The Simple Truth About Obesity

The governmental Big Pharma and Medical pseudo-science shill-site Healthline recently posted an article raising the question if obesity is “genetic” or “environmental.

While those living in the illusion of right vs. left, as in conservatives vs. liberals, always chose one of the opposites, as they have been programmed to do, the truth is usually quite simple and very logical. Trainers, coaches, fitness influencers, and those leaning to the “right” often tell those wanting to lose weight that it’s their own goddamn fault they got overweight to begin with — all while the snowflakes still sucking their thumb on the liberal left find comfort, not only in their security blanket, but also in excuses such as the pseudo-science of genetics whenever someone is confronted about their obesity.

So, let’s see what Healthline has to say about this subject, and I’ll break it down as usual with my 30+ years of coaching and working experience and knowledge in this field and by simply using common sense and logic.

Obesity is a chronic health condition defined as the accumulation of excess body fat to the point where it becomes a health risk. While this can mean something different for everyone, obesity is typically screened for using body mass index (BMI), a calculation of your weight in relation to your height.”

I hate to break it to you, but you do not need a silly calculation, a Dexa-Scan, or a body-fat caliper to find out if you’re overweight. You only need to lower your eyes and look down on your body, or use a mirror.
If you’re a man and can’t see your abs, if you can’t see any muscle separation between your shoulders and arms, and if your legs have zero separation and just look like stuffed sausages, then you have gone into ‘fat territory’ and your diet and lifestyle suck. For women, who naturally has less muscle mass and less muscle definition, you should still be able to tell if you’re pudgy. And we’ll get back to this and what a natural body actually looks like in a little bit.

Is there an obesity gene?

Genetics can contribute to the causes of obesity both directly, as in Prader-Willi syndrome, and indirectly by influencing metabolic pathways, neural networks, and appetite control centers in the body.
According to a 2022 clinical review, more than 500 obesity-related genes have been identified in humans.”

No, there is zero real scientific proof for any of this “gene” nonsense. It’s all theoretical speculation from broken down cell samples where they believe they found some common little dot, while using different colored dyes, that were present in several samples from various people with the same condition. These however, could simply be residues from the same toxins or whatever. It’s totally useless.

So, no, not a single gene has been identified or even proven to exist as shown in their speculative illustrations. Genetic testing techniques and DNA sequencing is simply computer-generated models based on theoretical speculation, and all of it is done in computer simulations. Same as with the pseudo-science of viruses; something that’s never been observed in real life and is simply a theoretical model to push the debunked and juvenile germ theory.

Research from 2021 indicates that 40–50% of the variability in body weight can be traced back to genetics, with genes playing a more significant role (as high as 80%) among people living with obesity.
This doesn’t mean genetics definitely leads to weight gain. For most people, it means genetics may make it more likely for you to gain weight, particularly in certain circumstances.”

No, again, it’s pseudo-science. Nature does not make mistakes. We humans, as a species, are all constructed the same, and our physiology is identical from one to another. The only thing that causes some variation is how we developed as a fetus in our mother’s womb depending on the health and nourished status of the mother. This will impact our skeletal frame and to some degree and how well our organs work once we’re born. I explained this in my article “Starting or Expanding Your Family – How nutrition and toxins influence your child.”

With that said, the following years after birth and into adulthood is also crucial, as the human body is adaptable and can heal and restore itself. If the child is provided with its mother’s breastmilk for several years together with species-appropriate foods such as meat and animal fat, the child will develop fully.

However, if the child is deprived of these nutrients and instead fed toxic formula, carbohydrates, and other plant-based kibble, all while getting toxic and traumatizing vaccinations, the child’s growth and development will be hampered and toxicity will build up, creating “modern diseases” and “disabilities” such as obesity, “ADHD,” “Asthma,” “Allergies,” and “Autism.”

Still, we are all made-up of the same types of matter, as in “cells,” and these constituents all crave the same nutrients to function — nutrients only found in the same “cells,” as in the meat and fat of animals.

What environmental factors most commonly lead to obesity?

“You can develop obesity if you regularly consume more calories than you use, with or without any influence from genetics.
Environmental factors can be everything from the size of your food portions to the built environment around you. They affect the amount of energy you take in and how your body uses it.

