Vitamin D Supplementation is Pure Bollocks and Potentially Dangerous

I know, I’ve touched on the scam and dangers of vitamin D supplementation in many articles during the last 4 to 5 years, and I have warned my clients about it for just as long. Still, while all the evidence show that I was right from the start, most bro-science and pseudo-science governed people, and especially those with an economic interest, still push the lie. Unfortunately, one of those people is little TC Luoma over at T-Nation, the Bodybuilding and Fitness website backed by their supplement company Biotest. So, of course they will push their products. However, since most supplements are complete chemical garbage based on toxic and questionable isolation methods, it’s just frikkin’ irresponsible to push products that are not beneficial in any way, and most likely very toxic and harmful – like this vitamin D crap. And using old irrelevant and retarded pseudo-science to back it up, and fooling their readers, while all the new research points the other direction, is just pure sinister.

In 2015 Hartley M, Hoare S, Lithander FE, et al. compared the effects of sun exposure and vitamin D supplementation on vitamin D insufficiency and found that “The 25(OH)D (vitamin D) level is simply a proxy for sun exposure, time outdoors or associated behaviors. Any positive non-vitamin D pathway effects of sun exposure will not be apparent in vitamin D supplementation trials and may explain the discrepancies between observational studies and clinical trials.

Then, in 2016, Richard B Weller pointed out the fact that sunlight had beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk factors, while supplemental vitamin D had not. These discoveries, and more, spurred other independent researchers to look at the alleged circulating form of vitamin D that was claimed to be the result of sun exposure, isolated in labs, and then used in supplementation.
In 2020, Lars Alfredsson, Bruce Armstrong, and 13 other scientists summarized their work and findings in a paper named, “Insufficient Sun Exposure Has Become a Real Public Health Problem,” and that is one rare statement within the ‘scientific community,’ as it actually is the simple truth.

In this paper, the 15 scientists explain what many of us who understand the fraudulent isolation techniques of vitamins and other substances had suspected for a long time, that “serum 25(OH)D as an indicator of vitamin D status may be a proxy for and not a mediator of beneficial effects of sun exposure.”

In other words, what the scientist-shills originally isolated as the major form of circulating vitamin D (serum 25(OH)D) is our body’s indicator of sun exposure, a proxy marker that tell our cells that we have been exposed to the sun. It’s like when we have a fire and gets benefits from the fire (heat,) and when the fire has gone out, we are left with ashes. The ashes had nothing to do with the heating effect of the fire, they are simply a marker and indication that there has been a fire. The same is true for vitamin D. And that is why more and more research has shown zero benefits from vitamin D supplementation, when compared to benefits recorded by sun exposure. And this also raises the most important question of all, what will happen long-term if we take this proxy marker of vitamin D, as in fooling our body into believing that it has been in the sun, yet has not been exposed to it and the benefits it yields.

For more information and evidence of this fact, all you need to do is to search for studies and papers on ‘sun exposure’ and ‘vitamin D’ and the indicator ‘serum 25(OH)D,’ and you will find tons of new evidence. Funny that TC Luoma ignored all of them. Oh, wait, he promotes their new toxic shitstorm supplement called “I-Well” with 5000 IU of worthless Vitamin D proxy markers, can’t be bothered to tell the truth then, can we?

And meanwhile this vitamin D fallacy has been exposed, although it’s yet to gain momentum, several countries within the EU have in secret drafted new decrees in which the main form of Vitamin D, cholecalciferol, has been included in the list substances of very high concern (SVHC) as an endocrine disruptor. This is not at all surprising, as they want total deniability when the shit hits the fan. And the fact that vitamin D as a supplement is being labeled as an endocrine disruptor is logical, as it’s a proxy marker and trick the body into believing it has received sun exposure.

So, again, do not under any circumstances take a Vitamin D supplement. Get out and get sun exposure. Nature is never wrong, and on the other side of the coin, most greedy medical- and supplement companies most often are. The sun is vital for our health and well-being. And if you label yourself as ‘sun sensitive’ and easily get ‘sun burnt,’ that is because you have nutrition deficiencies, especially vitamin A. Humans who follow our carnivorous species-specific, species appropriate diet, can be in the sun all day long. That is one of the first thing I hear from clients who previously had to wear damaging sun glasses or stay out of the sun in fear of getting burnt, once they adopted their natural diet, they could throw those evil sunglasses in the bin and be outside as much as they liked. Carnivores do not burn. So, get you nutrition in order.

As for the article by TC, I won’t even comment on it as it’s all complete and utter garbage, and the real science debunked him almost ten years ago. So, no, there is no “vitamin D deficiency epidemic,” there is a Sun Exposure Deficiency Epidemic! Now, go outside and get some sun!

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