All Sugars/Carbohydrates Turn into Toxic Glucose

On March 19, 2024, the controlled opposition and gatekeeper website, featuring the ‘alternative medicine’ proponent and quack Dr. Mercola, published an article called “Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods — Which Should Concern You?

While it may seem like a good message on the surface, as in avoiding “sugars,” Mercola totally misrepresents the science, as usual, and actually reinforces the bastardized, dangerous, and maiming nutritional propaganda of the evil and corrupted food industry, medical establishment, and government.

The disinformation agent, Dr. Joseph Mercola, begins his article with the following retarded hook:

While I’ve long recommended high-fat and low-carb consumption, I’ve recently learned that most people would benefit from far higher amounts of carbohydrates in their diet. But there’s a significant difference between refined sugars added to processed foods and natural fructose found in ripe fruit, for example.

No, you haven’t learned anything. The only reason for changing your tune, just like the shill Paul Saladino, is because that was in your script all along as controlled opposition. You lure in people who are waking up and make improvements to their diet, such as trying the ketogenic diet, by becoming a figurehead in that area, then, once you have a large following, you make up non-existing “problems,” usually from symptoms that are natural effects of healing and/or detoxing, and then you present a solution, which might work temporarily as it shuts down the healing and thus the symptoms, slowly steering your followers to another bastardized diet that once again make them weak and sickly, and thus dependable on your advice, on your bogus supplements, and on the medical community. We see this simple psy-op using controlled opposition in all areas of society, from fake conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, David Icke and Q/Q’anon, to health influencers like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Axe, and germ-theory protectors like Judy Mikovits, Reiner Fuellmich, and late Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Humans will never benefit from any kind of carbohydrate, as glucose metabolism, as in creating our own glucose on demand through gluconeogenesis, is a natural part of our physiology – and adding carbohydrates, which is broken down to glucose, is an immediate and deadly threat as it increases blood glucose over normal stable levels and it has to be dealt with immediately. Even nutritionists, and their “scientist” peers, agree that there is no such thing as an ‘essential carbohydrate,’ still their bastardized education and indoctrination causes a state of Stockholm’s Syndrome where they continue to say that you need them. Completely retarded.

Let’s see where Mercola goes next after already falling flat on his malnourished face.

All Sugars Are Not Created Equal

Refined sugars, which are also sometimes referred to as free sugars, include those that are added to processed foods and drinks. High-fructose corn syrup is an example of a refined sugar. These sugars are linked to health problems such as dental decay and heart disease, as well as cancer.

Intrinsic sugars, also known as naturally occurring sugars, are those found within the cellular structure of foods, including whole fruits and vegetables. These sugars are part of the food’s natural composition, not added during processing, and come with the beneficial nutrients and fiber found in whole foods, which can slow down sugar absorption and mitigate its impact on blood sugar levels.”

While you can define them as such, the definitions are still nothing more than semantics. Any kind of carbohydrate will turn into glucose, increasing blood glucose levels over its natural threshold, which is very damaging. While simple/refined sugars will hit the bloodstream quicker, causing an initial larger spike in insulin, any amount of carbohydrates will require the same amount of insulin to be stored away. In this regard, the fast-acting simple carbs will tax the organs as a lot of insulin has to be produced and released within a short period of time, while slow-acting complex carbs will linger in your blood stream for a much longer time, inflicting more damage to cells. I’ve explained all this in detail in the article, “Any Amount of Sugar (Carbs) is Too Much!

One of the primary differences between these two types of sugars is that refined sugars, as well as many starches, are a common cause of endotoxin production in your gut, which destroys mitochondrial function and results in cancer metabolism. The fructose present in whole foods does not typically result in the production of endotoxin, provided you don’t have serious gut problems.

This is one of the primary differences between refined sugar and fructose from ripe fruit and helps explain why refined sugars fuel cancer.

No, you dimwit, as I explained in my article, “My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing”, tumors that seem to “feed” on sugars, as in glucose, are simply cells that have been rebuilt to better handle the continuously toxic high levels of blood glucose due to the person consuming too much carbohydrates. Cancer is a survival mechanism. Your body form these tumors as a desperate measure to keep you alive, to give you more time to turn things around. If you stop killing yourself by removing all the toxic carbohydrates from your diet, the tumors will no longer be needed, and will slowly be broken down and disappear.

However, it is easy to blame refined sugars as they are easy to add to every single man-made “food” item, and thus they will contribute more than anything else to increase the amount of total carbohydrates in a meal or snack. Still, the function is the same. All carbohydrates turn into glucose; and that is the poison.

After this, Mercola goes full disinformation agent and literally show us what controlled opposition is all about with telling his own manufactured story filled with inverted backwards logic and reasoning. If you know anything about human physiology, it’s extremely easy to debunk. However, most people do not, and are easily deceived. Since it’s all nonsensical garbage, we’ll jump to the inverted conclusions Mercola drew from this.

Why You May Need to Eat More Carbs

A ketogenic diet can be very useful initially when transitioning people who are metabolically inflexible. which is about 95% of the U.S. population. So, in the short term, the vast majority of people can benefit from going keto. However, if you continue in ketosis long term, you’re going to run into problems.

No, you little government shill, fat metabolism, as in being in ketosis, is our natural metabolic state. We are made to be in ketosis much of the day, only temporarily coming out of it after a large meal due to the high protein content when consuming meat – or in case of starvation, when having to rely on some fruit and berries. A natural metabolic flexibility.

