Stupid and Unhealthy Scams: The Fasting-Mimicking Diet

This might be one of the stupidest and most mislabeled “diet” fads to re-surface in a really long time. And when a pharmaceutical shill-website such as the evil ‘Medical News Today’ writes about it in a positive manner, you know that it’s satanical inversed bullshit.

Before we move on, let’s define what a “fasting-mimicking diet” really is. According to the authors and the disinformation agent they interviewed, the one big shill Dr. Valter D. Longo, it is a 5-day vegan diet with a composition such that the human body responds as it does to water-only fasting.

Well, right there anyone with at least a child’s level of discernment would laugh out loud. What they claim is physiologically impossible. Although we know that anything vegan and plant based is totally void of essential nutrients, and that veganism is a starvation diet, slowly robbing you of all nutrients, making you malnourished and very ill, all plant food still contains toxic starches, as in carbohydrates, and some really toxic oils/fats, as in the really harmful mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are contraindicated in the human diet.
Now, consuming anything that can break down to energy units and be used as energy or stored for a later use in our fat tissue is a temporary process that is the complete opposite of being in a fasted state. Anything exogenous, as in nutrients or food particles originating from outside of the body, will induce a reaction, as in a fed state, and that is not fasting. In simple terms, consuming anything that contains ‘macronutrients,’ as in protein, fats or carbohydrates will break the fasted state – and you will not return to such a fasted state until digestion has taken place and all the components of whatever you ingested has been absorbed and stored, which usually take hours.

And to add to that, the real benefits of fasting does not occur until autophagy has reached its peak. Autophagy is your body’s recycling center, where damaged and useless cells are broken down and recycled, and where new cells are made.
Not until you are in a true fasted state does autophagy slowly begin to take place, and it does not reach its peak until after about 36 to 72 hours of real fasting, as in abstaining from any kind of food/macronutrient.
So, “mimicking” a fasted state by eating is impossible. It’s absurd.

Now, this quack, Dr. Valter D. Longo, says that his “fasting-mimicking diet” focus on low-calorie, low-protein, and high-fat plant-based foods.

That is a recipe for disaster. All plant foods contain defense chemicals and antinutrients that are toxic to our body. And again, plant-derived fats are very toxic to our bodies, especially so since they are extremely unstable and become rancid as soon as they are exposed to light and/or oxygen. By consuming such toxic crap, you are severely poisoning yourself. And if you understand anything about our physiology, such acute poisoning takes precedence. That means, that any kind of symptoms and ailments you previously had will be subdued or even vanish, as your body prioritizes the immediate threat of the crap you put into your body by following Dr. Longo’s idiotic advice. This will of course fool dimwitted people into thinking that whatever they did made them better, when the complete opposite is true.

And this is usually why people who has been deceived into performing these kinds of idiotic ‘diets’ or ‘cleanses’ often return to them, again and again – because once they return to their normal diet which is less toxic, the symptoms of their real problems resurface and they think that they need to do the ‘diet’ or ‘cleanse’ again, as that was the only time the symptoms disappeared. They’ve created their own ‘Moment/Catch 22,’ where they eventually will experience real disease as in organ failure, heart attacks, and cancer, since they did nothing about the real problem. They only poisoned themselves to temporarily lessen the symptoms. Same thing as if they would have taken a drug/medicine or remedy. All illusion and extremely unhealthy and dangerous.

The abysmal article also touches on the ‘Mediterranean diet,’ where they as always lie and call it a vegetarian diet, which is extremely far from the truth. If you ever visited or lived in the Mediterranean region, such as Greece, Italy, or Spain, you know that they consume plenty of beef, lamb, pork, goat, poultry, game, animal organs, seafood, whole dairy, and animal fats. Fresh vegetables and fruits are only part of the meals, not the foundation.

Now, there is no reason ever for even considering a “fasting-mimicking diet,” not even with consuming only animal fats, as autophagy will never really be activated. Doing a short 36 hours of real fasting will still be more effective and healthier than trying to “mimic” fasting by only consuming fats for 5 days.

This push for “fasting-mimicking diets” is simply to keep people from discovering the real power and health benefits from real fasting. It’s a way to lure them in with something that is ‘easier’ and will keep them sick and ridden with disease.

For more on fasting, how to do it correctly, and all the health benefits, please check my dry fasting articles. And if you never fasted, always start with water fasting and a simple reachable goal, as in having your last meal in the afternoon and then fast for as long as you feel comfortable the next day. You will probably be able to do 24 hours or more without any discomfort. And once you’ve done 3 days of water fasting or more, you can slowly transition into dry fasting, and really tap into some amazing health benefits, as dry fasting is three times as effective.

If you need help with your body-, health-, and life- goals, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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