Food Do Not Increase Productivity Unless You Are Malnourished

Today we’ll visit “IronMagazine Online.” Yes, the website that once upon a time tried to steal the name of my pioneering IronMagazine Online, or ‘Ironmag’ that we called it for short. I developed the first real bodybuilding and health online-magazine Ironmag in 1996 and ran it together with Christian Thibaudeau and Eric Hesse until 2002. As I moved on to run the Swedish Edition of Ironman Magazine and work with other companies, this other “IronMagazine Online” reestablished themselves and later got my previous domain names. So, to be perfectly clear, they never had anything to do with my original web-magazine Ironmag that was the top-bodybuilding and health web-magazine during 1996 to 2000 – a position that actually T-Nation took over a year or so before we closed down due to time restraints.

Now, I have never visited IronMagazine Online before, and according to web-ranking websites — which are sketchy at best (as they are based on estimates) — they only have about 25k visits a month. That’s about half of my little free website ‘,’ which averages around 52k a month (or 47.6k according to estimating ranking websites.) Still, I got a request for this article, and since I had some history with them, I checked it out and this is what I found.

“10 Foods That Can Increase Your Productivity”

The article is written by Matt Weik, a former employee of supplement company MET-Rx and the typical run-of-the-mill high school strength-and-conditioning coach and personal trainer. So, let’s get into it.

Can the food you eat truly increase your productivity? Well, we know there are some foods that can cause the opposite and leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Not to knock them but eat a meal from McDonald’s and tell me how you feel after. Yeah, tired and sluggish, right?

Yes, congratulations, you identified what happens when you consume “food” that is not species-appropriate, “food” that is hard and difficult to digest. However, that does not mean that some foods will have the opposite effect. This is easy explained by simple logic. If you eat what you are supposed to eat, if you eat according to your species, you will get all the bioavailable nutrients that you need to function optimally, and that will be your natural base level for both energy and cognition, as in productivity. Only consuming something less nutritious or something of lower quality, as in ‘non-species appropriate,’ will lower that base level.

The saying ‘You are what you eat’ holds true to a degree, but debates over dietary specifics have raged on for years. Clinical dietitians and nutritionists suggest science-based recommendations, while some #eatclean proponents demonize many food items. Finding healthy options amid the controversy can feel challenging.

Clinical dietitians and nutritionists are part of an indoctrinated bastardized cult of pseudo-science. I should know, I was one myself for many years. And yes, you should demonize anything ‘edible’ that is not species-appropriate, that is toxic and of low nutritional value. It’s actually extremely simple.

The Earth is populated by living beings. All living beings are separated into different species according to their characteristics. As we as humans try to distinguish ourself, we call all the other species for ‘animals.’ Still, we humans are also animals, and every single species of animals have their species-specific, species-appropriate diet. Some are carnivorous, just like we humans are, while other have adapted to consume more plants, including bacteria and small bugs and insects. Still, there is not one single “herbivore” that does not eat another animal given the chance, simply because it’s the best, easiest, and only way to get fully bioavailable nutrition. The animals that can extract some nutrition from plants have a grind-based chewing mechanism that really tears down the plant-matter before swallowing, followed by a very complex digestion system with fermentation processes. Still, they need to complement their nutrition with other living beings, be it small bugs, insects or even birds, eggs and rodents.

So, as humans we are obligate hyper carnivores, and we should only consume animal-based foods, as in the flesh and fat of animals. Anything else for us as human, as in anything ‘plant-based,’ is potentially toxic, damaging, and extremely low in any kind of nutritional value.

Regardless of your food philosophy, certain items should always have a place in your diet. These brain foods not only enhance exam performance and job interview success but also promote overall well-being and happiness. The World Health Organization confirms that the right foods can increase brainpower by up to 20%, improving productivity and problem-solving abilities.

By quoting the ‘World Hell Organization,’ the elite’s de-population and anti-human organization, you show that you are either a government shill, or an extremely brainwashed and naïve, possibly retarded, little prick.
The only food items that should have a place in our diet are the flesh and fat of animals, the same things we are made of ourselves. The optimal bioavailable nutrition.