The most common environmental factors linked to obesity include:

* sedentary lifestyle (not enough physical activity)
* regular consumption of high calorie foods
* poor sleep habits
* chronic stress
* exposure to endocrine disruptors used in food production (such as plastic containers, pesticides, etc.)”

First of all, “calories” is just another pseudo-scientific pile of crap and totally irrelevant, as it’s a measurement of heat impacting a body of water from combustion of a food stuff. Thus, “calories” has nothing to do with the actual nutritional content of the food, or how toxic or nourishing it might be for the body.

Now, the meaning of “environmental” is the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.
As I explained in my article, “What Makes You Fat?”, gaining fat weight is not only contributed to consuming too much food (as in getting too much energy from food.) Fat storage actually serve several purposes. It’s a survival mechanism to protect us from both food shortage and toxicity. The truth is, even if you’re pretty darned ripped with chiseled abs (below 8% body fat in men, and below 12% in women,) you still have enough body fat to last you weeks without food. With such low levels of body fat, you might lose a little bit of muscle mass during starvation, but you’ll survive. And a normal athletic and toned body, which all humans should have if they lived according to nature and their physiology (8-15% body fat for men, and 12-20% body fat for women) with clearly visible muscle bellies has enough body fat to last you over a month, easily.

So, gaining body fat over that threshold, where you still look athletic, is actually pretty darn difficult if you follow our natural human species-specific, species-appropriate carnivore diet of animal-based foods – simply because that kind of food is natural and only provide nourishment without any kind of toxins.

The bottom line is, that if you eat according to your species, according to your physiology, it’s almost impossible to get fat, much less obese, even if you force-feed yourself. This is simply due to being fully nourished. When you’re nourished you do not get hungry, you do not have a raving appetite, and you do not get cravings. It’s very difficult to eat more than you need when you’re fully nourished.

However, if you’re malnourished and toxic, your body will do anything to get you to actually eat something that is nutritious. You will get hungry all the time and have cravings. And as long as you eat the wrong food, the food that lack nutrients and are toxic, the cycle will repeat, day in and day out. A recipe for obesity.

So, gaining body fat above this natural athletic level is usually from prolonged exposure to a toxic environment – and the main culprit is usually carbohydrates, and to a lesser degree, vegetable oils and other toxins found in plant-based foods such as defense chemicals, antinutrients, and pesticides, and from our environment, such as pollution and chemicals found in plastics, beauty products, hygiene products, and so on.

If you’re not getting enough animal-based food, your body cannot work as intended, and thus it cannot keep up with expelling toxins. Instead, it has to resort to storing them so they can be expelled at a later stage when you have been nourished. So, these toxins are stored in fat cells. Actually, your body will even manufacture new fat cells to be able to store away toxins if the toxic load is high.

So, while Healthline did get a few points right in their last statement about the environmental factors, they still failed to mention the most important thing, that all health problems come down to humans straying away from their natural species-appropriate carnivorous diet.

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are a collective group of environmental factors that also influence obesity. Your SDOH are the conditions that make up the environment around you. Income level, local crime rate, accessibility of quality food, and discrimination exposure are all examples of SDOH.
These factors can promote lifestyle choices that contribute to obesity. If you live in a high-crime neighborhood, for example, you may be less likely to go outside for exercise.”

This is another excuse. Meat, organ meats, animal fat, and eggs are not more expensive than all the crap people put into their pie-holes on a daily basis, especially not since you cannot overeat on real nourishing food and you do not need a single supplement. You will actually end up saving money by eating real food.
Also, exercising has nothing to do with it. Exercise is stress and is not needed for body weight management.

To summarize, obesity is environmental. But that does not mean that it’s your fault, as you have been lied to your entire life. Most people still think that humans can and should consume some plant foods like vegetables, or even the extremely toxic grains, nuts and seeds, and that carbohydrates are good for you.
What is your fault is when you continue to consume food that you know is bad for you.

And with that said, the solution is simple. Nourish your body with species-appropriate foods and then utilize some fasting to heal and repair your body, while teaching it to use body fat as fuel.

If you or someone you care about need help with weight- or health-related issues, I’m available for both coaching and consulting.

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