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Stupid and Unhealthy Scams: The Fasting-Mimicking Diet

This might be one of the stupidest and most mislabeled “diet” fads to re-surface in a really long time. And when a pharmaceutical shill-website such as the evil ‘Medical News Today’ writes about it in a positive manner, you know that it’s satanical inversed bullshit. Before we move on, let’s define what a “fasting-mimicking diet” really is. According to the authors and the disinformation agent they interviewed, the one big shill Dr. Valter D. […]

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The Fasted Cardio Debate

As You probably know, I’ve worked most of my life, or at least 28+ years professionally within the Health-, Fitness-, Gym-, Body Composition-, Sports-, Media- and Professional Athlete Industry, and one of the few websites I still randomly visit is T-Nation, and mostly because my old colleague from the 90’s, Christian Thibadeau, still writes for them on a regular basis. A few days ago, their ‘Chief Content Officer,’ Chris Shugart, published the article “The

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