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The Fat Gain Formula

Today we revisit T-Nation and take a look at an article that is actually quite decent, although a bit slanted and shortsighted. The article is called ‘The Insidious Formula for Fat Gain,’ and is written by Jade Teta, a former personal trainer turned “doctor.” As usual, he begins with the ‘calorie’ dogma, stating that eating too many “calories” and “burning” too few will make you gain weight. No, doc. Calories are a measurement of …

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The Glycemic Index is absolute rubbish

I was introduced to the Glycemic Index (GI) back in late 1996 as it began to gain popularity in the bodybuilding and fitness community. I even wrote an overview of the current research and possible applications for our Ironmag Online magazine. At that time, we thought we had found the holy grail of carbohydrate and insulin management. How wrong we were. Not only is the glycemic index pseudo-science, carbohydrates in any form are bad …

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