Let’s dive into some foods that can increase your productivity level.

Ok Matt, show us what you’ve got.


Salmon stands out among fatty fish for its exceptional productivity-boosting properties.
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is renowned for enhancing memory and mental performance. Its omega-3 content is especially beneficial for combating depressive symptoms, a significant obstacle to productivity.”

At least you did not recommend a potentially toxic supplement. However, omega-3 will only help if you are deficient to begin with – and as most people follow a shitty diet are deficient in most things, they might notice some improvement.
Still, you will get all the omega-3 you need from red meat and perhaps some eggs here and there. If you follow our natural human carnivorous diet, you will not be deficient in anything and salmon is just another food that you can have every now and then, as long as it’s wild caught and from good sourced waters.


According to neuroscience research, it was suggested that dark-colored fruits and vegetables offer optimal brain protection against aging effects.
By safeguarding memory and other cognitive functions, these foods empower individuals to maximize productivity daily.”

No, you retard! These so-called “dark-colored” fruits and vegetables get their distinctive colors from various phytochemicals, as in defense chemicals, as in poisonous chemical substances produced by the plant to ward off anything that would try to eat it. Any noticeable “effect” from consuming such vile garbage is from acute poisoning and your body’s fight-or-flight response. That is NOT a good thing as you are damaging your body. It’s the same thing as taking a stimulant or a drug. Your body goes into emergency mode to quickly neutralize the toxin. You become more aware and awake for a short while as your body is recognizing a threat to your life. That is extremely stressful and demanding on your body.


Who said that all sugar is detrimental? Not true! Dark chocolate serves as a satisfying solution for a sweet craving while enhancing focus. Its caffeine content promotes alertness and concentration, while magnesium acts as a natural stress reliever.”

When you thought this could not get any dumber… Well, I stand corrected.
Sugar, as in any carbohydrate, is a toxin as it interferes with our natural production (gluconeogenesis) of glucose, which forces the body to raise insulin to quickly disperse the excess glucose in order to protect all the glucose sensitive tissues. So, indeed, that is another stress response. And then caffeine? A stimulant that blocks your brain’s perception of tiredness, that you need to rest — but you take something so you can ignore it? Also, caffeine is toxic and, just as with defense chemicals, it forces the body into a fight-or-flight response. Idiotic!


When it comes to snacks that pack a punch for productivity, nuts are a top choice. They provide a balanced combination of protein and healthy fats, essential for sustaining energy levels and supporting brain function throughout the day.
Additionally, nuts are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E, which helps protect brain cells from oxidative stress and may enhance cognitive performance.”

Seriously? Nuts, seeds, and the fruits of any plant are the most toxic parts of a plant you can find, as that is how they reproduce. The little, actually almost non-existent protein you can find in a nut is bound to the fiber and almost undigestible, and of course of extremely low quality. The fats in nuts are unsaturated, which means that they oxidize the second they get exposed to oxygen and/or sunlight. Humans only need saturated fats, as that is what we are made of. Any other “fats,” which are actually ‘oils’ per definition, as in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils are not needed by humans and they are potentially toxic. Also, antioxidants as found in plants are defense chemicals and extremely damaging to humans. I have several articles covering this misconception.


Avocados often come with strong opinions: you either love them or hate them. Hopefully, you’re in the camp of avocado enthusiasts.
These fruits stand out for their healthy fatty acids, which serve as an excellent energy source once consumed, providing vitality throughout your workday. Even if you’re not currently employed, avocados can fuel your energy during job hunting.”

Again, unsaturated “fats” are NOT healthy. They are extremely toxic, contributing to cardiovascular disease – especially if combined with carbohydrates.
You will get all the energy you need from a fatty steak or a stick of butter – as in saturated fats, the correct fat for human physiology.


