Maternal Toxicity Associated With Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Regulation

Today we return to the shill Dr. Axe and his website that promotes extremely unhealthy diet- and nutritional advice. On occasion, his crew also covers other topics, like this recent study on assessed perinatal factors known to be related to maternal and neonatal inflammation and hypothesized that several would be associated with emotional, cognitive, and behavioral dysregulation in youth.

As the “researchers” used the word ‘inflammation’ in their description of the objective of the study, we already know that they have no idea what they are doing, and neither do Dr Axe and his team of typewriting monkeys – in this case content manager Joe Boland.

If you’re new to human physiology, ‘inflammation’ is simply the process of healing, a response to damage within the body. Inflammation in itself is not the cause of anything. The real problem is whatever caused the damage and the need for healing, and thus the need for an ‘inflammatory response.’

Now, let’s see how Joe Boland described the study and the findings.

We know that inflammation is a natural response to foreign invaders in the body, and we also know that chronic inflammation can cause a host of problems. What has not been fully examined is how inflammation in a pregnant woman affects her child after it’s born.”

No, that is a dumbed down attempt at an explanation. First, using the term “foreign invaders” deceive the programmed reader to think of fictional germs and viruses; made-up things that does not exist. As for bacteria, we are walking bacterial infestations, as bacteria is our garbage crew that help us with breaking down and removing toxins, cellular debris, and so on. You do not get sick or damaged by bacteria, they assist in the healing process. That is why there is more bacteria present in tissues that are healing and recovering.

As for actual “foreign invaders,” there is only toxins, as in poisonous chemicals, pollution (environmental toxins,) and defense chemicals, pesticides and antinutrients from plants, and so on.

Now, if your body is healthy, it can detoxify most of these. If your health is compromised, like the majority of all people, most of the toxins will be stored in fat tissue and some might affect and damage tissues and organs over time. It is this damage that your body will try and repair, and in doing so, the area goes through a process of inflammation which is crucial to the healing process.

Chronic inflammation is simply your body trying over and over again to heal, but it either do not have the resources to finish and/or you are still doing the same thing that caused the damage to begin with, trapping you in a never-ending cycle of inflicted damage and healing.

The most common reason for this is carbohydrates and vegetable/seed oils. Carbohydrates turn into glucose which increases blood glucose levels over their natural steady limit, which will damage sensitive tissues (as can be observed in every single diabetic.) Seed oils contains unsaturated fatty acids that are not needed by humans and they also go rancid as soon as they are extracted from the seed, forming extremely damaging aldehydes.
In combination, as found in most processed plant-based foods, these can do a lot of damage in a short time.

Study: Maternal Inflammation and Children’s Health

In a nutshell, the study authors concluded that inflammation during pregnancy can lead to behavioral and emotional issues in children. That makes it vitally important for pregnant women to control inflammation by following a healthy pregnancy diet and taking the proper prenatal vitamins, among other ways to stay in the best shape for both the mother and child.”

Again, it’s not because of inflammation. Inflammation is a clue that you are damaging your body and it tries to heal. You need to remove all possible offenders that hurt your body.

If you consume plant-based and/or processed foods, these will hurt you, and if you’re pregnant, they will hurt the child too. And taking “prenatal vitamins” are the most idiotic thing you can do, as these chemically man-made vitamins does not exist in nature. They are made-up to resemble something they think exist, but there is no proof of this, or that they do what the claim they do. So, all synthetic vitamins are extremely toxic – you are poisoning yourself and your growing child if you take them.

The only way to guarantee proper nutrition for the mother and child is by consuming our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based food. It’s the only nutrition that is fully bioavailable to us and the only source of food that does not contain any kind of toxins (as all plants do.)

After analyzing all the data, ECHO found that the following maternal inflammation risk factors were associated with behavioral and emotional dysregulation in children:

  • having a first-degree relative with a psychiatric disorder
  • being born to a mother with lower educational attainment, who was obese, had any prenatal infection and/or who smoked tobacco during pregnancy

Well, as mental illness, as in “psychiatric disorders,” are usually the result of nutrient deficiencies and/or high toxicity, the behavioral pattern and the diet from such a relative might be copied and thus bring on the same results.
And obesity is the result of two factors; overeating on a bad diet and high toxicity, as toxins has to be stored away in newly built fat tissue.

So yes, the common thread here is a high toxic load, which in turn means a lot of damage to the body, which will manifest as inflammation as the body tries to detoxify and heal the exposed tissues.
Being highly toxic and likely malnourished will of course spell disaster for a pregnancy.

Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy

Eat a balanced diet during pregnancy consisting of high-quality protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.”

