If You Get Hungry, You’re Doing it Wrong!

This morning, on April 7, which also happens to be my 50th birthday, we return to my roots of human physiology, fat-loss, performance, and the bastardized pseudo-scientific field of nutrition, where I’ve worked more than 30 years at the absolute top-level.Today we’ll look at the latest article published by T Nation, a piece on “appetite suppression” written by Chris Shugart, where they claim that you don’t need an expensive injection to curb appetite during […]

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April Fools: Dr. Axe Features Swedish Ritual of “Fika”

Yesterday, on April 1, the genuine first day of the year, and thus nowadays known as “April Fools,” the shill Dr. Axe featured an article on his website about the retarded Swedish tradition of “Fika,” and it’s potential “benefits.”They even put a label with “Fact Checked” on it. Hilarious! The article was written by their content manager and “nutrition editor” Joe Boland, and he sets the stage with a bustling and stressful world where

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Article Review: Sleep, Caffeine, and Naps

This article recently caught my eye as sleep is an important subject, and not that often talked about. When writing programs/guides for my clients, I set a side about two pages covering the importance of sleep and how to get your best night’s sleep by following your circadian rhythm, preparing a few hours in advance, and setting up your bedroom for actually sleeping. As for the article in question, it was written by Co-founder

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Know your poison: Oxalates

In our last post, we looked at the dangerous lectins. Another very sinister defense mechanism in plants are oxalates (oxalic acid). The definition of oxalic acid is “a poisonous strong acid (COOH) that occurs in various plants as oxalates and is used especially as a bleaching or cleaning agent and as a chemical intermediate”.Oxalic acid is actually lethal in high doses. There have been a few recorded deaths of oxalate poisoning after overconsuming oxalate-rich

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