Totally Wrong Again About Inflammation and Cholesterol

One of the worst websites on the interwebs is at it again. This time, Healthline with its authors, still not managing to average an IQ between them of that of a Chimpanzee, got virtually everything about inflammation and cholesterol wrong.

If you’re familiar with my work or with the real science of human physiology, you already know that inflammation is simply a name for the body’s response of healing damaged tissue. Inflammation in itself has nothing to do with the damage or any other complications, it’s only part of the healing process where possible toxins are being disposed by the help of bacteria and where tissue repair takes place – also by the assistance of bacteria and even fungi. As this happens, you might experience increased blood flow to the area, which might cause it to get warmer, you might experience redness and swelling from increased fluid and protein accumulation, and so on. All natural phases of the healing, detoxification and repair process. Inflammation is only a response, the visible or noticeable ‘symptom’ of healing, of your body trying to get you better and healthier.
It is what caused the damage that need to be addressed, not the inflammation as that is the healing process.

If you try to lower inflammation or fight it, you lower and fight against the healing process, slowing it down or even stopping it, which is incredible stupid as more damage will accumulate and your will be even worse off than before.

So, let’s see what this Chimpanzee named Carly Werner, typing down random letters for Healthline, had to say on this subject.

If you live with high cholesterol levels, you’re not alone. Experts estimate that about 2 in 5 adults in the United States have elevated total blood cholesterol.”

Yes, all our cells are made of cholesterol, and this also true for the arteries and even more so for veins, or the blood vessels that carries the blood back to the heart. These veins and their surrounding tissue are very vulnerable to high blood glucose, high levels of triglycerides and other non-biological fatty acids such as from seed/vegetable oils. And since your body regulates cholesterol production based on your current need, a high cholesterol level simply indicates that your body is trying to heal damage to your cardiovascular system, especially the veins and its surrounding tissue. Considering that most people today consume damaging and toxic carbohydrates, and also in combination with toxic unsaturated fatty acids, as in seed/vegetable oils, this is not surprising. Most people simply have a damaged cardiovascular system, and their bodies are desperately trying to repair the damage. However, if you do not remove the causation, as in carbohydrates and vegetable oils, this scenario will become chronic, as in “chronic inflammation” and chronically elevated cholesterol levels, as the healing process will be ongoing for as long as you do damage. Simple.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance your body makes. We all need some cholesterol. Our body uses cholesterol to repair cells, produce hormones, and create vitamin D.”

There, you said it – repair cells – without even realizing what it means. And adding to this, you can clearly see how important cholesterol is and how incredible retarded it would be to try and lower it instead of focusing on what is causing it to rise, as in the damage done by carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids, and other toxins.

But too much cholesterol can cause problems. It can start to build up as plaque on the walls of your arteries, narrowing them and making it harder for blood to flow through. This increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke.”

No, nothing that your body produces or use can cause damage or build-up. What is not used is discharged. Your body upregulates the production to make sure that there is enough. If your tissues can’t use it all because you are stressed, malnourished, and/or physically weak, it will use what it can and the rest will be discarded. This is why we have two lipoproteins, two carriers of cholesterol, which we will get to later.

What is actually causing “plaque” or “build-ups” on the artery- or vein walls is either scar tissue from all the ongoing damage and repair, as you ignore your body and continues with consuming what is causing the damage – or/and from residues from seed/vegetable oils that cannot be metabolized, as well as several defense chemicals from plants, such as the crystal-like and sharp oxalates that easily get stuck in soft tissues (especially as plaque and kidney stones.) Oxalates are found in all green vegetables, grains, and especially in seeds and beans, like the toxic warm bean-water people call coffee.

Inflammation is your body’s response to what it perceives as harmful. Inflammation can also change the health of your arteries and make cholesterol more likely to cause problems.”

At least you acknowledge that inflammation is a response, although that is still a poor definition, as the response is all the components of the healing process, such as increased blood flow, fluids, protein, bacteria, etc., and it’s the healing process and these components that we call inflammation. It’s very important to be precise when talking actual science.
And again, it’s not the ‘inflammation’ that can change the “health” of your arteries, as that is the healing process. It’s the ongoing damage from whatever you are doing, and will not stop doing, that will cause this. How hard can it be to understand this simple fact?

Some research suggests that inflammation contributes to heart disease more than cholesterol.”

And this shows us just how extremely retarded and/or evil those paid-off “researchers” are. Inflammation is healing. The problem is the damage being done that your body is trying to heal, hence the inflammation. Stop damaging your body by consuming non-species appropriate foods and lower your exposure to toxins and the problem will be solved. You will be able to heal, and once healed, inflammation will be gone too, and your cholesterol levels will return to their baseline. Hurray!

Does cholesterol affect inflammation?

“Cholesterol exists in all your body’s cells. When cholesterol levels are high, more cholesterol enters your cells.”