Again, a low-carb diet is best implemented as a temporary strategy to restore metabolic flexibility. Once metabolic flexibility is regained, adding more carbs back in will help to lower cortisol, which is highly inflammatory. Your body needs glucose, so if you deprive it for too long, it will produce cortisol to stimulate your liver to make it.”

Are you really this stupid, or is it part of your act as a disinformation agent?
First and foremost, yes, your body need a small amount of glucose for some special tissues, including your brain, and this is perfectly managed by gluconeogenesis. Your body will always produce exactly what it needs from the breakdown of fatty acids and protein, even if you’re physically active on a superhuman level. It will never run out as long as you’re not starving yourself to death. Providing the glucose needed for any scenario without actually consuming carbohydrates will never be a problem. Your physiology is designed for it!

As for cortisol, it is not “inflammatory” you frikkin’ idiot, and it’s not a “stress hormone” as we believed in the past. Cortisol serves several functions. It helps the body with releasing stored glycogen through its natural process of gluconeogenesis, which is converted into glucose to fuel the tissues that needs it. In that sense, it mobilizes early in the morning to wake you up and to help fuel you, so you have energy to get food and have a meal, as in breakfast. When you do not force-feed yourself with toxic carbohydrates, your cortisol levels are naturally higher in the morning and forenoon, and then cortisol declines during the day to be the lowest in the evening – especially if you have a meal or two. Also, cortisol is needed for healing and repair, just like cholesterol. And when healing occurs, there is an “inflammatory” response. It’s part of the healing process. Only because cortisol is higher when inflamed does not mean it caused it. It’s actually a part of the healing process!

And what do you think happens once you stop poisoning yourself with carbohydrates? Yes, your body can finally start to heal. And healing is something that takes a long time and can increase in intensity as you get healthier and have more resources available. That means that cortisol, just like cholesterol, can slowly increase for a while once you are eating healthy again, and it can remain elevated for as long as your body is healing from all the damage you have done by consuming carbohydrates and other plant-based foods that are filled with toxic seed oils, defense chemicals, antinutrients, and pesticides. If you for example has damaged your body for 30-, 40-, or even 50 years or more, do you think switching to a ketogenic, or better yet, our natural carnivore diet will heal you in weeks or months? No, it will take years. And during that time your cholesterol and cortisol levels might fluctuate and be higher than average. And again, when perfectly healthy, your cortisol levels should be slightly elevated in the morning and forenoon, and when do you usually take blood samples to measure this? Yes, in the morning or forenoon.

And now, what happens if you start consuming carbohydrates again? Your body will stop producing cortisol as it does not need to release stored glycogen as glucose levels are already dangerously high from your retarded actions. Instead, it fights for survival by trying to eliminate that excessive glucose in any way it can. And that also means that all healing is temporarily put on hold again.

In your backwards thinking, you thought that cortisol was bad because you were finally healing and running on your natural fat metabolism, so you went back to what caused the damage in the first place, and cortisol dropped, and you thought that was good?!
How can this be hard to understand? And you claim to be some sort of authority? Damn, that is controlled opposition 101!

As explained by Dinkov, if your cortisol is chronically elevated, you end up with central obesity and chronic inflammation, which clearly isn’t good. So, you’ve got to have a certain amount of glucose, and it’s best to get it from your diet rather than forcing your liver to make it, as cortisol is then also being churned out.”

No, Dinkov is a complete fool, just like the retarded shill Ray Peat. Chronically elevated cortisol is usually seen in very sick people with a damaged metabolism and/or in people with extreme high stress levels. Their obesity and metabolic problems are from their lifestyle and food choices. Cortisol has nothing to do with it, it’s simply elevated due to the damage and the situation. It was not the cause. You did all that damage by yourself.

In someone who switched to a healthy and natural diet and is healing, elevated cortisol levels will do nothing of the sort. It’s another ballpark, it’s a natural part of the process. Your body does not do anything wrong or to hurt you, it only tries to adapt to the current conditions and to survive. You cannot take some backward association noted from dimwitted researchers as observed in a severely damaged body and apply it to a completely different scenario, as in someone healing.
Again, backwards logic and controlled opposition 101.

Ultimately, glucose is the ideal fuel for your mitochondria and the one that will create the most energy with the least amount of “exhaust” in the form of free radicals causing oxidative stress that damages your mitochondria, cell membranes and proteins. It will also create the most carbon dioxide in your body which is highly beneficial for your health.”

No, glucose is only needed by some specific tissues, and these also use fatty acids and ketone bodies. It’s a delicate relationship and balance, and it’s perfectly handled by gluconeogenesis. To other tissues, glucose is extremely damaging, and that is why your blood glucose levels are so tightly controlled, and why your body is in emergency mode every time you consume carbohydrates which upset this delicate balance.

To conclude, this might have been one of the worst articles I’ve read in a long time. Total disinformation while trying to hide behind the accepted message that sugars, as in “refined carbs,” are bad, when all forms of carbohydrates ultimately turn into glucose anyway. And while all that processed junk makes it much more available and way easier to overconsume, all carbohydrates are still poison and contraindicated to the natural human species-specific diet, which is strictly carnivorous.

Anyone recommending carbohydrates and plant-based foods are either extremely misinformed, as in a gullible slave-sheep of the corrupt system, or a disinformation agent, as in controlled opposition. Call them out, or shut them out, and warn other people about them.

If you need help with transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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