Alleged “Experts” Still 100% Wrong About Food And Gaining Muscle

Warning! This article might contain some harsh and foul language. Unfortunately, it is very needed.

Yes, we return to the sh*tpile that is ‘’ and, unfortunately, the same poor author Jake Stewart, who last time, made a monumental fool of himself trying to teach us about weigh loss.

This time he tries to tackle the “best foods” of gaining muscle mass, as if there actually were such foods outside the scoop of our natural species specific, species appropriate diet of animal-based foods.

Well, he’s not off to a good start, as the picture they’ve chosen for this garbage is a pile of pancakes covered with syrup, peanut butter, banana, and blueberries. Sugar on top of sugar with some oxidized unhealthy fats and plant defense chemicals. What a health damaging sh*tstorm!

Jake begins his article with stating that muscle growth is no easy task. And it sure isn’t, as it mostly comes down to commitment and the resistance training itself – keeping up with it and progressing every single week — and not so much about food in itself, not as long as you consume enough protein and enough nutrients to keep yourself away from developing any nutritional deficiencies.

However, Jake says it’s tough because it involves consistent bouts of intense training over the course of many weeks with a caloric surplus. Many weeks, eh? Well, looking at his profile pictures tells us he actually believes that, as he most likely only has been at it for a few weeks himself.

He also believes that the ‘eating’ part is more difficult than the disciplined consistent training effort, hence this article. Again, he clearly has not been training for long, not training hard at least. Most people quit after a few weeks, only those who like physical work and to continuously challenge themselves fall in love with the gym and actually show muscular gains after months and years.

High Calorie Sources

Here he goes on again about calories, a concept of physics and not of physiology. Let’s just pretend he said ‘high energy sources,’ and thus it’s actually really simple, because our only natural energy source is animal fats. We are made for running on fats, hence the fact that we store energy as fat to be used in situations where we can’t get enough food, or when we have to stalk and hunt prey for long periods of time. Nowadays, we really do not have to hunt or travel far by foot looking for food, but the physiology is the same.

Jake then says that muscle gain requires the body to be in a “caloric surplus,” and then he claims that “eating your bodyweight in red meat or other animal protein sources isn’t going to be the most optimal way of getting this done.”

Well, eating your bodyweight of anything is pretty much impossible. Perhaps he meant eating to reach this “caloric surplus,” as in consuming more energy than you spend in a day. However, while eating more helps with building muscle, it’s not required on a day-to-day basis – especially not if you are metabolically fat adapted. However, you will need to eat more and more as time progress, as muscle tissue is metabolic active, as in using energy and nutrients, so in other words, adding more muscle to your frame means that you need to eat more to sustain it.

Muscle Building Foods

Here ‘Jake the Joker’ starts with ‘protein powder.’ Really Jake, really? I know you guys have to sell supplements and keep your advertisers happy with pushing the extremely unhealthy practice of stuffing your gullet with supplements, but really?

He defends this statement with the reasoning that an adequate protein intake is necessary for building muscle. Well, then you start with real food, such as meat from ruminants, meat from other animals, eggs, fish and dairy. Then, if you still have trouble reaching about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, you might throw in some animal-based protein powders, such as whey. But you should never start with mentioning powders as if they are some golden secret solution to your protein needs. They are not. Real food is.

Then the fool goes on and mentions quinoa, legumes, lentils, and chickpeas as “vegetarian” sources of protein. Seriously? That is some vile toxic muck, totally void of nutrition and full of harmful antinutrients, defence chemicals, and fiber that destroys your digestive system. Vegetarians, vegans, and similar misled groups of people should not try to gain muscle and induce more stress while being on their abysmal diets, they need to address their eating disorder and fix their mental illness they’ve developed from nutrition deficiencies. Once they have recovered with our appropriate animal-based diet, they can rebuild their zombie physiques. And no one should ever consider plant foods, no matter what their goals are.

