My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing

As you might know if you followed my work for a while, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 with one smaller tumor growing along the Iliotibial band on my right leg (which was removed and studied,) a large tumor within my left leg, stretching almost from the hip to the knee, and a small tumor along my brainstem, close to my right ear. In late 2017 and early 2018, my body was so toxic that I was facing both kidney and liver failure. However, that had absolutely nothing to do with the tumors, or the “cancer;” and as you might know, I was doomed by the medical community but healed myself with our natural species-appropriate diet and prolonged electrolyte fasting combined with recurring 3 to 5 days of dry fasting.

Because of time-restraints and keeping the article somewhat short and easy to digest, it will be simplified and quite basic/general. For further and deeper discussions, please refer to our uncensored community forum at

Now, the medical definition of cancer is, “a term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues. Cancer cells can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.

This is completely wrong, as pretty much everything within Western Modern Medicine as it is a big money-making scam to keep you sick and dependent.
Your body does not do anything that is “out of control” or to hurt you. And cancer cells are not some silly rebellious entities separated from your physiology that runs rampage and jumps from tissue to tissue. The truth is that your body will always do everything it can to survive, to make you live as long as possible – and this is something all of us should know instinctively if we just take a minute to think about it. And this simple concept of survival is extremely important to realize when it comes to understanding cancer. Nothing in nature is “faulty” or “abnormal.”

From all my research and my own experiences, I would say that “cancer” or “abnormal cell growths,” as in tumors, are caused by prolonged toxemia and/or, prolonged abnormal levels of blood sugar, and/or by prolonged repeated mental trauma, as described in German New Medicine.

Some research has shown that people with some types of cancers do better on a “low-carb,” as in a ketogenic diet, because these abnormal cells seem to feed off glucose and they break down when blood sugar is stable and the body has switched to a fat metabolism, relying on fatty acids and ketones.
Why this happens should be obvious, yet the medical community is brainwashed and they all think like braindead sheep. They believe that the increase in glucose metabolism is due to its need for cell growth and cell division. If that were true, all forms of cancer cells would prefer glucose.

These kinds of cancers are of course your body’s last resort to keep you alive as you continue to flood your bloodstream with glucose from overeating carbohydrates. As you should know, glucose is extremely toxic to our bodies and destroys our blood vessels and nerves, which can lead to tissues (especially eyes and ears) and body limbs decaying and dying, as seen in some diabetics. So, these cells in vulnerable tissues, that has taken damage, are re-programmed to more efficiently metabolize glucose and to keep up, they multiply and form tumors that functions like ‘glucose disposal tissues’ in an effort to keep you alive.

However, if you do not fix the underlying problem that causes this, as in your diet, as in consuming too many carbohydrates, you will eventually die as your body can’t keep up. And that damage, and the ultimate fate of death, has absolutely nothing to do with the “cancer,” as that is simply your body trying desperately to keep you alive.

By simply switching to our natural way of eating, as in removing all plant-foods and carbohydrates and focusing on animal-based foods, your body will no longer have need for these cell tissues and they will be broken down and recycled. To speed it up, do some fasting as that really revs up autophagy (your body’s natural cleaning and recycling program.)

Other types of cancers usually develop because of prolonged toxemia, as in continiously being exposed to certain toxins or poisons. Usually, if you’re fully healthy and nourished, as in following our natural diet, your body can keep up and detoxify, especially if you have short fasting windows or do some yearly prolonged fasting. If compromised by a bad diet, by lack of sleep, and/or by stress, and your body can’t really keep up, it stores toxins in fat tissue, which will accelerate fat gain (we covered this in the article, “What makes you fat.”)
If your body still can’t keep up, it will re-program tissue in affected areas to encapsulate the toxins, like a ‘garbage bin,’ hence the growth of tumors.

Now, while these tumors are protecting your organs from taking damage from circulating toxins, they might end up compromising your health due to their locations and size (especially if you get them close to the brain, your intestines, heart or other organs.) Still, it is your body’s last desperate measure to keep you alive as long as possible and give you an opportunity to turn it around, to eliminate the source/sources of pollution that is poisoning your body.

This is why it is so important to catch these types of “cancers” early and to understand that it is not the cancer, the “abnormal cell growth” that is making you sick and is killing you, but rather your way of living. Something is poisoning you. No kind of medicines or therapy will cure you or even help you; it might actually worsen the scenario, especially radiation treatment which will damage your normal cells. Same if some doctor take tissue samples and punctures the tumors, making toxins leak out into your body again.

Again, the only way to prevent this or reverse it while your body is still able to do so, is by adopting our natural species-appropriate diet to fully nourish our bodies and then eliminate any source of toxins and pollution we can think of.

As you get better and stronger, you can start using some fasting to slowly break down the tumors. However, realize that this will also release the stored toxins, so you will experience heavy detoxification symptoms. So, be smart and do it in short bursts. Do not push a fast if you feel really miserable. Simply refuel on good food, recover for a while, and then try again. And this is why you should not start with fasting right away while your body is weak and compromised, as it might not be able to handle the toxic load.

That is why I went fully raw carnivore for two months before I stared doing some fasting to heal. When your body is fully nourished, and has recovered a little, it will be able to function as intended and then it will prioritize what to repair during autophagy and to what extent. When fully nourished and in a non-compromised state, it will never break down and release too much toxins.

And last, we might get cancerous growths from repeated mental trauma. When we experience a conflict, our brain tells our cells in the afflicted area to strengthen that part of the body by building more tissue to better handle the stress and the situation. Once the conflict is resolved and no longer perceived as a threat, those cells are broken down and recycled. However, if this process is repeated back and forth in a body that is compromised, the removal of the previous cells might be hampered, and the result is simply more and more cell growth in the affected area, hence a ‘tumor.’

Again, adopting the strategies I discussed above will help with this as well, especially fasting. And many times, when adopting a better and healthier lifestyle, as we feel better, get more confident, and our whole life changes, a lot of our mental traumas are resolved without us even knowing or realizing it.
This is why some people diagnosed with “cancer” and who are determined to fix it and changes their lifestyle succeeds, while others who take it as a death sentence, usually and very sadly, don’t last very long.

So, the best way to prevent “cancer” is simply to live life as a normal human, following our species-appropriate diet and do our best to avoid pollutants, chemicals, and toxins. And yes, that is also the way to heal if you have damaged your body and it has had no other option that to “initiate” cancer.

To conclude, it should be obvious by now why “cancer” has increased so dramatically in our stressful modern society of complete garbage foods and chemical pollution. Cancer is not a disease, it’s a survival emergency protocol. It’s not something you can cure or fight. It’s not the enemy. It is not what you should focus on. Instead, you must identify and fix whatever is hurting, damaging and compromising your body and health; whatever is causing your body to desperately trying to keep you alive for as long as possible.

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