dogma and to ultimately sell their shitty and toxic supplements.

If you are serious about your health and need help, or want some guidance with nutritional plans, health issues, fat loss, and/or transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, or going fully ‘raw’ carnivore, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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