Sustainable ‘Fat Loss’ and Body Composition

Today we’ll take a look at what the “health-” and medical community recommends for “sustainable weight loss.”
The government and Big Pharma shill website ‘Healthline’ recently published an article called, “How Do You Keep Up Weight Loss in a Sustainable Way?

Let’s see what they got right, and what, as usual, is complete bollocks.
And be warned, there will be some tough love in this one.

They start off with the traditional cliché of telling us that, “there is no singular method of weight loss that works best for everyone.”

Well, that is not entirely true. The problem is that the “science” is flawed, undermined by economic interests in both the food industry, the health industry, and the pharmaceutical industry, combined with puppet masters who want people to be sick, weak, and exhausted. Also, people in general are totally disconnected from nature, from their true way of living according to their physiology. And as such, people consume “foods” that are the complete opposite of what they are meant to eat.

If you only would consume foods appropriate to your species, in accordance to your physiology, it’s impossible to become overweight, much less obese. If you return to your natural way of eating, your weight will slowly return to your natural setpoint. So, there is indeed a “method” that will work for everyone – as we all as humans belong to the same species.

They continue:

Maintaining weight loss and your resulting moderate weight is not typically due to following a specific diet or program. Changes to your eating pattern, lifestyle, and physical activity patterns usually lead to weight loss and weight management.”

This is correct. Every single “fat loss program” or “diet” that is not based on our natural species-appropriate, species-specific diet, as in a carnivorous diet, is totally worthless and extremely dangerous and unhealthy.
Changing your body, and more importantly your health, always comes down to your lifestyle and to eat according to what is species-specific, what you as your species are meant to eat.

Then the healthline authors proceed to discuss “realistic goals” for what they call “weight loss,” which really should be called “fat loss,” because it’s the fat you want to lose, not weight in the shape of muscle mass or bone density.

People who are able to maintain their weight loss usually drop weight gradually, losing an average of 1–2 pounds per week over a longer period of time. That equates to about 4–8 pounds a month.”

This is an average based on a multitude of retarded diets and “weight loss programs,” something they actually dismissed just a few sentences earlier.
Truthfully, there’s no real limit to what is possible. The important thing is to lose that fat weight in a healthy manner — and that can only be done by making sure you get all the essential nutrition you need for your body to function optimally and maintain its health. And again, that can only be done by following our natural species-appropriate diet of meat, animal fats, and the produce of animals such as eggs. Once you provide all the nutrients you need, fat loss can be accelerated by utilizing fasting, and with that strategy, you can easily lose 2 to 3 pounds of pure fat a week, or 10 pounds or more a month, and that without being on a “diet” or exercising.

While it may be possible to lose as much as 20 pounds in just 1 month following a fad diet, this type of extreme weight loss is not considered safe or sustainable. It’s always important that you discuss any weight loss goals and plans with a healthcare professional.

Agreed, and that is because “fad diets” are based on extreme food limitations and always focus on the wrong food choices. Foods that provide zero nutrition. So, in essence, it’s starvation; and you become malnourished, which is extremely unhealthy. We see this in all vegans, all the time.

However, if you are nourished by following our natural species-appropriate diet, using fasting (if you are really obese,) then losing 20 pounds in a month is more than possible while remaining healthy.

Then they move on to sustainability, saying that, “the key to maintaining weight loss is finding a plan that fits your lifestyle, is realistic, and is practical to maintain long term.

Yes, we already covered this. The only way for sustainability is to eat foods that are biologically correct, foods that are specific for your species. Food that actually keep you nourished. This is the key for both optimal body composition and optimal health.

Diets that heavily restrict your food intake or limit your eating plan to specific types of food can be difficult to adhere to over time. They may also compromise your nutritional status and overall health.”

Yes, finally they mention a compromised nutritional status, as in nutrient deficiencies. However, they do not dare to tell you that these foods void of bioavailable nutrition are plant foods, as in vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and fruits. Anything plant based is not meant for human consumption as we cannot really extract any nutrients in sustainable amounts from plants. Also, they are extremely toxic.

