January 26, 2021. Short Fasting Update! And Q&A

I broke my fast yesterday evening, after 78 hours. Why? I desperately longed for hitting the weights again and my foot felt a lot better. So, yesterday evening I had a whey protein drink with raw milk and heavy cream followed by steak and eggs.
This morning, all I had was a pre-workout with 20 grams of slow-acting carbohydrates and 20 grams of essential amino acids. The photo was taken about 30 minutes after the training session. And yes, I hit chest and biceps.

It’s been 16 days since my last training session and I just fasted for 78 hours. Did I lose any muscle mass? Nope. Just a bit ‘flat’ from loss of muscle glycogen and water weight. It will be back after a few training sessions and after getting some food in my system again.
Before the fast I weighted 77.7 kg (171 lbs.). After the fast I was at 74.1 kg (163 lbs.). My weight during late 2020 was fluctuating between 77 and 78 kg. So, being away from the gym and healing my injured foot for 16 days did nothing to my “gains”. That’s the power of being animal-based and properly fat adapted. Fasting is a breeze and you build and hold on to muscle mass much better.

Now it’s time for some more meat. Take care, and I see you all in my next post.

Addition: Question about fat adaption:

Fat adaption (switching to and running at peak efficiency on fatty acids) can take up to 3 weeks or more, depending on your health and previous eating habits. However, just switching to using fatty acids as fuel goes quickly, it’s how we are supposed to function. But if your body is not used to it, it takes some time before it can do it efficiently and before then, you might feel a bit off.
If you’re healthy and used to eat a lot of animal-based products (you do not have any nutritional deficiencies) fat adaption may just take a week or so. If you have been following a typical western diet and your health is mediocre at best, it might take 3 weeks or even up to 6 weeks.
That being said, going animal based and being in ketosis most of the time is the best investment you can do for your body and your health.

About health:

Health is a combination of nutrition, sleep, stress management and avoiding harmful exterior stress (pollution, radiation, toxins, chemicals, etc.).
With that being said, nutrition is most important, because without all essential nutrients your body cannot work as intended. If you have nutritional deficiencies you will not be able to detoxify efficiently, your hormones will be affected in a negative way, you will age and deteriorate faster, and so on. And the only way to get bioavailable nutrients is through animal-based foods. They do not exist in plant foods.

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