Here’s a simple advice for gaining muscle. Make sure you get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, preferable from the meats I listed above, and also from a few eggs every day. You can actually “supplement” with eggs during your hardest training cycles, as in consuming 12 to 24 eggs a day. This was a “secret” back in the heyday of early bodybuilding. I promise, ‘loading up on eggs’ for bursts of a few weeks at a time will be more “anabolic” than anything you could ever try short of synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids.

Healthy Fats

Here ‘Jake the Fool’ marches on with his pants down claiming that peanut butter is the premier bulking food, as it supposedly is extremely “calorically dense.” Well, not as dense as you are buddy. Peanuts, as in any nut, are among the most toxic things found in nature. Anything that is a seed, of which plants multiply and grow, is the most defence chemical- and antinutrient ridden part of any plant. These parts of the plants are made to survive and to extract nutrition so they can grow. Not to mention that they are full of extremely unhealthy and unstable monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats oxidize and goes rancid as soon as they come in contact with oxygen and/or are exposed to light. In other words, nuts are extremely unhealthy, and making some manmade chemical paste out of them are even worse. These sh*tfoods should truly be banned.

Then he mentions olive oil. No! It contains the same vulnerable and inherently toxic fats as I just mentioned. Read up on aldehydes! Do NOT consume any kind of vegetable- or seed oil ever. Please read this article for the real deal on vegetable oils:

Vegetable Oils – most toxic food additive?

As for fats, the only fat that humans require are saturated fats found in all animal products, especially in fatty cuts of meat, in tallow, and in butter. And again, eggs are perfect, as they also contain plenty of cholesterol, the compound that all our cells are made of and a crucial part of testosterone production. And that is why eggs and also meat are so powerful, it’s not only full of bioavailable protein, it also provides the perfect energy source of saturated fats along with cholesterol that optimizes your natural hormone production – and of course all vitamins and minerals in the right bioavailable format. And yes, optimizing your testosterone levels by consuming your species appropriate diet (and doing ‘egg blitzes’) will really help with any kind of body-specific goals, being it adding muscle mass or shedding body fat.


Here he goes on about grains, which are another extremely toxic slave-food that causes a multitude of health problems (I have more than 20 listed in my nutrition guides, and why they develop and how to fix them.)

He also mentions sweet potatoes, which can be acceptable at times for people with extreme energy demands, same as white refined rice, but to be honest, only if the person consuming them are okay with damaging their health in the process. And as a coach, you have to explain this.

Again, carbohydrates are not needed in the human diet, it’s actually contraindicated and very toxic. Anyone claiming that you need carbohydrates are totally clueless of human physiology. I covered that a plenty here:

Carbohydrates are NOT our body’s preferred fuel


Again, he goes back to whey protein shakes and even “mass gainers.” Nope. Whey protein might be ok at times, but what you need is food, as in meat and animal fats.
He does mention creatine, which is ok, if you for some reason can’t get enough red meat, or other meat that is high in creatine. I covered that here:

Creatine is a Conditionally Essential Nutrient and Most People are Deficient

Going Forward

Jake concludes his abysmal article with the advice of keeping “calories high.” Yeah, sure, calories are a measurement of heat production, so do you mean we should keep warm?

Seriously, as for food intake, make sure to get enough protein and then try to match your fats. Most people do well with a 1:1 ratio of protein to fats in grams. So, if you are 160 lbs. and shoot for 160 grams of protein, you should also get 160 grams of fat. However, I would recommend to get at least 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight if you’re serious about building muscle mass. And as for the protein to fat ratio, 1.2 to 0.8 and up to 1 to 1 is fine. If you gain strength and your scale is slowly moving upward on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, you’re doing great. If you stagnate, eat a little more, but also make sure you have weeks of ‘de-loading’ in your training, and not going full throttle all the time. It’s not more complicated than this.

Also, I did cover this subject in-depth in early February of last year. If you want to read more about how to build muscle and gain weight without damaging yourself and cutting your life short by consuming toxic plants, you can read it here:

Weight Gain and Why Some Pack on the Pounds While Others Struggle

And if you need help, you know where to reach me.

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