An Avocado a Day Will Severely Damage Your Health

The Big Pharma and government shills at Medical News Today are back with more propaganda to keep the big masses dumbed down and subdued by once again pushing toxic slave foods. Just look at that cover image with bread, the most toxic slave food there is, and with an oily fruit on top that reeks of rancid unhealthy unsaturated fats – a combination made in hell for your cardiovascular system.

Let’s see what Kelsey Costa of Medical News Today has to say, as she starts off with three bullet points.

  • “Poor diet quality has been associated with a higher risk of cardiometabolic disease.”

Indeed, and a ‘poor diet’ is defined as a diet with one or more food items that are not species appropriate. Since humans are obligate hyper carnivores, that means that anything plant-based, that anything that grows out of the dirt is contraindicated to the natural human diet, as any such food is very toxic, very damaging to our health. In other words, any diet that has any of these foods in it, is a poor diet. Simple logic.

  • A recent study suggests daily avocado consumption may improve overall diet quality, but the effects on cardiometabolic health were unclear.”

So, it’s just guesswork then, complete bollocks? Of course it is, as avocado is an oily fruit, something that is very toxic to humans. Recommending such a thing is inherently evil, as it will hurt whomever is consuming it.

  • “Experts say a varied and balanced diet is the best way to support long-term health and longevity.”

No, indoctrinated paid shills of a bastardized organization claims such ignorant things. There is no such thing as a “balanced diet.” Again, humans are obligate hyper carnivores, we can only extract nutrition from animal-based food. Anything else, as in plant-based garbage, is toxic to us, and should thus not be part of our diet. Simple logic.

The findings, published in Current Developments in Nutrition, revealed that consuming one avocado daily for 26 weeks improved adherence to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans among adults with abdominal obesity. However, the changes in diet quality did not directly influence cardiometabolic disease risk factors.

Participants were divided into two groups. One group was provided with a daily supply of one avocado (approximately 168 grams) and received guidance on how to include it in their daily diet. The other (control) group, was asked to maintain their usual dietary habits, limiting their avocado consumption to two or fewer per month, and received no dietary counseling.”

You call that a study? By deceiving some gullible idiots that an avocado a day would be healthy, it made them more inclined to follow your other highly retarded and damaging diet recommendations? All while the control group was left to their own devices, simply to continue on the diet they once were put on? And while the avocado-group got encouraged by your fake avocado propaganda, you had no improved health markers to show for it, not even after 26 weeks? What a complete failure!

Anyone who adopts our natural species-appropriate way of eating feel a difference within days, mental cognition and clarity coming back as the flip of a switch, energy levels increasing, they begin to wake up feeling rested and refreshed in the mornings for the first time in years, and their health markers improve within a week. I’ve helped more than 100 people transitioning to a carnivorous diet, and I’ve helped close to 80 ex-vegans to recover and reclaim their health, so I’ve seen the improvements and the bloodwork first hand (and while bloodwork is mostly crap, you can see a difference between someone that is very unhealthy and someone who is healthy.)

What a complete waste of a study! Ridiculous!

During the study, researchers found that individuals who consumed avocados daily showed a “potentially clinically relevant” increase of 4.74 points in their HEI-2015 scores compared to the control group that consumed their regular diet.”

This is comical! So, the only “find” of this study, the big golden conclusion, was that those who got encouraged by including an avocado, did a little better with following their retarded diet program. But still, they had absolutely nothing to show for it when all the tests on their health were done. You do understand what that means, do you? That the diet you had prescribed for both groups did absolutely nothing. No changes in 26 weeks, not even in those who had a daily avocado and stuck to the diet a little bit better. Hilarious!

I see no real point in continuing with Medical News Today’s article at this point, as all they do in the remaining part of it is to repeat the mantra that “an avocado a day” might make you more inclined to stick to a prescribed diet and make “healthier food choices,” as incorporating even more toxic slave foods – foods that will damage your health and reduce your lifespan.

Also, I bet it would not matter what food item they propagandized. They could have deceived the group into consuming whatever they could dream up, and the group would have been encouraged to try and do a little better by sticking to the plan. What a load of garbage!

And as for avocadoes, not only does they contain the extremely unstable unsaturated fatty acids, a fat (oil) that immediately goes rancid at the exposure of oxygen and light, which forms aldehydes that causes extreme cellular oxidative damage, avocadoes also contain a shitload of toxic defence chemicals and antinutrients, such as lectins and phytic acid. Phytic acid pretty much block you from absorbing iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorous and calcium, while lectins are notorious for surviving human GI tract digestion and penetrates the cell lining of the digestive tract, forming holes in the gut lining which creates leaky gut.
While avocado may not be the unhealthiest plant-food by far, it’s still very toxic and damaging, and should not be consumed by humans.

In my client nutritional guides, I go through most toxic foods, many of the “diseases” associated with them, and all the defense chemicals and anti-nutrients you will find in vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

If you need real help with health issues and/or transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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