The Ketogenic Diet and Mental Health Benefits

The Big Pharma and Medical Pseudo-Science shill-website Medical News Today recently tried their best to stay neutral while reviewing a new study on the Ketogenic Diet and its potential to improve mood and mental well-being in the general population. Considering that the study, like all “nutritional oriented” studies was very poorly done, and the writers at Medical News Today are totally clueless about human physiology, this might be a fun ride. As usual, I’ll […]

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Isomaltulose (Palatinose) is Just as Toxic as Any Carbohydrate

Yesterday, May 6, T-Nation posted yet another advertisement article for their useless supplements. It seems most of their articles nowadays are just that – advertisements filled with pseudo-science and utter nonsense. This time they began their “article” with a throwback to the 1950’s and the era of desperate ads by the sugar- and food industry touting sugar as a “superfood” to kill cravings and increase willpower as a countermeasure to health experts that had

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Eat This, Not That: Worst of the Worst?

This review was a request by some of my readers. When looking at ranking websites based on traffic provided by Google Analytics, the website “” recently climbed from rank 8 to rank 3 at the beginning of this year with a monthly 11.6 million visitors within the category of “Nutrition Diets and Fitness” in the US. While I’m not sure if this was due to heavy bot-induced traffic brought on by their Freemasonic funding,

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The Broken Gary Brecka Diet

Today we return to the medical shill-website Healthline and their latest attempt at being “neutral” as they reviewed the Gary Brecka Diet, so let’s review their review, as it presents a great opportunity to bust Brecka’s tiny balls. So, who is Gary Brecka? Well, he’s just another “biohacking” charlatan trying to sell you supplements and tailored “nutritional recommendations” based on his “genetic testing kits,” which are complete pseudo-science and nonsense. Healthline describe him as

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All Sugars/Carbohydrates Turn into Toxic Glucose

On March 19, 2024, the controlled opposition and gatekeeper website, featuring the ‘alternative medicine’ proponent and quack Dr. Mercola, published an article called “Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods — Which Should Concern You?” While it may seem like a good message on the surface, as in avoiding “sugars,” Mercola totally misrepresents the science, as usual, and actually reinforces the bastardized, dangerous, and maiming nutritional propaganda of the evil and corrupted food industry, medical

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Any Amount of Sugar (Carbs) is Too Much!

A few days back, we discussed some of the controlled opposition and shill health sites over at our uncensored community forum It started with “Dr. Mercola” and then I added “Dr. Axe” to the mix – and that’s where we’re going today, as Dr. Axe and his crew posted an article about sugar, simply titled, “How Much Sugar Per Day Is Too Much?” Well, that’s easy to answer as all types of carbohydrates

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Red-Light Therapy, is it Beneficial?

The pharmaceutical and medical shill-website ‘Medical News Today’ recently posted an article about red-light therapy and its effects on blood sugar levels. While it’s worrisome that the evil medical industry pushes something like ‘red-light therapy,’ it’s mainly because it’s another way to treat symptoms and making tons of money while doing nothing about the real cause of the problem. Let’s see what they have to say before I give you my view on it.

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Stubborn Body Fat

Yesterday, the T-Nation staff published an anonymous article about “stubborn body fat” due to what they call “insulin insensitivity.” And as usual with these bro-science and pseudo-science-based fitness-websites, they almost got a few things right — but as always, they got most of it wrong. Let’s see what they had to say on this subject. They introduce their “article of solutions” by explaining that it is easy for a guy to go from 25%

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