The word ‘balanced’ is extremely misused and deceitful. Humans are obligate hyper carnivores and all the nutrition we need is provided by consuming other animals that are constructed in the exact same way as we are – with muscle tissue, fat tissue, and organs. The only fat we need, and that we need a lot of, is animal fat. As for carbohydrates, they pose a toxic threat through the unnatural increase of blood glucose, which is normally managed by our bodily process called gluconeogenesis. Carbs should be kept to a minimum. However, if you’re used to consuming carbohydrates and are not fat adapted, as in used to run on our natural fat metabolism, you should focus on more natural sources and slowly phase them out over the span of months to let your body heal and re-adapt. Never cut out carbs from one day to the next. Always transition slowly.

Don’t go overboard on extra calorie intake, and keep empty calories to a minimum.”

When pregnant, you need extra nutrients for the baby to grow. You can only get these nutrients from animal-based foods, or they will be stripped from the mother’s body. If you get hungry or get cravings, it’s a sign of malnutrition, as in nutrient deficiencies, and then you really need to consume more meat, animal fat, and also some organ meats and perhaps some eggs, especially egg yolk.
The energy demand for the growing fetus is rather small and your body can use your body fat for this if needed. Still, by simply consuming a little more nutritious animal-based foods, you will have all corners covered.

Eat a colorful plate full of fruits and vegetables.”

Absolutely not! All vegetables are extremely toxic to humans, and they do not even exist in nature. They’re all man-made, all fake. Not only do they contain a ton of toxic defense chemicals and antinutrients, they are also covered in pesticides. This is incredibly dangerous and harmful advice.

Stay hydrated.”

Extremely easy if you consume only lightly cooked animal-foods (raw is even better, but you need to ease into that.) You can add some Celtic Sea salt and a few cups of water during the day to keep electrolytes up and thus keeping yourself hydrated.

Eat organic free-range eggs, wild-caught salmon, organ meats, nuts and seeds, yogurt and kefir, beans, lentils, and grains.”

Grains are the most toxic and useless “edible” there is for humans, and nuts and seeds are the most toxic part of any plant. How stupid is this guy?
At least he mentioned eggs and organ meats, which should be part of anyone’s diet. As for wild-caught salmon, that is ok once in a while if you can guarantee the quality and that it is really ‘wild caught.’
Yoghurt and kefir are ok every now and then. It should be natural and unpasteurized though.
Check my article of human food rating for more on this subject.

Take prenatal vitamins like iron, folate, calcium, vitamin D, choline, DHA and probiotics.

NO! These man-made chemicals are extremely unnatural and toxic. Supplemental iron and folate are very dangerous as your body cannot use them and they will end up in tissues causing toxemia. And Vitamin-D is a proxy, it’s a scam.

Avoid deli meat, raw or smoked seafood, rare meat, high-mercury fish, raw eggs, caffeine, and alcohol.”

Deli meat is processed garbage. Rare meat is extremely good and healthy, as it is much more nutritious, same with raw eggs. The egg yolk should always be consumed raw or as raw as possible.
And no, you cannot get food poisoning from raw or rare meat or eggs. That is however another article as the pseudo-science and deceit is extreme on this subject. But we do have a lot on it over at our uncensored community
Caffeine and alcohol are extremely potent poisons and should of course be avoided.

Exercise with pregnancy workouts, such as walking, running, weight training, swimming, yoga, cycling, and exercises like squats, pelvic tilts, bent-over dumbbell rows, standing side bends and dumbbell curls.”

A little exercise can be good to keep the blood and lymph flowing. But strenuous weight lifting or running is not a good idea. There is no sense in stressing your body and breaking it down, forcing it to recover and rebuild when you have another life growing inside of you that need all your extra resources. Common sense, people.

Once the baby is born, it’s also important to take the best postnatal vitamins, such as iron, calcium, vitamin D, choline and DHA, and make sure you feed your children a healthy diet as well.”

For f**k’s sake. Stop with the Big Pharma and Supplement shilling. This is extremely harmful advice! No supplements ever!

All you need is an animal-based diet – preferable strictly carnivore, but you need to have transitioned into that before you get pregnant – so that your body has had time to readjust to its natural state again.

As an addition, every single mother that I know that have had an animal-based pregnancy did not once experience any kind of cravings, hunger, mood-swings, lethargy, morning sickness, fatigue, pain, or anything that many pregnant women can complain about, as all that is due to malnutrition and toxicity.
They also had a very easy and quick delivery with a fully developed and healthy baby. The children also develop and grow much quicker, especially as you introduce meat to them as soon as they are able to chew. Never give your baby formula or any kind of baby food! Only breastfeeding for as long as possible and plenty of animal-based foods.

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