Bananas deserve a spot on the list of the best food items to increase your productivity and energy levels. They are a fantastic energy booster, much like avocados. Their natural glucose content increases overall activity, enhancing creativity, focus, and cognitive function.
As carbohydrates, bananas fuel both your brain and body, making them an ideal snack to keep you satisfied until your next meal.”

Bananas are simply sugar, as in toxic and useless carbohydrates. And worse, most of it is in the form of fructose, which is very stressful for your liver. I’ve explained the extreme dangers of carbohydrates in several articles. Let’s move on.


Sweet potatoes offer a steady stream of energy to increase productivity. It is loaded with complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients like vitamins A and C, supporting peak brain function. Their slow digestion and ability to stabilize blood sugar levels keep you feeling full and energized.”

Vitamin A? No, retinol, as in the bioavailable form of Vitamin A, is only found in Animal-based foods – and that if it actually exists as suggested by the flawed “vitamin” science. All we can know for sure is that animal-based foods contain everything we need, as it’s made of the same things that we are made of – while plants have absolutely nothing of worth as we do not have the digestive system nor the fermentation chambers of an herbivore.
And again, carbohydrates are not for human consumption. And “complex” or “simple” has no relevant meaning as all carbs turn into glucose. Wise up!


Eggs serve as a rich source of essential B vitamins, including B1, B3, B6, B12, and folic acid. Their yolks are particularly abundant in choline, a compound known for enhancing memory.
Whether enjoyed scrambled, in an omelet with vegetables, or as a flavorful egg curry, eggs make an excellent breakfast or dinner option.

Yes, eggs are a superfood as they contain everything needed to produce a life, everything you will find in a living being, be it an animal or a human. With that said, the balance between nutrients is optimal for a developing life, not necessarily for sustaining a matured living being, so eggs are a great addition to a diet, but should not be the foundation of a diet. For that purpose, red meat is ideal, as that is what we as humans mostly are made of ourselves.

With that said, unless you are malnourished, eggs will not enhance or boost anything. If you eat according to your species, you will always be at your best, fully nourished and working at peak performance.
However, for a starving decaying vegan, consuming an egg will be like turning on the light switch for a few hours.


Broccoli offers a valuable dose of vitamin K, renowned for its cognitive-enhancing effects and brain-boosting properties.
Studies have highlighted its richness in glucosinolates, compounds that aid in preserving acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter crucial for maintaining sharp memory and cognitive function.”

Broccoli is one of the most toxic and unnatural plants there is, as its 100% man-made. It’s ridden with defense chemicals and especially damaging and blocking antinutrients such as oxalates, tannins, phenols, sulforaphanes, and glucosinolates. I’ve covered this many times.
And again, according to the “science” of vitamins, Vitamin K from plants is not absorbable or used by the body, only K2 from animal-based foods is usable.


Animal studies suggest that lycopene, a carotenoid present in tomatoes, may offer protective benefits against dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s.
However, lycopene’s ability to travel the blood-brain barrier, coupled with its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, suggests potential therapeutic effects for the brain and central nervous system.”

Carotenoids are simply another version of phytochemicals. They are defense chemicals and thus very toxic and damaging to consume. Some carotenoids, such as β-carotene and lycopene has very strong pro-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which means that they are so toxic that the body has to shut down its healing processes in order to amass all resources available to quickly neutralize the poison – hence the temporarily reduction in inflammation, which is part of a healing process. I’ve explained this many times too. And the fact that lycopene might travel the blood-brain barrier is extremely worrisome as it then potentially could damage the brain (as it is a very potent toxin.)

And that was it for this piece of garbage. This Matt Weik might just have been the worst “writer” on “nutrition” I’ve reviewed thus far. What a complete brainwashed puppet. Out of ten attempts, he managed to identify two food items, as in salmon and eggs, that are suitable for human consumption. Also, the idea behind the article was flawed to begin with, as the only people that might notice a difference will either do so by improving their nutritional status by consuming eggs or salmon, or they will poison themselves causing stress and a fight-or-flight response by consuming any of the other 8 toxic suggestions. What a disaster!

Also, that image they used for the article… No, I’m not returning to this website, not in a long time.

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