Vitamin D will not cure the imaginary CONvid-19

I see more idiotic misinformation trending on the interwebs. And NO! Vitamin D will not cure the imaginary CONvid-19 or boost your “immune system”, which does not exist. A lack of sun exposure on the other hand can hinder your detoxification abilities, and thus make you “sick.” And by simply getting enough sun exposure, a minimum of 15 minutes a day of full body tanning, will help your ‘body detoxification pathways’ to function as it was intended.

You get sick from being poisoned, having nutritional deficiencies, from stress and mental trauma, anger and fear, and other means that directly hurt your cells (like radiation from Wi-Fi, blue-light screens, etcetera). And of these, nutritional deficiencies are the worst, as it will compromise your body’s ability to detoxify and to recover from any kind of stressor. If you are malnourished, you will get sick a lot easier and have a harder time recovering.

And supplementing with what they call a ‘Vitamin D’ or a ‘Vitamin D3’ supplement will not cure anything or help against the lack of sun exposure. Vitamin D is a big scam! It’s the sun exposure that has beneficial effects on the human body. What they call Vitamin D is actually the body’s response and indicator that you have been in the sun. It’s just a proxy marker for sun exposure, and nothing more. The health benefits was from sun exposure and not from the marker. And even if this marker would have some small effect on the body, and you take it instead of being in the sun, you still miss out on over 30 positive effects from sun exposure — so it’s simply idiotic at best.
So, to summarize, if you take a “Vitamin D” supplement, all you get is elevated levels of a marker in your blood, totally void of any known functionality or benefit. Actually, since it’s synthetic and made from using a shit-ton of chemicals and heavy metals on sheep’s wool to get something that looks like what they believe is this Vitamin D, it’s probably quite toxic and dangerous to consume. And keep in mind, this ‘Vitamin D,’ or ‘cholecalciferol’ is the active ingredient in rat poison. Also, the European Commission has, in secret, classified this synthetic ‘Vitamin D,’ cholecalciferol, as a endocrine disruptor (chemicals that interfere with the hormonal system.) That says it all.

You guys need to get your head around this and understand how the body works, especially if you’re in the health and fitness industry, claiming to know “sh*t”.

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