Yes, congratulations, you just admitted to how incredibly important cholesterol is. It’s in all your body’s cells! And, as always, the Freemasonic and satanic medical community reverse everything as their fake and made-up models always are inverted, as in their satanic beliefs.

If cholesterol levels are high, it is because it is needed, because these cells are damaged and in desperate need of repair. So, of course, these damaged cells will take up more cholesterol. Always remember that your body will never do anything to compromise its survival. It will always do everything it can to survive, to keep you alive as long as possible even though you mistreat it. If cholesterol is elevated, it’s because it is needed, because there is damage that needs to be repaired. Simple.

Research from 2015 has linked this influx of cholesterol with an increase in inflammatory proteins released by your immune system.”

We do not have an “immune system,” as there are no such things as pathogens, viruses, or other juvenile boogeymen. However, these “inflammatory proteins” are simply things like globulins that are used to seal and repair damaged cells. So, if there is damage to the cardiovascular system and the surrounding tissue, there will be an increase in both cholesterol and “inflammatory proteins” as they are both needed for repair, for the healing process. There is no “linked relationship” between the two. They are simply present because they are needed. This is extreme basic physiology.

A buildup of plaque in your arteries can also trigger an inflammatory response in the body. This response causes more damage and contributes to heart disease.”

I already covered why plaque can form, especially from chronically ongoing damage and repair attempts, but specifically from consuming non-species appropriate edibles such as plant-foods, processed foods, and oils.
The inflammation does not cause more damage, as inflammation is a representation of the healing process. It’s the ongoing damage that causes this, as the person does not do anything about the underlying problem, that which is causing the damage.

Does inflammation affect cholesterol levels?

Research has linked inflammation to lower HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol helps protect your heart by reducing cholesterol buildup in the blood. Low HDL is a risk factor for heart disease as cholesterol is more likely to cause plaque deposits.”

There is no real research on HDL or LDL being “good” or “bad,” that is pseudo-science, a retarded theory. These are simply lipoproteins, carriers of cholesterol molecules. The HDL simply carries unused cholesterol to the liver to be excreted, as I explained earlier when the body cannot use all of the available cholesterol for repair and healing. And LDL is simply the carrier of cholesterol to the cells or the cardiovascular system. In other words, LDL is crucial for the repair and healing process. And LDL will increase as the need for cholesterol by the tissues increase — as it is a carrier. Simple logic.

Actually, if you have a working brain, a high HDL is bad, as it shows that you cannot utilize the cholesterol because your body is compromised and the healing is slowed down.

Inflammation also creates denser LDL “bad” cholesterol molecules, which turn into plaque deposits more easily.”

No, this is a theory by the same retarded people who think that HDL is ‘good’ and LDL is ‘bad.’ Complete nonsense. If there is damage, there will be more LDL as more cholesterol is needed for the repair- and healing process. And I’ve covered plaque several times now.
And once again, inflammation does not create anything. Inflammation is the descriptive state of the healing process.

Inflammation raises another type of fat found in the blood called triglycerides. High triglyceride levels are another risk factor for heart disease.”

No, inflammation is part of the healing. It does not raise anything that will damage or hurt you. That is simple common sense. It does the opposite! Triglycerides, which is a type of fat from the breakdown of toxic carbohydrates and seed/vegetable oils, is a part of what is causing the damage. For as long as you do not correct the problem, the causation of the damage, there will be triglycerides present causing that damage, and especially in the tissues that has taken damage and is in need of healing. And since these tissues are being damaged by triglycerides, there is healing going on, and thus there is inflammation in these tissues. Again, extremely simple to understand.

Mental Illness 101: How can I lower cholesterol and inflammation?

That question alone shows us the sad state of the “medical” and “health care” establishment today. They are completely lost in the inverted satanic backwards theories they’ve been programmed with since school. Although, many of them know the truth, some does not dare to speak up as they will be shunned and ridiculed by the community, while others simply do not care, as they get rich from all the kick-back from the pharmaceutical industry for every evil prescription they write — making sure people remain sick and dependent on their drugs until they die.

So, to answer the question, you do not want to do either of these. Cholesterol is needed for healing, and inflammation is the healing process. If you try to lower these, you stop the healing and there will be severe damage done over time, ultimately leading to real cardiovascular “diseases” such as compromised blood flow and dying tissue (as seen in diabetics,) discoloration and rapid ageing of the skin and skin-deep blood vessels, varicose veins, blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.

So, again, Healthline, representing the pharmaceutical industry and the inverted “health care” system got exactly everything backwards and completely wrong.

Please people, do your research and most importantly, use common sense and logic. Once you actually begin to understand nature and human physiology, all this is extremely simple and very, very, logical.

Also, I do apologize to any Chimpanzees that might have been offended by being compared to these low-life IQ-deprived puppets of the medical community.

Again, if you need help with your health and/or transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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