Stupid misconceptions about “Ketosis” and ‘Ketogenic Diets’

Again, I see so much nonsense, especially from the dying vegtard cult, but even from people calling themselves nutritionists or “nutrition scientists” – which is hilarious since the “study of nutrition” for human beings is an ideology, not a science. Below are five points that I hear over and over again as soon as some total dimwit open his or her mouth.

1. Your body need glucose and thus being in ketosis is bad

Actually, your body is always in a state of ketosis since we produce ketones no matter the situation. Ketosis is thus a natural state. For those consuming a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates, the level of ketosis will be almost undetectable, while someone consuming only fat, protein and trace amounts of carbohydrates will be in detectable ketosis. Your body is not in one or the other, as in a digital switch between 1 and 0, it’s always operating on a sliding scale.
And as for glucose, your body is fully capable of producing its own glucose at any time from fatty acids and amino acids. Carbohydrates is not required. That process is called glyconeogenesis.

2. The brain will use glucose or ketones for fuel

No, there is no switching between “fuel sources” ever. Your brain will always use both glucose and ketones as fuel at all times, no matter what your diet looks like.
It may rely on 99.99% glucose and 0.01% ketones in an unhealthy carb-junky, and up to 17.5 to 18% ketones in some of the most severe “deep ketosis” studies. But it will never rely on only one source of fuel, never.

3. Ketones are produced in ketosis as an alternative fuel

No. As established in point 1, every human being produces some amount of ketone bodies at all times, no matter your nutritional status. And thus, ketones are not an alternative fuel. Your body use both glucose and ketones as fuel, running parallel on a sliding scale, at all times.

4. Where is the evidence for detectable ketosis being our natural state or good for brain health?

You will not find such important information within the field of nutrition, since “nutrition science” is simply an ideology. Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists are nothing more than indoctrinated puppets of a deeply misanthropic and bastardized organization.
You will find real information on how the body actually works in comparative anatomy and physiology, in understanding human metabolic systems and pathways, and by looking at anthropology and the development of human beings.

Now, for ketones being good for your health and brain, you only need a tiny bit of logical thinking. Yes, I know, that is hard with all the propaganda and brainwashing going on in any “education” and around the clock in news and media. However, I’m sure you can manage. Let’s take fasting as an example. You know that your body is fully capable of producing its own glucose, in abundance in fact. As long as you have some fat and muscle tissue that can be broken down, there is tons of glucose ready to be made. Yet, during a fast you enter detectable ketosis and your body use a lot more ketones to fuel its metabolic processes and its brain. This simply means that our body operates at best in detectable ketosis where it produces the exact amount of glucose and ketone bodies it needs for all its processes. Very much like it does when you follow our natural species appropriate diet of consuming the fat, flesh and produce of animals. If our body would prefer more glucose, as seen in blood-glucose levels of carb junkies, it would simply upregulate that process and produce more glucose and less ketones – yet, it does not!

The only reason ketosis is barely detectable in humans that gorge themselves with carbohydrates is because glucose is a potential poison, and blood glucose must be kept at an stable level or it will do a lot of harm. Thus, if you provide carbohydrates as a fuel, your body will have to prioritize manage it by using it as fuel or storing it as body fat or it would kill us.

5. The high-fat “ketogenic” diet was invented to treat children with epilepsy

A lot of self-claimed experts will point out that Dr. Wilder in 1921, since simple fasting could not be maintained by epileptic patients for a sufficiently long period, suggested that a high fat diet could improve seizures and he named this high fat diet the ketogenic diet (KD).
Yes, as a therapeutic diet for “medical” reasons, that name, “the ketogenic diet,” was coined in 1921. And it’s also too high in fat intake (90%.)
However, as a way of eating mostly fat and proteins from animals; that is something we as a species have done for millions of years. As far back as anthropology can determine, human beings have always been hyper carnivores, and thus by default, been following a high-fat, moderate protein, “ketogenic” diet since the beginning of time.
It’s not new. It’s not for specific reasons. It’s natural. It’s how we are meant to eat and thrive.

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