April Fools: Dr. Axe Features Swedish Ritual of “Fika”

Yesterday, on April 1, the genuine first day of the year, and thus nowadays known as “April Fools,” the shill Dr. Axe featured an article on his website about the retarded Swedish tradition of “Fika,” and it’s potential “benefits.”
They even put a label with “Fact Checked” on it. Hilarious!

The article was written by their content manager and “nutrition editor” Joe Boland, and he sets the stage with a bustling and stressful world where finding moments of solace and connection is increasingly rare and precious. It sure is, as dumbed down people are conditioned to fiddle with their idiotic mobile phones and similar handheld devices instead of actually interacting with other human beings.

Joe continues with mentioning the ordinary ‘coffee break,’ and how the Swedish “tradition” of “Fika” elevates this simple act of grabbing a cup and a snack into an “art form.” Well, being Swedish myself, I have to add that “Fika” has several meanings, and nowadays it’s mostly about taking a short break from work or whatever you are doing. In the past, “Fika” was more of taking a break and a “snack,” usually a coffee and some simple food item such as bread – you know, the ultimate slave “foods” that we were programmed to consume after the food industry revolution and the first World War I. It became a sort of a statement, a privilege, to show that you were no longer poor and only could afford one meal a day, that you now could afford to take a break and even have “something” to eat.

So, it’s not really a tradition. It was constructed by the food industry and the media, playing on people’s pride and emotions, and it was conditioned into our older generations. And while it still kind of exists in our new younger generation, they mostly see it as a break to play with their mobile phones, perhaps while sipping on a soda or having some other damaging life-shortening sugary snack.

While Joe claim that it’s not merely about “refueling,” which you cannot do with coffee or sugary treats (they do the opposite,) it’s a cherished cultural practice deeply ingrained in Swedish society, fostering connections, relaxation and mindfulness. Well, it sort of was in the past. Or more correctly, people gathered for a short break at work, or met up to see each other over mindless consumption, to gossip or talk about current events, the rubbish on TV, or the fake news. Nothing special, and absolutely nothing to do with “mindfulness.”

When I grew up, “Fika” simply meant a break from physical labor on the farm. My parents, my grandparents, and anyone else who were there to help simply took a short break. Some had coffee, other had water, and some may have had a piece of bread with plenty of butter, cheese, and meat. And then they just sat and talked about whatever for 15 minutes or so to recover from the hard work, before going at it again.

When they got older and retired, “Fika” remained as a part of their daily lives, but transformed into a coffee with some sugary treat, as all the magazines aimed at the women of the household was bursting with recipes for pastry and other extremely harmful snacks, hidden behind the retarded premise that you should reward yourself and “live a little.” And that idea of indulging in fake pleasure, of treating oneself with toxic and damaging sugars, was what put them into an early grave. From being healthy farmers for 50+ years, they developed cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and tumors in only 10 to 15 years after retirement, and then died shortly after that. I’ve seen that cycle repeat more times than I can count.

So, sure, while taking a break and socializing is a very good and healthy thing to do, doing so over something extremely toxic as coffee or tea, and/or a toxic snack made from plants instead of an animal-source, is incredible unhealthy and will contribute to “modern diseases” and to a very shortened lifespan. It is not something to be encouraged.

Of course, this incredible stupid act of consuming damaging slave kibble was reinforced in Joe Boland’s article, where he mentioned that it’s about more than simply “caffeine,” that you should choose high-quality coffee or tea, and pair it with a ‘delicious’ pastry or sandwich. Then he continued with saying that, “to do it right,” coffee is a must, but tea is also acceptable, and that you need to pair it with a classic Swedish pastry like a “kanelbulle” (cinnamon bun) or a “havrekaka” (oatmeal cookie.)
And this guy is the “nutritional editor” of Dr. Axe. Sheesh, what a joke.

Seriously though, the practice of “Fika,” as many Swedes has been conditioned to during the last 100 years or so, is extremely damaging and unhealthy. Instead, simply take a break and socialize a little. You do not need some toxic coffee that fucks with your fight or flight response system to keep you “alert,” or some slave garbage nonsense to chew on, which put your body into emergency survival mode due to an unnatural raise in blood sugar from extremely toxic carbohydrates.

If you follow our natural species-appropriate diet of animal-based foods, you will never feel any hunger or cravings, and you can easily go a day, or several days without food without getting tired or getting the urge to “refuel.” Only those who are extremely toxic, has nutrient deficiencies, and has a severely damaged metabolism will feel the need to take a break to eat something, to “refuel.”

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