Then they move on to five steps to lose “weight” naturally and permanently. While we already know the one and single step needed, let’s humor them.

1. Set a goal and make a commitment: Making the choice to pursue weight loss and committing to the behavioral and lifestyle changes that it requires you to make is a critical first step.

Sure, goals are fine, especially to motivate you to get started, to change your life for the better. However, while looking “fit” is appealing, the focus should be on health and to reach that goal feeling better in every possible way. If you feel hunger, cravings, fatigue or simply does not feel good while losing body fat, you are doing it wrong.

2. Review your situation: Figure out where you are on your weight loss journey and take a realistic look at what changes are required. Being honest with yourself about food habits, behaviors, and other factors that have led to your weight gain or that might make weight loss difficult is necessary.

If you adopt our natural species-specific diet, this will take care of itself. And as you notice your transformation and how much better you feel, you will realize all your previous mistakes and you will never want to touch the mainstream slave foods ever again.

3. Set realistic goals and expectations: You may want to lose a lot of weight quickly, but this is not a sustainable or realistic weight loss goal. Setting realistic behavioral-change goals that support your weight loss goals and encourage you to maintain them is important. Knowing that occasional setbacks, such as not meeting a goal, can be a part of your weight loss journey is important. Accepting this can help you plan for these potential setbacks and find encouragement to not give up if and when they happen.

Yes, behavioral-changes are what is needed. Consume the right foods. Learn to love yourself and you will never eat something that is damaging. That is all that is needed. As for setbacks, that can only happen if you get tricked into consuming something that in not natural, something that is not species-specific. And if that happens, you will actually feel the damage as you will be lethargic and feel really ill afterwards. Just learn from it and move on. You will realize that consuming something that actually damages your body and reduces your lifespan is not a particularly smart thing to do.

4. Identify resources and get support: Whether it’s a private company or counselor, friends, a support group, community organizations, or a healthcare team, it’s helpful to find weight loss guidance and information. Having someone to help keep you accountable, offer support when you need it, and motivate you can be powerful.

Seeking out like-minded individuals can be a good idea, depending on your personality. There are plenty of ‘carnivore’ and ‘fasting’ groups out there. Unfortunately, many of them are ridden with shills. Going against the illusion, the brainwashing of our society is never easy, but you have no choice if you actually care about your life, your life quality and lifespan. Also, the only way to be available and of use for your loved ones is to take care of yourself and then lead by example. When you know you do the right thing, both for you and your loved ones, you can easily take the initial abuse of the NPCs.

5. Monitor your progress and be open and ready to make changes: The steps you take to lose weight might not stay the same throughout your journey. As you work on your weight loss goal, you can determine what works and what does not. Set aside time to reflect on what you are doing and how well it’s working. Then you can make any necessary changes.

This is only applicable if you follow some idiotic “weight loss program.” If you follow our natural species-appropriate diet, the journey will be smooth. If you also incorporate fasting to speed things up, you only need to make sure to ease off if you begin to feel drained or tired. If that happens, it might be from fasting too much and depleting your nutritional stores. If so, simply ease off for a few weeks and perhaps focus on some organ meats to quickly fill up your nutritional stores.

Then the healthline authors rounded-off their article with claiming that there are “no magical foods that help you lose weight or keep it off.”

Well, not magical. But again, consuming only foods that are appropriate and supportive of your physiology will actually do just that.

To summarize, healthline actually put forward some valid points for once. However, as always, they steer you in the opposite direction instead of telling you the whole truth. They want to sound logical and honest by giving you some sticks of half-truths, but then they herd you into the slave pen again – as in relying on their pseudo-science presented by doctors, dieticians, and weight-loss groups. It’s all about keeping you sick and weak, even if you lose some pounds, they still want you as a customer. A person who eats according to their physiology and get healthy is a customer lost forever.

And again, the simple truth is that you cannot get overweight by following our natural diet of meat and animal fats. And if you screwed up in the past, our natural diet is the only way to easily and safely return to full health and a natural and normal body composition. And, when fully nourished, fasting can speed up that process.

If you need help with your health or body composition, I’m available for both coaching and consulting.

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