The Ugly Truth About Resveratrol and Other Phytonutrients

TC Luoma, the co-founder of the fitness- and bodybuilding online-magazine T-Nation, recently posted yet another article shilling for dangerous and useless supplements. This time he hyped one of their Biotest supplements that is based on Resveratrol, a polyphenol.
While TC has posted some funny and almost “useful” information throughout the years, it’s hard to tell if he’s simply ignorant and trapped in the pseudo-science of the inverted fake “nutrition science” and that of the bro-science fitness industry, or if he simply writes such crap because they sell useless supplements to gullible readers. Anyhow, let’s see what utter nonsense he spurted out this time.

TC began with:

“Polyphenols are plant metabolites that generally protect plants from ultraviolet radiation or attack by pathogens. Science has recognized them as chemicals that could radically alter human health.”

Yes, right there, that somewhat restricted bit of truth should have your alarm bells going off like crazy. To be perfectly clear, ‘polyphenols’ are simply one type of many different toxic chemicals that belongs to the collective family of “phytonutrients.” Now, “phytonutrients” are chemical compounds produced by plants that help to protect them from germs, fungi, bugs, and other environmental threats. It’s not clear who first coined the term “phytonutrients,” but they used to be called “phytochemicals.” Likely, some evil genius changed the name to deceive people into believing that these defense chemicals are “nutrition,” which they absolutely are not! These chemicals are not present in animals, they are unique to plants as a part of their self-defense mechanism.

Phytonutrients like polyphenols are simply plant toxins, chemicals produced to protect the plants from being eaten and destroyed. These chemicals are produced to hurt and even kill those trying to consume the plant. Polyphenols are thus a potent poison. But as always, the inverted “science” does not understand the first thing about human physiology or how our bodies actually work. So, let’s see what complete bullshit TC knocks out next.

TC continued with:

Although the science behind them is still in its infancy, we’ve begun to isolate and understand the power of individual polyphenols. Among those that have attracted the most attention (and research) is resveratrol, a polyphenol occurring in high concentrations in grapes, apples, blueberries, plums, and peanuts.”

Actually, polyphenols, such as flavonoids, isoflavonoids, and anthocyanidins, are most readily found within the seeds of these fruits, including grains. And seeds are the most toxic part of any plant, as that is how they reproduce. Plants want their seeds to be unharmed and either spread by the wind or by an animal consuming their fruit without chewing the seeds, simply swallowing them so they come out the other end unharmed. However, along came retarded humans who crushed the seeds to make seed/vegetable oil and other useless and extremely toxic things, hence the inverted science on “phytonutrients” and extremely toxic and dangerous compounds such as Resveratrol.

TC then goes on to cite a paper in ‘Food Science & Nutrition’ on the “benefits” of Resveratrol. Remember, there is no such thing as “food science” or “nutrition science,” as I’ve explained numerous of times, for example in my article ‘Understanding Nutrition and Breaking Free from Ideology and Pseudoscience.’

Resveratrol and Diabetes

Resveratrol lowers blood sugar in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, increases glucose transport, improves insulin sensitivity, and protects pancreatic cells against inflammation.

Keyword is ‘inflammation.’ What is inflammation? It’s part of the healing process. Without inflammation, the healing stops. In diabetics, blood vessels and it’s surrounding tissue has been damaged by too much blood sugar from carbohydrates (and possibly seed oils) for extended periods of time. Their bodies are desperately trying to heal this damage, thus the inflammation. However, 99.9% of all people does not understand this and will not aid their body, instead they take drugs and/or continue to consume the same shitty foods that did the damage to begin with.
So, by consuming something that is “anti-inflammatory,” which actually means that it’s a poison that immediately pose a bigger threat to the body, so it has no other option than to focus on neutralizing that poison, the healing process is halted as the new threat takes priority. As the person continues to take this poison regularly, the cycle repeats and the inflammation from the healing is grinded to a halt, or stops completely. Since the healing process is stopped, a unhealthy and compromised body now has more resources available for blood sugar control, but that is not really a good thing, as the healing has stopped and more damage is thus slowly accumulating, and that without you noticing.

The only solution to fix and cure diabetes is by adopting our species-appropriate way of eating, and to use prolonged fasting for accelerated healing. Using drugs, or ‘anti-inflammatory’ supplements will only disguise the symptoms and worsen the situation.

Resveratrol and Cardiovascular Disease

Several studies show it to be anti-atherosclerotic, anti-hypertensive, anti-myocardial ischemia, anti-stroke, and anti-heart-failure in general. It does all these things by increasing the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO), positively affecting lipid profiles, and being a powerful anti-inflammatory.”

Nope, it does none of these things. It’s the exact same scenario as described above about diabetics. It’s only a temporary illusion as the healing processes slows down and eventually stops, removing markers of actual damage. During healing, markers of cell damage will be noticeable as cells are being broken down and other fundamental symptoms of healing and repair processes such as inflammation is high. Stop the healing, and all that goes away, giving the illusion that the situation has improved. And that is extremely dangerous, as you temporarily will feel better as symptoms lessen, however the damage continues to pile up without you now even noticing, setting you up for real catastrophic damage, as in a stroke or heart attack.

Resveratrol and Alzheimer’s

One of the contributors to Alzheimer’s is excessive production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and resveratrol weakens the damage from ROS, in addition to having anti-amyloidogenic properties (i.e., helping prevent the plaques that are a hallmark of the disease).”

Actually, the most common contributor to anything brain-related is the lack of animal fats, as in saturated fats and cholesterol. As for ‘flavonoids’ from plants, it is important to note that these so-called “benefits” reported by shill-organizations like WHO, are not conclusively proven because they have not been derived from randomized control trials on humans, but instead from observational studies which show some association and not a direct causation link between people’s diets and health outcomes. It’s simply a biased take by well-paid “scientists.”

And again, the same simple logic as described in the earlier points apply.

Resveratrol and DNA Damage

Resveratrol protects against DNA damage that may lead to the development of cancers.

DNA is an unproven theoretical model and “DNA damage” is one of many retarded excuses behind the real causes of cancer. As I’ve had my own battles with cancer and tumors in the past, I’ve explained cancer in my article ‘My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing.’

After all these failed points, TC goes on with some other random stuff he picked up from various publications funded by Big Food and Big Pharma.

What is important to understand, is that ‘polyphenols’ and other ‘phytonutrients’ are defense chemicals, as in defensive weapons. They are toxins meant to do damage and to kill. You cannot improve anything health wise by taking a toxin, a poison. It’s an acute stressor. And as such, it’s the body’s priority to eliminate it, which means that other processes are temporarily put on the backburner. And if you continue to take the same poison, as in ‘supplementing,’ other crucial processes, such as healing and detoxification of stored toxins will be severely hampered or even shut down, hence that the symptoms of these processes disappear. That does not mean that you got better, or that you have been cured of anything. It means that the damage is still there and it’s accumulating without you no longer experiencing its symptoms, because you are poisoning yourself, you are masking the effects of the damage.

This should be extremely simple and logical to understand, unless you’ve been brainwashed into thinking backwards. But even then, after actually thinking and applying some logic, you should be able to snap out of it. I know, because I did — and that after wasting 17 years on medical studies, and 30+ years on fake nutritional science.

If you need help with adopting our natural species-appropriate way of eating, or need help with any health issues, I’m available for coaching and consulting.

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